5021 Emergency Room Visits Because of Gardasil, Now Given to Boys

Watch as Gardasil is still given to our children making them sick and now they have created a vaccine for Boys look up Eugenics and the New World Order. Look at tamiflu for children flu vaccine making them sick!!!


  1. The number of tragedies after HPV vaccines is escalating in one country after the next where HPV vaccine programs have been introduced.

    Vaccine promoters and consumers appear to have different definitions for the word “safe”. To the consumer a safe vaccine is understood as one which is not dangerous. Vaccine promoters’ definition is that the “benefits outweigh the risks”, this being a magic statistical calculation done by – vaccine promoters.

    In other words:
    Safety of vaccines (and other pharmaceuticals) is based on statistical evaluations and involves calculations wherein and presumably the risks of serious adverse events are weighed against claimed benefits of vaccination. But who’s doing the statistical evaluations? – Statisticians who are employed by the pharmaceutical industry.

    “If medical statistics were compiled by statisticians who had no interest in the outcome, the drug industry would topple into the dust” (R.Catalano)

  2. Can’t people see how wrong it is for boys to be admitted to hospital because of a vaccine?

  3. Beeharrya says:

    The r trying to reduce world population by 500000000.

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