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One day in my life after Gardasil

[SaneVax: Brittney Fiste eloquently describes a single day in her life after Gardasil. Despite her nearly six-year long battle to conquer the negative side effects, Brittney and her mother, Roxie, have dedicated their lives to warning others of the need to educate themselves about the real risks versus the perceived benefits of using HPV vaccines as a method to potentially avoid cervical cancer.]

One More Day – A day in my Life Post-Gardasil

By Brittney Fiste (re-published with authors’ permission)

Post-Gardasil: A day in my life

My head feels strange, like I might have a seizure today.. It is difficult to explain, but Mom seems to understand what I mean. She tries to get my breakfast made as quickly as possible. My legs are so unstable so decide to sit in my favorite recliner – maybe watch one of the shows I recorded while my food is being made.

The pain in my head, the pressure especially is worse right now. Brain fog is preventing me from understanding what is going on in the program.  Thankfully, Mom arrives with my scrambled eggs, gluten free English muffin, grapes, mint tea. She knows my stomach is not the greatest, but I am hungry!  She sits with me for a few minutes while we eat. We talk a little but my mind isn’t thinking so clearly. That weird feeling in my head is worse. As Mom heads back upstairs with my tray I ask her for some sparkling water for my stomach.
The blinding pain hit me like a white-hot knife cutting through my head.. It was a searing series of jolts, like I was being electrocuted multiple times. Mercifully, an inky blackness spreads over me and everything goes dark.
Even though I’m pretty sure I’m still on the recliner I am only vaguely aware of choking on the foam that has risen in my throat during the seizure. I can feel Mom trying to wipe my mouth with a tissue. She lets me tug it from her hand to clear my mouth better. It hurts incredibly to move, but I need to get to bed. The pressure is worse in my head now.
The weird sensation is rising from my stomach into my head. Have to tell Mom, but my vocal cords are frozen.. I’m blind as well from the first seizure. Even my hearing is gone. All I can do is make motions with my hands, but Mom understands enough to lower the recliner, ease me forward, then slowly get me to my feet. It’s a struggle to do any of it but will my body to stand. Oh, how I wish my legs would cooperate! They are weak, trembly, unsteady. Can’t blame them, they have very little feeling left from mid thigh down. Mom slides my arms around her shoulders, then leads me to my bed – Slowly, Mom, legs are protesting, my mind tries to shout. After what seems like forever we reach my bed. Mom helps guide my hands to the edge, helping me find the blessed pillows. It’s so hard to lift my legs, but finally I’m safe on the mattress, before another seizure hits.
I have no idea how long I’ve been lying in bed when my consciousness returns. Without vision, hearing or speech it is impossible to know anything safe for the new levels of pain that run from my head to my upper thighs. Everything is achingly tender. I flinch when Mom gently strokes my ear. She pulls her hand away not knowing how to comfort me. While attempting to sign to her I discover the Blood pressure cuff is still on my arm – It hurts! Must have whimpered because Mom quickly got it off.  I sign again to the open air, hoping Mom will understand. She gives me her hand so I can spell out short words. She squeezes my hand once – Yes! She understands my request! (We worked out a system to communicate when all of my other senses flee after a seizure. Squeeze once for Yes, squeeze twice for No. And when my confusion clears enough we spell into each others hand to ask or answer questions.)
After giving me a drink to clear my throat, Mom let’s me rest – I truly need rest to recover. My body won’t cooperate, needing a trip to the bathroom. After locating the wall by my bed, I begin to knock. I don’t know how loud it is but Mom is quickly by my bed. She holds my hand to let me know, but I flinch again from the pain. That hand is swollen a bit as well. Mom waits for me to sign, which is easy this time. She gently guides me to and from my destination. Helping me as best she can. Finally back in bed, she signs into my left hand to rest. Wish my hearing would release – I need to listen to my ocean CD. It is so relaxing..
After lying in my bed a few minutes, aching from the seizures, my hearing suddenly returns. Silent Tears slide down my face unbidden, but I can’t help it. Every time my senses begin to return, there is relief, joy, thankfulness. Knocking on the wall again, Mom returns, but I can hear her softly speaking, praying for me. When I respond she is also relieved that my hearing returned. She immediately turns on my ocean waves CD. She whispers she loves me, then allows me to drift fitfully to sleep.
Several hours later I awake, realizing immediately that my vision is returning. It isn’t the greatest, but I have color and can distinguish objects. My legs are a little less wobbly so I can get my own water. Eventually I can get out of bed, go up to the kitchen to see my mom. She is surprised that I’ve negotiated the steps on my own, giving me a smile and a gentle hug. My body feels I have been in the fight of my life, tender, aching, sore, but my head pressure is improved some. The weird sensation is almost gone. Mom notices one of my eyelids is drooping, but it’s hard to miss. She just smiles, then asks me if I’m hungry. Since my voice hasn’t returned I sign in a little while. After I get a glass of mint tea, Mom helps me back down to the family room. My vision still isn’t the greatest but I can watch Duck Dynasty! The show makes me laugh which I desperately need until supper.
My stomach isn’t doing the best right now. Ate something with gluten a couple of days previous, so I’m paying for it. Mom has given me several choices for supper, but nothing sounds good. My dad had just finished eating, giving me a soft kiss in the forehead. He has to go to a meeting at church, so he can’t linger but a few minutes. How I miss our dates we had while growing up! It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to have dinner and a movie night. I smile at my dad, trying not to let him see my pain. The vaccine injury has been very hard on both my parents. Not an easy thing to live with, but this is my life now.
Mom finally makes me quinoa with chicken and organic veggies – it tastes good so digesting will be easy, I hope. After watching a movie with mom I decide to take a shower. Couldn’t get my IV today, but I’m very determined to go tomorrow! Mom isn’t crazy about the Idea, but lets me know she will be close by. I am thankful that I can do this much finally, but knowing she’s close if I need help is reassuring. After my second dose of Gardasil Mom had to bathe me, feed me, help me in and out of my wheelchair. Six years later I’m doing some things on my own again!
During my shower I begin to overheat. Reducing the water temperature isn’t helping. My head and stomach are way too hot now, so I quickly shut off the water, open the door while trying to call for mom. Even with the door wide open, my towel is too hot as well. As the waves of nausea strike, I grab my trash can. Mom arrives as I lose my super.  My body really seems to hate me, though my voice has unexpectedly returned!  At least something positive has just happened! Wobbly legs and trembling arms prevent me from drying off quickly. With Mom’s help though, I’m partly dressed by the time I hit my bed. My face is on fire from the flaming nerve endings that bloom on my body randomly. The nausea is pretty bad, but mom fans me best she can. Finally, after what seems an eternity, the flame in my face and stomach fades. I’m still trembling from the exertion but at least I’m not tossing my cookies. Mom gets me something for my stomach, Bromalain – best thing I’ve ever tried for nausea! It settles my stomach to the point I can finish getting ready for bed. Thank you, Lord, for getting me through one more day. Tonight, hopefully I will sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day…
Brittney and Roxie Fiste
Read the original article and participate in the HPV vaccine survey here. (Hormones MatterTM is conducting research on the side effects and adverse events associated with Gardasil and its counterpart Cervarix. If you or your daughter has had either HPV vaccine, please take this important survey. The link to the survey is at the end of Brittney’s article.)

