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Gardasil in Colombia: Protesting parents make progress

By Norma Erickson, President SaneVax Inc,

Our primary contention remains: The new medical conditions being experienced by the minors is a result of the application of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

Our primary contention remains: The new medical conditions being experienced by the minors is a result of the application of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. (Attorney Monica Leon Del Rio)

Last week, the parents of hundreds of girls experiencing new medical conditions after Gardasil administration blocked classes in educational institutions by padlocking the entrances to local schools. These families claim hundreds of affected girls have been left without treatment for two years while the government refuses to acknowledge the HPV vaccine could be causing serious side effects. They were asking to be heard by national, departmental and municipal health authorities.

After a four day stand-off, government authorities decided to convene a working group to try and address the problem. The Governor of Bolivar, Mr. Dumek Turbay, organized a face-to-face meeting with representatives from the affected families, President of the Association Reconstruyendo Esperanza (Rebuilding Hope), Monica Leon Del Rio acting as the families’ spokesperson and the Colombian Minister of Health, Alejandro Gaviria, in the city of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). Governor Dumek Turbay promised parents and students they could attend a meeting with the Minister to review the implementation of commitments previously made by the Government with the young people affected, including comprehensive and specialized medical treatment.

This July 14, 2014 meeting, well attended by families of Gardasil survivors and their affected children, lasted nearly three hours. After the meeting concluded, Monica Leon Del Rio, President of the Association Rebuilding Hope, submitted the following comments to SaneVax on behalf of the nearly one thousand members she represented at this meeting:

This meeting left a bittersweet taste. To start with, we could see a completely different attitude regarding the minors from the Colombian Minister of Health, Alejandro Gaviria. He demonstrated empathy and humanity, traits that have been absent when he responded to the complaints regarding the potential consequences of HPV vaccine administration over the last two years.

On the other hand, he did not exclude the possibility of pre-existing genetic conditions that could have caused the damage left in the wake of Gardasil administration.

The government officials in attendance were opposed to conducting specific tests I requested on behalf of the victims. These diagnostic tests are based on scientific studies in Japan and those conducted by Dr. Manuel Martinez-Lavin, both of which are seen as key tests to extablish possible neurological damage in the minors. Performing skin biopsies to estabish whether nerve connections are damaged and performing a tilt-table test to establish a diagnosis of POTS are two of the specific tests I had requested. However, all of the public officials who were there opposed the implementation of these tests stating that they could generate ‘false positives’. They also stated that if these tests were to be done, the minors would have to be forearded to specialists to see if it was ‘convenient’ to have them done.

Personally, I find this attitude suspicious. My question is this: Since the brain TAC, EEG, and EKG brain tets that have been done so far(and at substantial expense) have not shown any results, why refuse simple tests that could be performed cheaply and easily in the town itself?

Do the government officials fear the results won’t be convenient to them?

Moreover, my request to install an interdisciplinary group of specialists in Carmen de Bolivar’s hospital was not considered. This decision simply prolongs the non-comprehensive medical care the girls have been given so far. This is NOT acceptable, in my opinion. These famiies need comprehensive medical care NOW!

The following previously made agreements were reiterated regarding the girls’ healthcare needs:

  • Establishment of a transportation system in the rural parts of Montes de Maria for children suffering from syncope, wo they coud be transported to the main area hospital’
  • Prompt attention from specialists because today scheduling these appointments can take up to 6 months, generating further damage to the health of the chldren;
  • 3 nationally recognized universities conducting a study of HPV vaccine safety;
  • Dignified and respectful treatment of the children from health institutions because to date, the minors have been stigmatized and abused by some members of the medical community (including a nurse that uses a vulgar expression when a patient experiences an episode of syncope, telling them that they are ‘in need of a man.

In addition, we asked for adequate resources for the health facilities and an adequate anbulance service. In total, there were 10 PROMISES made by the government which I sincerely hope will be kept.

