3 Powerful Facts Discovered About Suppressed Cancer Treatments and the American Medical Association

By Jeffry John Aufderheide

Suppression of Science?

Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations,” stated Benedict Fitzgerald. [1]

Fitzgerald was special counsel to the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee in 1953. He was commissioned by Congressman Charles Tobey of Massachusetts to investigate the obstruction of natural cancer treatments by the American Medical Association.

His report to the committee is known as “The Fitzgerald Report” of 1953.

Alone, this information is a bombshell. But, to my knowledge the information you are about to read hasn’t been put into the same or connect-the-dots context before.

If anything else, know this simple fact: While the AMA was actively suppressing natural cures for cancer, millions of Americans were being injected with vaccines contaminated with a cancer-causing monkey virus, SV40.

Before I tell you what Fitzgerald concluded, you may be thinking this information is from the 1950s so it is outdated and can be discredited.

Please realize, though, the ‘success’ of the Rockefeller-funded polio vaccine program set the precedent for the entire U.S. vaccine program, which apparently is being followed to this day. With the explosion of cancer in the United States, this information deserves serious consideration and further investigation.

Additionally, I’m going to give you evidence of congressional testimony that cancer was in those vaccines, and that fact was covered up. If you want to know more, read on.



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