Cold Facts, TV 4 Sweden discusses HPV Vaccines

SaneVax: April 2013, Lena Sundstrøm hosted a program questioning the use of Gardasil in Sweden with special guest appearances by Dr. Diane Harper, one of the lead researchers involved in HPV vaccine development; Dr. Chris Shaw, neuroscientist at the University of British Columbia; and Brittney Fiste, victim of adverse reaction after Gardasil. You can view the original broadcast here. Sandy Lunöe was kind enough to provide SaneVax with the following translation of the program:

TV host Lena Sundstrøm:  I have 2 daughters and want them to get all the vaccines offered but the more I read the more confused I am regarding Gardasil. This evening we are looking at info which is given to girls and parents about Gardasil. What do we really know? Why is there such a hurry?

00.50. Linnea G, diagnosed with GBS after Gardasil is told by a doctor that she can die.

00.59. Dr Charlotta B (Swedish Medicines Agency) says that all vaccines can give side effects but the opinion is that the benefits of Gardasil outweigh the risks.

1.15. Linnea K (a girl also called Linnea who is considering whether to take Gardasil) reads on the back of an information brochure that she can ask for advice from a health care guide. She telephones them and asks about side effects.

Answer from health guide advice: The vaccine should prevent condylomas/genital warts. With condylomas/genital warts there is an increased risk of cervical cancer, therefore it is a good vaccine.

2.20. Is it true that condylomas/genital warts really cause cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer affects approx 450 women yearly in Sweden. About 125 of them die from cervical cancer yearly.

2.45. Anna N is interviewed. When she was diagnosed with cervical cancer she asked if she would die and received an answer from the doctor: I can’t say no.

She is well now but her mother died from cervical cancer. Anna fears for her daughter because her mother died so she  advises her daughter to take Gardasil.

3.30. Ask your doctor about the only vaccine against cervical cancer – Gardasil.  Gardasil protects against 4 different HPV infections.

3.40. Gardasil is developed by Merck. It protects against 4 different HPV infections.  2 of them can cause cell changes which can cause cervical cancer. But it is controversial how effective the vaccine really is against cervical cancer.

4.10. Diane Harper is one of the most significant HPV experts in the world. She is responsible for clinical studies of effect and safety prior to Gardasil approval.

Diane H: We have evidence that they prevent cervical pre-cancers. We don’t yet have any evidence that the vaccines last long enough to really prevent a cervical cancer. Merck has used fear tactics of making parents believe that their child would get cervical cancer if they did not get this vaccine and that is incorrect. Those inferences are incorrect.

5.00. Chris Shaw has studied Gardasil for 2 years. 

Chris Shaw: There’s no such evidence that it will protect against cervical cancer. None. To date, we don’t know that the vaccine has prevented any case of cervical cancer, let alone 70% of them. We just don’t know. It could be true, but I don’t think that the evidence is yet there and we won’t know for years if it’s there.

6.00. Lena S: Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment (SBU) which evaluates methods and risks in health and medical care pointed out as early as 2008 that the scientific basis for Gardasil is defective. Nobody knows how effective the vaccine is.

Måns Rosén:  12 year old girls are being vaccinated. The risk for them to develop cervical cancer will maybe increase first when they are 40-50 yrs old.   One can prevent a great number of pre-cancerous conditions but not all because there are many HPV strains which also can cause cancer.

Lena S:  So we don’t know if the vaccine protects against cervical cancer?
– No not definitely, but it probably protects against maybe 60 – 70%.

6.57. Lena S: The Stockholm County Council distributed this folder in 2012. Do you think that it holds what it promises?

Måns R:  No, it exaggerates.  One should have more information about what is most important to consider. Here it states that there is free vaccination against cervical cancer, that’s just what the industry has done and it gives the impression that it’s 100% which is not correct.

Lena S: Is there a risk that girls get exaggerated expectations regarding the vaccine and drop PAP screening?
– Yes that is a possibility.

7.39. Diane H: The most important message to women and parents making this decision is that the PAP screen system works and that the vaccination and the option of vaccination is kind of like icing on the top for a short defined period of time.

7.55. Lena S: How effective is the vaccine and may it cause serious side effects?
We ring to Merck who has developed Gardasil.
They refer us to Sanofi Pasteur MSD.  They will not answer questions but refer us to the health authorities.

Sanofi Pasteur MSD (Tobias Cassel):  Seeing that there is a decision that there will be a vaccination program, we supply the vaccine for the program which the authorities operate.

8.35. Charlotta Bergquist, (Swedish Medicines Agency): It has been shown by clinical studies that the vaccine protects against serious cell changes which are  pre-cancerous conditions. If one removes pre-cancerous conditions effectively there is no possibility that one gets cancer in any other way. So one can say – yes, it protects against cancer.

Lena S: What information do young girls get about side effects?

Linnea K rings again to the health care guide and asks about side effects.
Answer from health care guide: “Let’s see. We started in 2012 and haven’t seen side effects up to now”.

Linnea F: “Can they come later?”.
Health guide: “No. They have tested it”.

Lena S: When we investigate more closely we find several reports about suspected serious adverse events.

9.49. We travel to USA and meet 26 year old Brittney Fiste in Dayton, Ohio.

10.00. Brittney: I no longer have feeling from my knees down in both of my legs and with physical therapy I was able to learn to walk on my own but I still have balance issues, I use a cane, crutches or a wheelchair.

10.22. Lena S: Brittney got the vaccine 6 years ago and became ill after the 2nd dose.

Brittney: I got the second shot and then I had a seizure and I lost the ability to see, speak and move. Then my hearing went and I got tunnel  vision.

10.50. Lena S: Brittney cannot work. To get economic help her family reported her injuries to the social security administration system SSA.

11.09.  SSA writes: The claimant has the following severe impairments from the Gardasil vaccine injury including muscle pain, impaired balance, migraines, photophobia and seizures.

Lena S: Brittney receives compensation payment monthly.

11.28 Diane H: Now we move to more serious side effects and those are things that really impair a girl or young woman from continuing to go to school or to work.