Our primary contention and constant complaint remains: The new medical conditions being experienced by the minors not only in our region, but from different parts of the country is a result of the application of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

To this charge, the Health Minister reiterated his denial that these injuries were caused by the vaccine and repeated that the World Health Organization considers the vaccine to be safe.

The world will be watching to see if the Colombian government lives up to their promises to the hundreds of families Attorney Monica Leon Del Rio is representing in their battle to obtain adequate medical treatment.

Gardasil devastation is NO coincidence

By Vicky Austin, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One more Gardasil girl?

One more Gardasil girl?

Fifteen-year-old Caitlin Grace is my hero. Once a green belt in karate, walking over ten miles per day, she is now physically debilitated from a vaccine that was supposed to prevent her from getting cancer. This is her story.

Caitlin received the full series of three Gardasil shots between September 2012 and July 2013.  In hindsight, I should have trusted my mother’s intuition and not allowed Caitlin to receive the vaccine. When I asked her pediatrician of ten years if he would give it to his own daughter, he said that he definitely would. I trusted him and we gave her the full series. I live with the guilt to this day.

In February 2013, my healthy, active, academically gifted daughter received the 2nd of three recommended HPV-4 (Gardasil) injections. Within a week, she developed cold symptoms and a barking cough. I did not think it was related to the vaccine. How could a vaccine cause a cold? She went on to develop repeated lung spasms.

After her third injection, she experienced dizzy spells, loss of balance, weakness, anxiety, ear pain, abdominal pain, and nausea. I was never an “anti-vaxxer” (if I were, I wouldn’t have agreed to the HPV vaccine) so. I never even associated her new symptoms with Gardasil.

Caitlin began her freshman year of high school like any other teenager, attending school at the same high school where I teach.  Now, as she enters her junior year of high school, she has physically attended school no more than 2 months. In December 2014, her freshman year, our life imploded.

After being diagnosed with a simple sinus infection, Caitlin was prescribed a “z—pack” – which she’d had many times before with no problems. This time, within 15 minutes of taking her first dose, I was frantically working to keep her alive until the ambulance arrived. She was diagnosed with severe unexplained hypokalemia (life-threatening low potassium) and a cardiac condition called Prolonged QT interval. She was treated with IV potassium and magnesium then released.

She has not been the same since.

Can you imagine living every day not knowing if at any moment you will become paralyzed and in excruciating pain?

This is what Caitlin has lived with every day since December 12, 2014.

She will be talking, laughing, walking, when all of a sudden she loses control of her neck, upper body, and her legs give out. If she’s not in a safe place, she’ll fall or slump forward, making breathing difficult, if not impossible. She has been diagnosed with hypokalemic periodic paralysis but she has “outlying” symptoms that have not yet been explained by doctors.

Gardasil: The 'gift' that keeps on giving?

Gardasil: The ‘gift’ that keeps on giving?

These symptoms include:

  • Hashimoto’s
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Hair loss
  • nerve damage (as per an EMG test)
  • weakness
  • tremors
  • exercise intolerance
  • heat/cold intolerance
  • air hunger
  • chest pain
  • abdominal pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • brain fog
  • allodynia (pain response from stimuli which does not normally cause pain)
  • nystagmus (rapid involuntary eye movement)
  • non-epileptic seizures

It was only when another mom contacted me via social media, asking, “Has your daughter had the Gardasil shot, by any chance?” that I began to put the pieces together.  To be honest, I thought she was crazy at first. But I started reading the stories of other young people who have been injured by Gardasil. Their stories are so similar to Caitlin’s. Now, that same mother’s intuition which made me question her pediatrician before consenting to the Gardasil injections tells me that my child has been devastatingly injured by Gardasil.

Today, my brilliant daughter has bouts of brain fog and she can’t piece together thoughts.
My green belt daughter wears a transfer belt around her waist as I transfer her to her wheelchair. My social butterfly daughter treasures the few friends who have remained at her side through this nightmare. My independent young woman cries as she allows her mom to wash her hair and help her in and out of the shower, where she sits on a plastic chair. My once-invincible daughter asks me if she’s going to die.

