1 in 168 Toddlers Rushed to Emergency Rooms After MMR Vaccination – PLoS One Journal

By The Refusers

MB Comment: A new large study shows 1 in 168 toddlers aged 12 months old were rushed to emergency rooms in the four-to-12-day period after getting the MMR shot. Incredibly, the lead author of the study concludes “This is the vaccine working.”

MMR - Brain Inflammation?

This travesty of a study is a perfect example of why parents cannot trust medical officials with regard to vaccine safety. The authors did no long-term follow up to find out what happened to those toddlers who suffered MMR adverse reactions. This study is a total whitewash. It presents vaccine adverse reaction data without considering the consequences.

Two points: 1) Read Age of Autism for parental reports of lifelong neurological and gastrointestinal damage after MMR vaccine adverse reactions. Anecdotal evidence? You betcha. Parents are left picking up the pieces 24/7 of developmental delays (aka autism) and family life after MMR-induced brain damage in reports exactly like those described in this study.

2) Read the May Refusers article Six Times More Measles Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reports Than Measles Cases in 2011 for specific MMR vaccine adverse reaction FDA reports for the reality of what exactly occurs in those toddler emergency room visits. In a word: encephalitis. Brain inflammation with all its long-term consequences (neurological damage).

Parents considering taking their precious 12 month old child in for that recommended MMR vaccine should take a long hard look at the facts disguised in this pseudo-study before succumbing to Big Brother pressure to vaccinate their toddler.

‘The primary reason for increased events was statistically significant elevations in emergency room visits following all vaccinations … There are significantly elevated risks of primarily emergency room visits approximately one to two weeks following 12 and 18 month vaccination.’

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