Lena S: Diane H has responsibility for the safety studies for Gardasil. She says that reports of suspected serious side effects should be taken seriously.

11.49 Diane H: Most of those have been a neurological interaction either with paralysis, with a feeling that they can’t think, that they can’t concentrate. There have been some serious studies that have shown some HPV associations. Those are really good scientific studies that need to continue to progress so that we understand more both of the science as well as the real risk of what is happening to these young girls.

12.14 Professor Chris Shaw: So usually you hope that the risks are very small and the benefits are very high. In the case of Gardasil  I don’t think that you can make that claim. I don’t think that you can claim that the risks are small because the risks are actually significant, or that the benefits are high because we don’t know.

So right now you’ve got a very highly documented level of risk and an undocumented still to be determined level of benefit. And that makes it very difficult to claim that the risk-benefit analysis is going to give a positive outcome.

12.49. Charlotta B (Swedish Medicines Agency):  Obviously things may occur after a vaccination but we have no signals that there is anything serious which would be a cause for alarm. There is good knowledge about Gardasil.

Lena S: It is not only in USA that a connection has been found between neurological injuries and Gardasil.


13.25. Lena S: If side effects  only affect a few one should still be informed about the risk. 23 year old Linnea G from Stockholm got Gardasil when she was 17.

13.50. In her diary she writes: I only asked one question to the neurologist. I asked him to be completely honest. He answered that I can die.

Lena S: After the 2nd injection Linnea lost feeling in her legs and back. Her family took her to the emergency dept. Her condition got worse.

14.20. Linnea G: I only slept for 1-2 hours. They kept waking me up in case I stopped breathing.

14.35. Lena S: After some chaotic days Linnea and her mother were told that Linnea had GBS.

14.50. Linnea G: “The doctor said that I should be prepared that there is a risk that I might die. At best I will be paralyzed.

15.15. Lena S: But Linnea survives. After several weeks in hospital she moves to a rehab center.
The neurological condition means that she loses all muscle strength.

15.30. Linnea G: One has to build up all muscle strength. I could hardly hold a handle without losing it. I had to start all over again, it was like a newborn baby in an 18 year old body.

15.50. Linnea G’s mother Monica Geneborg: I started investigating about GBS. It was the neurologist who examined Linnea afterwards who said that vaccines are a probably cause of GBS.

Lena S: Linnea and her family reported the case to medicine insurance:

Medical insurance statement: There is considerable probability of a connection between the vaccine and reported injuries.

Lena S: They conclude that Linnea has an injury caused by the vaccine. She is granted compensation.
It is now 6 years after the vaccine. She is still not well and has constant pain.

16.44. Charlotta B (Swedish Medicines Agency): One can get side effects from all vaccines and medicines. But we have evaluated that the benefits outweigh the risks of the vaccine. Many side effects are reported but we do not have reason to believe that there is a connection.

17.06. Linnea G (recorded): There is a possibility that I will die, at least be paralysed.

17.10. Charlotta B: Vaccines can give serious side effects but the probable consequence is that one does not get a serious side effect but naturally that may occur. That’s what we can say.

17.30. Lena S: So one can get serious side effects from the vaccine?

Charlotta B: Yes one can and it has obviously happened.

17.45. Diane H: That’s the real question, right, is that public health experiment really worth doing. Some patients will say “I want protection and I want the vaccine and I am willing to put up with any kind of risk” and that’s great. Other patients are saying “I know the PAP screening system works and that puts me at zero risk for any possible side effects from Gardasil and I’m going to stay with the PAP screening system”. And both of those are perfectly appropriate responses.

18.14. Lena S: What does 17 year old Linnea Klippvik think? Should she get the vaccine or not?

Linnea K: Yes in principle. But I’ll think about it as it seems unclear.

Lena S: What is unclear?

Linnea K: It is not known if there will be side effects later.

18.40. Linnea G: I have it in writing that I have an injury caused by Gardasil. So it is very strange that we will now vaccinate a whole generation of healthy young girls. Why is there such a hurry? Why can’t we wait 10 years until we know more?  Whichever way one looks at it we are lab guinea pigs. Those who get vaccinated today will definitely be that.

19.17. Lena S: What information can one listen to? Is it true that condylomas can cause cervical cancer? We’ll ask the Stockholm County Council (SCC) about the information which the young girls receive.

19.33. SCC: “Those who have condylomas/genital warts have an increased risk of cervical cancer”.

Lena S: Shouldn’t we listen to the information?

 Henrik A: Yes one should listen to it.

Lena S: So you say that information about Gardasil is good?

Henrik A: Yes.

Lena S: Here’s an example of campaign material which you distribute. Will you please read aloud from “The vaccination”?

Henrik A reads: The vaccination protects against both cervical cancer and condylomas/genital warts.

Lena S: What is your opinion that it says that the vaccine protects against both cervical cancer and condylomas/genital warts?

Henrik A: That it is correct. It protects against cervical cancer approximately 70%, not 100%. It is therefore important that women continue going to gynaecological health control.

Lena S: But what you say now about 70% and that it is still important that women continue with the health controls, was that anywhere in the information?

Henrik A: In this little brochure the 70% is not mentioned.

Lena S: Why do you not inform anywhere that it only protects  up to 60-70%?

Henrik A: This is only a brochure to draw attention.

Lena S plays recording.

20.50. Linnea G (recorded): I have written confirmation that I was injured by Gardasil.

Lena S: Do you understand  Linnea who feels that she is a lab guinea pig?

21.00. Henrik A: They are not guinea pigs. It is a good vaccine.

Lena S: We shall continue next week when experts will answer questions about Gardasil.

The second broadcast can be viewed here. Hosted by Lena Sundstrøm, participants included Linnea G., who has received compensation for Gardasil injury and her mother, Lena Tellefsen; Mons Rosen of the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment; Martin Rundquist from VOF, The Swedish Skeptics Association; Viveca Odlind, Professor of Gynecology, Swedish Medicines Agency; and Cecilia Young from Sanofli Pasteur MSD.  Unfortunately, the National Board of Health and Welfare declined to participate. Translation provided by Sandy Lunöe.

Host Lena S: What do young girls know about Gardasil and what it protects against?

Young girls passing by were asked. Answered: Against cervical cancer, HPV virus.

Host: Viveca, do you think that information presented about Gardasil has been serious?

1.28  Viveca O:  One may have reason to criticize the information which was given in the program. The information which the State Medicines Agency presents regarding our product resumé and monographs etc is very extensive and serious. But we have not been involved in campaigns and that which has been presented  in campaigns is not completely correct.

Host: Do you no feel that it is necessary to be involved in campaigns?