For a long time, I was silent about the Gardasil connection to my child’s injury.  I will not remain silent any longer. I don’t care if people consider me “one of those crazy anti-vax people.”  I am this child’s mother and the vilest injustice has been perpetrated against her.

We will continue to hope that the next treatment will recover my brilliant, active, healthy daughter.

In the meantime, I remain grateful that I still have her to fight for when so many other mothers have lost their children to this tragedy.  I will continue to tell Caitlin’s story.

Our children are not coincidences. This is personal.

Read this article in French here.

Gardasil: Sharing the Carnage with Boys

By Jennifer Otto, California

Zach before Gardasil

Zach before Gardasil

In 2014, at the age of 18 and a half, Zach was a first semester full-time college student and worked a laborious job roughly 30 hours a week.  His life was on track, he was social, active and happy.  Zach swam like a fish in the water with a body built for track who walked miles almost every day.

In early October that same year, Zach sustained an ankle injury which placed him out of work while he recovered.  During this October 3rd appointment for his ankle, he was talked into a flu vaccination.  October 13th, Zach returned for a follow up and was talked into accepting the Gardasil and meningococcal vaccines.  It was shortly after this that the first phase of his health decline began.

Zach’s muscles ached. He experienced intermittent joint pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, and a rash that lasted over 3 months, and just generally felt unwell as a whole.  Being a mom and a teacher who frequently sees illness, I initially thought it was nothing more than him coming down with something viral, mixed in with possible exhaustion from work and school.  But, he kept getting sicker. By mid- November, he was running a fever, coughing, congested, aching, hurting. By this point, it became clear something more was going on as this was not his norm.  He rarely got sick and when he did, it was brief and minor.  Something just wasn’t right.

I took Zach back to the doctor and he was prescribed Zithromax due to what had now become a viral infection.  He seemed to start getting better within a couple of days, but by the end of his course of antibiotics, his ears began to bother him, he was having hearing loss, and he was running another low grade fever.  Not being a child with a history of ear infections, this was yet another indicator that something unusual was going on with him. We returned to the doctor and learned he had a double ear infection, so he was placed on a 10 day course of additional antibiotics.   During this time, he was often too unwell to attend his classes or work his shifts.  His first semester of college fell to the wayside.

Zach’s weight plunged during this period, dropping to 110 lbs. at the height of 6 ft. tall.  The symptoms were persistent, often leaving Zach bedridden.  Being almost 19 by now, Zach returned on his own to see his primary care physician on February 3, 2015.  While we still had not made the connection, it never once occurred to me that the doctor would use this opportunity to inject Zach with another dose of Gardasil in spite of the symptoms he had gone to see his doctor for during this visit, but he did.

On February 5, 2015, a mere 2 days following that February dose, both of Zach’s knees went out on him at work, seconds apart.  He was unable to finish his shift or get himself home, so he had to call me to get him.  We returned to the doctor the next day when his knees still hadn’t stabilized after rest.  This marked the second decline in his health and he was then referred to rheumatology.

All the symptoms he had before were further exacerbated.  The pain increased, muscle weakness became a constant. His gait changed due to the pain, the imbalance caused by weakness and the instability of his knees.  His legs would occasionally fold like an accordion and his knees would become swollen and red.

By March, it became obvious that he would not be able to return to work anytime soon, so he was forced to resign and spent much of his time in bed.

Symptoms still continued to manifest. By the summer of 2015, he was using a cane to keep himself upright.  By this point, his routing history was well under way as he was moved from one specialist to another, then rerouted back to those who had referred us out.  By the end of 2015, he had seen a nutritionist, gastroenterologist, orthopedist, head and neck surgeon, an infectious disease specialist, 2 rheumatologists, 2 geneticists, 2 neurologists, and hematologist/oncologist.  A gamut of tests have been run on him, but his constellation of symptoms is so complex that they were all left perplexed.