Viveca:  It is not me who can decide whether we should be involved.  The most important thing is that there is adequate and correct information in campaigns.

If there is poor information it reflects on us too, for which we appologise. We wish that information which is given to parents, young people, to all shall be extensive and correct. There is full agreement about that.

Host:  Mons, SBU, Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment has pointed out that the scientific basis for Gardasil was weak.

Mons R:  What we said was that it is a promising vaccine which can prevent pre-stages of cervical cancer but that we won’t know for decades if it can influence illness and deaths. It may prevent 60-70 % of cervical cancers but not all.

We think that the campaign information which the pharmaceutical company was responsible for with a whole page advert in a magazine was very poorly balanced.  It did not mention that the vaccine does not protect for all. And we are concerned that women will have a false sense of security and believe that it is not necessary to go to gynecological health checks etc.

Martin R: Was a health check not recommended?

Mons:  No, but if you get a vaccine which is claimed to prevent against cancer you can ask if you should have gynecological health checks.

4.15  Viveca:  It illustrates clearly the necessity for balanced information. It must contain all the components, about that which is good and the conditions. And that it is effective is what we should be concerned about. It protects up to what we call cancer in situ which we regard as cancer risk, pre-stages for cervical cancer and there is a long development to invasive cancer.

Host: But can’t girls wait and see, they are very young…

5.00 Viveca:   The whole idea is that they should get the vaccine and can react by developing antibodies …

Host: As a parent I have always been pro-vaccine. It seems that there are two camps, one is the skeptics and the other is the authorities who say that there are only advantages with Gardasil and that it is a myth that there are side effects.

Martin: All pharmaceutical products have potential to cause side effects and regarding poor Linnea here – there are tens of thousands who are not invited to the studio and who have not got GBS.

5.50 Host: But it Is very important that we concentrate on information which is given about Gardasil and when parents and young girls read the health guide it says  that there are only advantages with Gardasil.   What do you say as a serious scientist about the claim that there are only advantages? It states that claims about side effects are not correct.

Martin:  Side effects should be considered in relation to risk. This is stated in package inserts for all medicines.

Host: So you don’t find it a problem that a scientist can claim that there are only advantages?

Martin: I vaccinate my children

Host: I do too but at least side effects can be mentioned

7.33 Host:  Linnea, it has been confirmed that you have a neurological injury from Gardasil and you have also been granted compensation for this. What kind of information did you get when you took the vaccine?

Linnea G:  Absolutely nothing. I did not receive any information and I read that it claimed that there were no serious side effects, but now this is stated. And I think that it is incredible that they could claim that there were no serious side effects because I am proof that there are. It is pure nonsense.

Viveca:  It functions such that when Gardasil was approved , I don’t remember exactly but there were about fifteen thousand women who had got the vaccine and it was this which was the basis for approval. In that study I don’t think that type of side effect occurred. When a vaccine or medicine is marketed very many more people are vaccinated and then side effects are seen, it is quite usual, we have spontaneous reporting of side effects which come in all the time to the State Medicines Agency.

8.55 Host: The way you describe it, can you understand that young girls feel as though they are subjects for experimental  studies?

Viveca: Yes, but for how long time and how big groups should we study for a vaccine like this before we feel that we have a dependable basis. It’s like that for all medicines. When they come out on the market you have a limited number of people who have taken them. Therefore it is very important that there is a continued follow up program because there are so many people, so you can quickly get information. Because there are so many people we see more side effects, as it is for all medicines.   Our database is quite extensive.

9.58 Host: But it says that it has been well tested.  Can you help me as a parent, I have one daughter who is vaccinated, the other is not. When for example Pandemrix vaccine for swine flu was concerned:  When we look back for example regarding swine flu and and Pandemrix  a professor at the Medicines Agency said that there have been influenza vaccines for many years so we know about long term effects.  And after the narcolepsy cases occurred  a leading representative of the health authorities said that the vaccine had a high safety profile when it was approved and that the cases of narcolepsy were absolutely unexpected.  How can we tackle such situations as parents?

10.45 Martin: When clinical trials are done one cannot test 300000 patients and it would be necessary to have so many to see cases of narcolepsy, one does not do such big studies for medicines.

Host: Mons, regarding swine flu influenza the epidemic was milder than expected, but one can understand that there was concern that it would spread – but what do you think about this situation, I don’t think that there has been such a quick approval as that for Gardasil?

Mons: I’ll be careful the way I express this but it went very quickly and there was pressure that it should reach the whole population…. That is my personal opinion.

Host: Linnea, you said that you did not get information about side effects, did you get information about how long the vaccine would be effective?

Linnea:  They did not know and they don’t know now either.

Viveca:  There is a follow up for Gardasil, now we have data which shows that it has effect for 8-10 years. But it is correct that when it first was marketed it was known that it had effect for 5 years . The earlier the phase of the program the less knowledge we have about it.

12.25 Host: Martin, what is your opinion that it is very important that one maintains public confidence in vaccinations, and when there are weaknesses in vaccination programs that people can lose confidence in the authorities?

Martin:  I think that it is the media which can make people lose confidence

Host:  You don’t see any problem with this brochure?  It says that Gardasil  protects against cervical cancer. If you compare it with the authorities’ information here about gynecological health checks…

Martin: But this is not all the information they receive before they get the vaccine, this brochure is to attract them to going to the vaccination caravan.

Host:  Do you not find it problematic that young girls are being lured into the vaccination caravan and getting the vaccine? It says that the vaccine protects against both cervical cancer and sexually transmitted disease…

Martin: 70% is a lot and in the other case 90 % ….

Host:  But that is not what is in writing. It is written that it protects against cervical cancer, it gives the impression of being 100 %.

Martin:  It does not state how high percent is on the paper…

Host:  Mons, what is your opinion?

Mons:  I think that the information from Stockholms ……. has more detailed information other places, but I think that if one tempts young girls to this it is clear that both parents and their children should get more information before….

14.0 Host:  Do we know today about booster doses?   There is conflicting information about this. The Medicines Agency believes that  four years…

Viveca: We don’t know today,…

Host: Do you know if it will be free?

Viveca:  That decision is not made by the Medicines Agency

Host: Would it have been better to have an aggressive campaign for gynecological  screening?

Viveca:  I will not say if it would be better or not but it would have been a possibility.

Martin: But then you will get to know if you are already ill instead of preventing illness.

Host:  No, it shows pre-stages.  Someone here can answer this but I’m quite certain that ..