Zach after Gardasil

Zach after Gardasil

Between October and November of 2015, his glucose jumped 47 points, leaving him borderline pre-diabetic for no known reason, but his doctors missed this, so he was not being monitored.  Recently, I took Zach to an out-of-network doctor who ran a series of additional tests and caught this oversight when his H1c indicated he was borderline pre-diabetic now and was an additional area of concern to focus on.  Zach has also developed extensive food allergies.  His body appears to be perceiving even healthy foods as a threat and is now fighting what it believes to be the enemy.

While other tests have showed some things such as atypical B and T cells, indicating a possible autoimmune inflammatory response, his network doctors and UCLA have not been able to explain this.  We also learned in December 2015 that his spine was beginning to wear and he now had a compression fracture on his L3 on L4 and the start of degenerative disc disease in his L5.

Through all this, Zach’s health has continued to decline to include ataxia, paresthesia, intermittent numbness in the face and arms, and now a confirmation of POTS and vasovagal syncope with mixed vaso-depressive and cardio-inhibitory response.  His low grade fevers appear to be cyclic as he still gets them, in additional to all the other symptoms that leave him in chronic pain.  He is able to use a cane for extremely short distances, but he requires a wheelchair now for longer distances.

I have watched my only child age decades within the span of less than 2 years.  It has taken a year and a half later for him to finally find a group of doctors who believe he is Gardasil injured, but they do not know how to treat him.

The idea of any child having to suffer this breaks my heart in ways I never thought possible.  This is and will always be my biggest regret.


Gardasil: The HPV vaccine and our new reality!

By Vicky Oakley, Bedlington, Northumberland, UK

Holly: energetic and unstoppable

Holly: energetic and unstoppable

Our daughter Holly, was an energetic, unstoppable, full-of-life 12-year-old. Very sporty, playing netball, rugby, rounders and football for a local club, the school, and county. She was also part of the Newcastle United development academy. She was so full of energy; we would send her for 15 minutes on the trampoline just to use some energy up.  She loved sports, she loved being active and she loved being outdoors.

Then, between November 2013 and May 2014, she was given the HPV vaccinations. Our life would never be the same again.

A month or so following Holly’s final HPV vaccination, we noticed she would vomit for what seemed no reason at all. For example, she was on the football pitch (trials for NUFC), and she vomited while on the pitch, then carried on playing.  We put it down to a one off, but as the months rolled on the vomiting got worse and worse and the period of illness became longer.

We took Holly to see our GP on numerous occasions, the same answer came back… it’s a vomiting bug.  After 4 months, when the sickness became worse and she felt continuously nauseous, no energy (to the point of not being able to speak) and lightheaded, we pinpointed that these “episodes” always came around the time of her period.  We were sure this was hormone related.

Doctors prescribed anti-nausea drugs, but nothing worked.  We tried the contraceptive pill, that didn’t work.

In addition, when Holly was well she seemed to be plagued with injury, pulled muscles, sore joints – we put it down to her not being at the peak of fitness anymore.

Another appointment to the GPs and they decided the best solution would be to stop her periods all together, she was given the depo injection.  This was followed by possibly the worst 3 months ever. She was in an “episode” the whole time, constantly vomiting, feeling nauseous and being unable to get out of bed due to extreme fatigue.

She was in and out of hospital because she was so ill. Following every test imaginable, Drs could find nothing wrong with her. They tried to say she was bulimic. We knew this was not the case, we knew it was hormone related.

School employees were onto us because she was unable to go to school she was so ill, and no one would believe there was actually anything wrong with our precious daughter.  And the worst thing was, 3 months of not being at school, friendship groups move on, friends became more distant, they just grew apart. Holly was losing contact with the outside world.