Viveca:  It has an incredibly high frequency for healing, very many are over treated.  Our gynecologists  treat many more than is really necessary. What could be done as an alternative to the vaccine program is that the whole system could be intensified

15.35 Host:  We round off with this now, and we should be better to go for the health checks. After the break we will talk about how to report side effects and we will discuss this with Sanofi  who is responsible for the vaccine, and Viveca.  We shall also have a mother in the studio who has a thirteen year old daughter  who is ill after Gardasil  but who has not yet had a confirmation of a link between the illness and the vaccine. What does one do then?


16.18 Host: We are discussing the deficient information in relation to Gardasil.  With us in the studio we have Viveca Odlind, professor in gynecology from the Medicines Agency, Cecilia Young, head of medical department for Sanofi Pasteur MSD and welcome also to Lena Tellefsen who is mother to thirteen year old Olivia.

Host:  Lena, we understand that you have not yet received confirmation from medicine insurance that your daughter’s illness is linked to the vaccine but we would like you to be here so that we can discuss the situation about reporting side effects.  I understand that there was a mistake …

Lena: Olivia became ill within an hour after the vaccine, she never got to the school nurse. She had flickering in her eyes, headache, cramps, rash,…

Host: When was this?

Lena: 3rd October.

Host:  And who reported to whom about this?

Lena: The school nurse reported it directly to the medicines agency. Olivia was told to stay at home a few days and take headache tablets and then she would be better. They thought that she was allergic so she was given some antihistamines.

She had seven seizures within a month but the school nurse did not do anything. They said it was not caused by Gardasil in spite of there being a clear connection, we were not believed.

Host: You read information carefully before you made your decision about vaccinating. What information did you have?

Lena:  I found information where it says that the vaccine can cause serious side effects but  that which is in internet is  lies, not true. And I went to the official site and it was stated there that Gardasil does not give more serious side effects than the placebo  and I have medical education so I know that placebo is salt solution and one can’t get ill from that. So I felt safe.

Host: Cecilia Young from Sanofi, you have had contact with Lena regarding this case all the time.

Cecilia Y:  Yes we have had contact since October last year and we have had a lot of contact. What we do when we receive a report about a side effect : we report it further and we have responsibility to follow it up.

It is the medical doctor who is treating the patient who has responsibility for the patient.  What we have talked about with Lena is the information in our safety database about similar symptoms and how these symptoms have developed and how long they have lasted. That is the information I can give.

Host: We want to avoid that listeners will become scared. When do the side effects occur? Do they usually happen quickly like Lena describes ?

Cecilia: We must consider time and causal links. After a vaccination a lot may happen. The question is whether something which happens after vaccination is caused by the vaccine. We talked about side effects and products , but it was the observations which she made …

Host: But Linnea  G here has confirmation that that there is a probable connection between her side effects and the vaccine.

Cecilia: Yes, we see a connection with time here, Linnea developed symptoms after the vaccine, so the question is whether there is a connection with time or with the vaccine. There are no studies which confirm a link between the vaccine and GBS. All studies point to the opposite.

21.12 Host: But that which is stated in FASS (The Swedish National Formulary of Drugs) …

Cecilia: That which is stated in FASS is not a causal link but observations made in the time after vaccinations. And all such information is included, reported from us and from the health authorities. It was Sanofi who asked that the observation about GBS be included.

Host: After the swine flu influenza and Pandemrix there was possibility to report side effects. Is there a similar system for Gardasil?

Viveca:  We have a system for the possibility of reporting side effects both for health personnel and for patients directly to the Medicines Agency.

Host:  Is it the same type of system?

Viveca:  Yes it’s quite a simple system but it is spontaneous reports and we want this kind of reporting because the more reports we receive from various sources which are similar to each other  the more probable it may be that there is a causal connection to the vaccine.

Host: Ceciliia, before the break we talked about deficient information and on your home page about Gardasil  and there  we can read  myths and facts, that’s very good.  But does it ask anywhere – it is true that one can get GBS from Gardasil  or  is it true that Gardasil protects against cancer  or is it true that we don’t need to take health checks when we have taken Gardasil ….

Cecilia: To the first question if there is a connection between Gardasil and GBS.  No. There is no confirmation of cause .

Cecilia: Next, Gardasil protects against cervical cancer

Host: It protects against HPV virus

Cecilia: No, no. It protects against cervical cancer, it protects against cancer in situ, the serious development before occurrence of invasive cancer  and this  must be reported to the health authorities, Gardasil protects against this. So it is a fact that Gardasil protects against cervical cancer.

Host: Up to 60 – 70 percent, it is believed…

Cecilia: No it is not just believed, it is known.  At least 70 percent.

Host: But not 100 percent.

We have to round off the discussion now. Continue mailing in questions to us and we will try to answer them.

Woman blames Gardasil for health issues

WDTN Channel 2

Updated: Thursday, 15 Sep 2011, 7:43 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 15 Sep 2011, 5:51 PM EDT

Anthony Kiekow

VANDALIA, OHIO (WDTN-TV) – In 2007 Brittney Fiste took the Gardasil vaccine.

She told 2 News since then she has had several seizures and other health complications.

“It’s like a living hell,” Fiste said. “I have constant headaches, I can’t feel my feet and I’m always in pain.”

Gardasil is used to prevent HPV, which can cause cervical cancer.

“There is no data to suggest it is unsafe, and there is data that proves it prevents HPV and cervical cancer,” Dr. Janice Duke said.

However, Fiste said she wished she never took the vaccine.

Watch the Video

HPV Vaccines and Adverse Events: All in their Head or Adjuvant Syndrome?

New scientific paper reveals possible mechanism of action and suggested diagnosis protocol for autoimmune disorders induced by vaccines.

SaneVax, Inc. Logo



PRLog (Press ReleaseJan 10, 2011 – New Year’s Eve was a banner evening for independent researcher Grace Filby, not because of end-of-the-year celebrations, but because she discovered what may be one of the missing pieces of the puzzle surrounding HPV vaccines and the plethora of adverse side effects following in their wake.

Grace has been actively involved in the HPV vaccine controversy since the UK program began. New Year’s Eve, she received a request for help from a colleague and immediately decided to spend the day examining a detailed medical report about one of the first Cervarix casualties from 2008. This young girl began to experience intense pain, muscle weakness and vertigo within 30 minutes of her first and only injection. She ended up hospitalized for over a year suffering partial paralysis.

Though a long parade of eminent specialists could not determine whether the girl’s serious and long-term symptoms were vaccine-related, Munchhausen by proxy, or psychosomatic, Grace had already identified possible answers, such as the aluminum adjuvant added to the vaccine. Grace just may have uncovered evidence which confirms the theory.

She discovered a recently-published scientific paper titled, “ASIA – Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants.”  This paper outlines four autoimmune related medical conditions that share a similar set of complex signs and symptoms, thereby suggesting a common denominator needing further investigation. These conditions are siliconosis, Gulf War Syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis, and post-vaccination phenomenon.

Post-vaccination phenomenon? Imagine Grace’s reaction when she learned the adverse events following vaccination she had been dealing with for so long, not only had a name – but also a clearly defined potential mechanism of action, and a clearly defined list of suggested criteria for diagnosis.

When Grace forwarded the information to the SaneVax Team, they began by trying to discover a little about the authors of this impressive paper. The team discovered the lead author is no obscure scientist seeking to establish a reputation.

The principal author, Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld is a physician, researcher, and head of the Department of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University. He has published over 1600 scientific papers in prestigious medical journals around the world. Dr. Shoenfeld has authored and/or edited 25 books dealing with autoimmune conditions, some of which have become cornerstones in science and clinical practice throughout the world. He is without a doubt one of the world’s foremost experts on autoimmune disorders.

His most recent scientific paper has monumental implications for vaccine-victims everywhere. To understand why, take a short trip through just one Gardasil victim’s story.

In June 2007, Brittney Fiste had her first injection of Gardasil; two months later, a second. Over three and a half years later, she is still fighting to completely recover from the adverse events she experienced after those two injections.

Since consenting to Gardasil vaccination, Brittney has seen over 40 specialists in various medical disciplines in a desperate attempt to discover the cause and cure for the multitude of ‘mysterious’

symptoms she has to deal with every day.

At least five of these specialists attribute Brittney’s symptoms to the HPV vaccine injections she received. One of them went so far as to say she would not have survived a third shot.

Some of the others, however, have diagnosed the cause of her health problems as stress, emotional disorders, ‘suspected’ disorders, psychiatric problems, and/or conversion disorder.

Still others have claimed the problems have been ‘imagined’ or ‘created’ by her parents (Munchhausen by proxy).

Some physicians have refused to see her once they were told a vaccine reaction was suspected.

These experiences are not uncommon for people who develop new medical conditions after vaccination. When that new medical condition has not yet been listed as a potential side effect for the vaccine administered, it is generally assumed to have been caused by some other factor.

By definition, any new medical condition after vaccination is an adverse event and should be reported. However, most people, including physicians, do not understand this.

For Brittney and her parents, it is nice to know that one of the world’s most pre-eminent authorities on autoimmune disorders admits vaccine injuries do occur and is actively working to determine the exact mechanisms of action leading up to them. They sincerely hope the news gets out to those battling vaccine injuries, whether they are victims or medical professionals.

In the meantime, Brittney has a mission. Instead of succumbing to her injuries, she chose to show the world what has happened in the hope she can save people from going through the same events she has experienced. She has produced multiple videos where she talks about her experiences, how her life and family has been affected, and issues warning messages to those considering HPV vaccination as a potential cancer prevention strategy.

If you, or someone you know, is considering HPV vaccination, Brittney would like you to watch this video first, then investigate before you decide whether the potential risks outweigh the potential benefits:  Gardasil Injured Girl Speaks Out – Part 1, at: …


The SaneVax Team wants to know whether Dr. Shoenfeld’s findings will be circulated throughout the medical community, or buried under a mountain of studies conducted by those affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry? We want to know whether vaccine manufacturers will listen to him and attempt to help identify people who are at risk for vaccine-injuries, or do their best to discredit his findings as they have in the past when science conflicts with their agenda?

Sources: … …

For more of Brittney’s story see:

Photos courtesy of Grace Filby and Roxie Fiste.

# # #

SaneVax believes only Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices should be offered to the public. Our primary goal is to provide scientific information/resources for those concerned about vaccine safety, efficacy and need.

Our Family’s Roller Coaster Ride: Courtesy of Gardasil

By Roxie Fiste

Imagine for a moment having a daughter with everything going for her. She’s bright, outgoing, athletic, kind and compassionate. She excels at everything she tries. No parent could ask for more. All parental bias aside, this was our daughter Brittney before Gardasil.



When Brittney received her first Gardasil injection in June of 2007, we were told that the only real risk involved was the possibility of her fainting shortly after the shot was administered. She didn’t react within the 15-minute window during which the medical staff monitored her, so we thought we had nothing to worry about.

When she passed out the next morning on our family room floor and got up wondering what had happened, Britt chalked it up to the possibility of being dehydrated. This had happened to her once several years before, so she didn’t think much of it. She was so unconcerned she didn’t even mention the incident until over a week later. By this time, she had experienced two other unusual episodes.

The first occurred eight days after her HPV vaccine injection. She had what we now know was a partial seizure. Three days later, her legs gave out while she was at a water park. Hammering pain spread up and down her legs for 15 minutes, then disappeared. As a parent, I was beginning to think the incidents were related, but was not sure how to connect the dots. I began to keep a diary of the unusual things Britt was experiencing.

Sometime late June, or early July, our doctor reassured us that what Brittney was experiencing had nothing to do with Gardasil. We were relieved – at least we could relax on that score.

In late July, we took Britt to Myrtle Beach for a belated 21st birthday celebration. During this week, Brittney began to lose control of her emotions off and on. She would be completely normal, then suddenly explode. She would scream at us that we were trying to upset her, or prevent her from living her life. She had never acted this way. Both my husband and I were shocked at her unprovoked outbursts. We spent the entire vacation walking on eggshells when she was present. It seemed the most innocent remark could set her off. The only thing that seemed to soothe her during that week was going to the ocean and walking the beaches.

In August, she had another ‘episode’ as the doctor called them, this time in the company of several college chums. One of them had a sister who experienced many seizures while growing up. She told Britt’s boyfriend at the time that it looked like Britt was having a partial seizure.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend would not accept this reality and shoved an inhaler in her mouth while she was unconscious and depressed it. Britt came around quickly, choking on the aerosol. She told me about the incident, but since her boyfriend kept telling me it was an asthma attack, I was confused. She also mentioned the incident to her doctor, but nothing was investigated at this point.

In late August 2007, Britt received her second injection of Gardasil – again with no reaction during the 15 minutes of post-vaccination observation. But, within a week she began to have nagging issues with head pressure, like a cap with too tight of a band around her head. Over the next couple of weeks this progressed to the point where she could barely open her mouth because the muscles in her jaw were so tight. She began falling down for no reason. Over the next three weeks, she began to experience blurred and/or double vision. She was extremely sensitive to light of any type. The pressure in her head was so intense, she was passing out daily. She developed a swelling that appeared to be filled with fluid at the base of her skull. Swelling began along her spine as well.  With all of the other symptoms severe pain was raging through her body. As soon as her doctor examined the swelling, she was sent straight to the hospital.

Many tests were done, but nothing showed up on any of them. Britt was sent home with a couple of pain tablets. The resident on call felt she had some sort of brain virus and that it would go away in a couple of days.

From this point on, Brittney’s health deteriorated quickly. She couldn’t read anymore because the words seemed to jumble up or run off the pages. She could no longer tolerate light or sound of any kind. Her brain wouldn’t process thoughts normally. We had to speak in whispers when near her or go up to the third floor and speak very softly. Her hearing was so sensitive that she could hear sirens over two miles away and conversations several rooms away. She couldn’t sit in the same room with a television or radio on. Her pain was so bad, she cried all of the time. We bought noise cancelling headphones so she could tolerate trips to the doctor’s office. She had to have wrap around dark glasses – regular sunglasses were not sufficient to protect her from the severe sensitivity to light.  Her nervous system became so sensitive she felt every little bump in the road magnified 100 fold while riding in the car.

Her face would droop to one side like it was sliding off her skull. Seizures and stroking migraines began to happen 24/7. Her stomach was upset all the time. She could hardly keep anything down. She lost sensation in her legs, became completely bedridden and simply longed to die.

Over the next three years, Britt was seen by over 60 doctors, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Cincinnati Hospital. None of them could help her. She was so sick to her stomach, she could eat nothing but three ounces of protein drink at a time, sometimes with a little pudding. Not one doctor suggested we have her stomach looked at. They simply dismissed it as being stressed, over-reacting to life, or conversion disorder.

Just to give you an idea of what our new life is like, I will briefly touch on a few events:

  • December to May 2008 – Britt was totally bedridden and seemed to be wasting away. I was feeding her with a baby spoon just to keep her alive.
  • Spring 2009 – We found an alternative chiropractor who recommended Okra Pepsin3 and Multizyme supplements to help settle the lining of Britt’s gastro-intestinal tract. After several months, Britt was able to eat many organic and natural foods for the first time since her second Gardasil injection. At the same time her physical health declined until she was bed-ridden again.
  • 2010, Spring – We started working with an alternative researcher who was willing to try to help with some of Britt’s other issues. He suggested CoQ10, vitamin K Complex, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin D3 supplements. Britt’s sensitivity to light and sound diminished and some of her pain was alleviated. She had a boost of energy for the first time in three years. Her seizure activity nearly disappeared.
  • October 2010 to January 2011 – Brittney seemed to improve. The Researcher made more modifications to her diet that seemed to mitigate some of her more severe symptoms.
  • January 2011 – She was exposed to a virus. Her immune system could not handle it. She physically crashed, bed-ridden once again.
  • March 2011 – Britt’s grandmother sent over what we thought was homemade chicken and dumplings. Brittney gained 60 pounds over the next 24 hours due to citric acid being in the broth.  Seizure activity picked up again as well.
  • May to June 2011 – Her symptoms calmed down a bit, but she was still struggling with nausea and vomiting. Her abdomen and stomach swelled to the point where she looked like she was six months pregnant.
  • 2011 June/July – We finally found a gastroenterologist who was willing to examine Britt’s stomach. She was horrified at what she found – Gastroparesis, a damaged Vagus nerve in Britt’s stomach which prevented normal digestion and emptying of her stomach.

Last summer, 2012, we started taking Britt to another alternative medical doctor.  She is now on weekly Basic Vitamin/Mineral IV therapy, plus hormone neutralizing drops, which have made a positive difference – she now has an immune system!

It has been a long haul, but gradually Britt is getting back some semblance of the life she had before Gardasil. After months of treatments, she has been able to handle larger crowds at the theater, at a very busy restaurant, and even a mall full of people. She still has a long way to go, but her strength is growing daily. She is now able to play her favorite music with the speakers up without suffering. She only has to wear sunglasses when she is actually outside. She is walking short distances on her own, despite the lack of feeling in her legs.

Nearly six years ago Gardasil changed our lives forever. I think perhaps Debra Ginsberg came close to explaining our new life when she said:

“Through the blur, I wondered if I was alone or if other parents felt the same way I did – that everything involving our children was painful in some way. The emotions, whether they were joy, sorrow, love or pride, were so deep and sharp that in the end they left you raw, exposed and yes, in pain. The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body and yet, each child represented just that – a parent’s heart bared, beating forever outside its chest.”

Gardasil may be the right choice for some young girls and women, but for us, it has done little except put us on what seems like a never-ending roller coaster ride. Perhaps someday the ride will end so we can resume our normal lives.

French version here.

As posted on Le Café Politique De Camus De Café here.

Roxie’s story on here.

Father of Gardasil Injured Girl Speaks

[Note from SaneVax:  When one thinks of vaccine injuries, it is not often those thoughts extend beyond the person who was actually given the vaccine. Unfortunately, the families of those injured are also on the list of victims as their lives are also affected by whatever ‘new medical conditions’ appear in their children.

Please take a few minutes to read one father’s story about the events in his life after his daughter was given Gardasil:

It is difficult to express the feelings I have as a father about our daughter’s struggle with adverse reactions to Gardasil.

Truthfully, I am angry. I am angry that a trusted physician of years who is very familiar with Brittney’s health issues involving immune system difficulties and allergies would so very easily strongly recommend the HPV Vaccine shot to Brittney, and do so with little or no mention of the possibility of adverse reactions. To me, it seems this physician took it upon themselves to presume she was at risk to come into contact with this HPV virus, which we have since found is most likely to be contracted primarily through sexual activity. Contrary to this “assumption”, there are many young women who still save the gift of sex for a marital relationship, and I know Brittney is among them. This anger is fed further by the fact this same physician has refused to acknowledge the diagnosis of a reaction to Gardasil, insisting upon the hypothesis that these symptoms were brought about by a deep seated psychosomatic cause or “something” else.

I am also angry that in many ways many in the medical community which we dealt with have taken such a cavalier attitude toward Brittney’s health issues. As is the case, this reaction does not fall within the realm of normalcy, which seemed to be more than enough reason for many “healers” to not even attempt to deal with. I might add that this experience with physicians has been echoed over and over again among those having adverse reactions to Gardisil. I find it amazing that it is usually the last area of investigation, rather then the first, even though symptoms appear shortly after injections.

I do not expect perfection in physicians, as there is much we do not understand about the human body. I do, however, expect compassion for patients who are suffering and a passion for healing that does not easily give up. We’re not talking about the family car here!

I was once recited the statement that a “physician should do no harm”. I think the message being sent was that a physician should not deal with what they do not understand and possibly cause more harm than good. I fear the way several physicians dealt with Brittney could more accurately be stated as “do no good”. Certainly the creators of Gardasil felt it worth the risk, and I might also add, the financial investment, to journey into areas they did not understand completely. Their intent was to heal, and I know from personal experience with our daughter that they also very much risked doing “harm”. Obviously, they felt it was “worth it”. If all physicians operated with this approach of “do no harm”, there would be many curable and treatable conditions of today that would have never been discovered. I guess we should forget radiation and chemo treatments of cancer patients, as these usually do harm also. Need surgery? Forget it…”do no harm”.

Here’s what I have seen as a father. All fathers want to see their daughters find their way in this life. Gardasil has tried to rob me of that joy. I was looking forward to watching Brittney find her career path and develop some strong lasting relationships. This is what occurs in the young adult years and often sets the tone for a lifetime. I was looking forward to seeing her experiencing the joy of blossoming into her own person and standing on her own. There is not much of that going on these says, as much of the time Brittney struggles just to walk and to deal with pain. Relationships are pretty much limited to phone calls and a sparse few quick visits. Basically, other young adults do not seem to want to mess with someone who at the moment is not fun or cannot offer them some sort of contribution.

I think there is nothing more painful to a father or mother than to know their child is suffering. However, please understand that this suffering goes far beyond the physical, which is significant. This suffering also reaches into her spirit and mine as well. It breaks our hearts. There is the frustration of many set-backs, and the constant sense that there are those medical professionals “out there” who refuse to acknowledge this illness as even worthy of their time. Frustration has become a way of life for now.

Brittney is blessed in many ways. She is not as bad off as some of the others who have experienced this. We do hold out hope and have faith in our God that she will one day beat this. Her mother is a treasure beyond compare in never ceasing to be selfless in her love and diligent care. I honestly am finding that I am not equipped on an emotional basis to give the kind of care and understanding my dear wife does. I am lost in this. She is one of those angels who walk around the planet masquerading as humans. Even as I write this, I cannot help but feel sad for those young women who may experience adverse reactions to Gardasil of this nature and not have the kind of support Brittney has.

As in any serious illness, it is not only the child who suffers. The whole family suffers. Life is not the same. And….in this case, it simply was not necessary and could have been avoided with truthfulness and caring counsel.

Surprisingly, I am not advocating the total denial of Gardasil to perhaps countless millions who “may” benefit from this. I realize there are countless many more young women who do not react to Gardasil as Brittney and others have. I am, however, strongly advocating that the TRUTH of this vaccine’s effectiveness and application to cervical cancer causes be clearly and openly identified. I feel that I have seen “enough” suffering and read about enough suffering in others to warrant that this vaccine be halted until more is known. As the good doctor might say…”do no harm”.

I fear very much that many other fathers who have “little girls” will experience what we have experienced due to greed on the part of the pharmaceutical company responsible and also on the part of doctors who may benefit from pushing their products. I have read many opinions of medical people that this drug was not nearly adequately tested and to the same extent as other drugs before being released to the general public. I am certainly opposed to making this a mandatory vaccine for school aged young women, as I have seen what can go wrong. I would like for physicians to be truthful in their presentation of this option.

I think much is being learned about possible triggers which may set-off adverse reactions to Gardasil. These should be clearly identified and paid heed to before another young woman has to suffer needlessly.

(Authored by Rick Fiste, father of a Gardasil injured daughter)


Vaccine Victims Hotline Listing

The SaneVax Team is aware of just how devastating vaccine injuries can be. The following is a list of volunteers who are here to help no matter where you are located. Whether you need to file a report of your injuries, locate medical or legal assistance, have questions, or just need a little emotional support, these people are here to provide their help and support.

As you scan this page, please note, each person pictured is an individual who experienced a serious adverse reaction following vaccination. These people, their families and friends are all victims.

Should you wish to volunteer your time to help, please send an email to with ‘Hotline’ in the subject line.



















Mary Slaton

Charleston, AR479-965-4527

Dana HaneyMother of Kylie Wayman

Fort Smith, Arkansas




Leslie Carol BothaEstes Park, CO



Denise Melton, grandmother of Jessie Ericson

Macclenny, FL




Emily Tarsell, mother of Christina Tarsell

Sparks, MD





Robin Richardson

Mother of Steffanee Richardson

Hallsville MO




Norma Erickson

Troy, MT






Beckey WaldropHobbs, NM


Tracy WolfMother of Alexis Wolf

Albuquerque New Mexico






Rosemary Mathis, mother of Lauren Mathis

North Wilkesboro, NC





Roxie Fiste, mother of Brittney, age 23

(injured in 2007 at 21 years)


Dayton, OH


Tina McFarland

Cincinnati, Ohio




Jodi Speakman

Victoria’s Mom

(267) 939-0591



Teresa Allen, mother of Kristyn, age 17

Greenville, SC

Ashley Hutherson

Spartanburg, SC



Virginia Young

Woodlands, TX



Susan Flood

Mother of Allison

Colleyville, TX


Sheila Young-Cook

Mother of Jessica Young

Magnolia/Conroe Texas



Jacki LoweEx. Mother of- KarlyAnn Lowe

St.George, UT




Tanya Hornagold, mother of Melodie Simms

PO Box 460 Romney, WV 26757

Home Phone: 304-289-3047

Cell Phone: 304-813-9147




Deanna Martinez, mother of Shelby




Stephen Tunley

Sydney, Australia

+ 61 (0)434


Donna Eliassen (mother of Gardasil injured child)

Mandurah, Western Australia

(08) 9581 3104



Peter Vereecke

Phone : 0032-93573336

Carolyn Baker



Susan Jackson

Rochedale, Lancashire


Julie Jones

Bilston, West Midlands



Grace Filby

BA(Hons) CertED FRSA

Reigate, Surrey, UK

01737 217013

Isabella Thomas

Wells, Somerset

01749 840964


Linda Morin: mother of Annabelle -died 9 December 2008





Ellen Vader

Phone : 0033-466831394



Andreas Bachmair




Languages: German, English






0039 045 8402290




Jackie Hogan


(0)87 9931993

Nora Bennis

Limerick, Ireland

061 326599




Janny Stokvis Coevorden


Languages: Dutch and




Hilary Butler

Tuakau, New Zealand

Phone:0064 923



Jacqueline Dollard

North Shore City, Auckland

mobile: 021 9191 83

office: 09


Rhonda Renata, mother of Jasmine,who died in her sleep on the 22nd of September2009.

Upper Hutt



Freda Birrell

Berwickshire, Scotland

01368 830 480 or 07752 945545

Janis Louden

Corse House


013398 83411



Alicia Capilla

Valencia, Spain

phone – 648-180-549



Andreas Bachmair

Kreuzlingen, Switzerland


Languages: German, English