We searched to try and find a Dr who could help. At one point we were seeing around 6 different Drs both private and NHS.  Eventually we were pointed in the direction of a Dr who thought she knew what was wrong with Holly.  Holly was diagnosed with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, which seems reasonable with the following symptoms.  Some later tests also revealed that Holly no longer had any primary defence system, it had completely gone.

Her primary symptoms were:

  • Extreme constant nausea
  • Vomiting up to 10 times a day
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme fatigue (to the point where you cannot even speak or move)
  • Low blood pressure

In addition, Holly has also suffered:

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Easily injured
  •  Broken wrist (which we think is due to weak bones)

Holly was so poorly that doctors recommended that when she had a period it would be best to be admitted to hospital, sedate her for around 2 days and give her lots of IV anti sickness medication.

This worked, Holly went back to school on a part time basis, eventually going back full time. However her energy levels never ever returned, she was still ill and hospitalised for every period she had, she lost her friendship group and was not allowed to go skiing with the school as it was classed as too much of a risk for the school. She was unable to do all the sports she did before because of the fatigue, she would sleep whenever she could, her sporting activity was virtually non-existent.

Nevertheless, we were delighted because we seemed to have the situation under some type of control for around 12 months.  She was still ill every time she had a period, but we decided 3 days in hospital to get her well again each time was doable and we sort of adapted to that life.

Gardasil altered my reality

Gardasil altered my reality

About 6 months ago however these “episodes” started appearing outside of when Holly would have a period. Her injury situation was getting worse, sore muscles, sore knee to name but a few.  The fatigue was worsening, she was constantly tired, and didn’t want to go out to visit friends and would spend most of her time in her Pyjamas.

2 months following that, Holly broke her wrist in two places at football.  Nothing out of the ordinary, a save which she had done thousands of times before.

By this time, we were starting to do more research.  HPV injury had occurred to us previously, however was pushed out of hand by doctors. We decided to look more into it, and found hundreds of girls in a similar situation to Holly.

At the present time, our life is on hold, a cold or sore throat is enough now to put our daughter into and “episode” and be admitted to hospital.  Stress will put her in hospital. A period will put her in hospital. In a 12-month period she was in hospital 11 times spanning well over 50 days.  We know all the hospital staff!

Her Dr is now trying to tell us that some of it is in her head and sent her to see a child psychiatrist who has confirmed to us that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hollys mind!  Holly has also been told she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

While I fully believe Holly is fatigued, and it is chronic, I believe that there is something fighting her auto immune system (tests prove this) and this is to do with the vaccine.  I feel the same about the Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome.

So many sporty girls having the same set of similar symptoms following the vaccine cannot be coincidence, no matter what the Drs say.

We are currently receiving alternative therapy treatment to try and take the HPV vaccine out of Holly’s body.  Only time will tell if the effects of the HPV vaccine are reversible.  Ironic, Holly wants to be a Dr, yet no Dr will believe what this vaccine has done!

Sadly because Holly’s situation has continued to deteriorate, she is no longer able to attend school. Instead, she is a prisoner in her bedroom; often too exhausted to even get out of bed.  She receives home (2 hours) 1-1 tuition twice a week.  Each session means she is incapable of leaving the house for up to 2 days afterwards. Even so, Holly wants to continue.  With so many decisions having been taken out of her hands, who am I to decide if she should continue with tuition?

I cannot praise my daughter enough on her strength of character, determination and positivity to “work around” this situation.

Her not being in school has also impacted her social life. She rarely sees her friends these days. If they do come round, she can only tolerate it for very short period of time before she is worn out.

Holly told me last time they came, she could barely keep her eyes open after 30 minutes of chat!  How is this normal?

There needs to be more information given to parents on this vaccine, not the current information, the real information, stories like this, stories of girls who have been injured by HPV vaccines.

The world is waking up and I hope it’s not too long before people realise the dangers of this.   My eyes are well and truly open now, I want to shake everyone so they see what is happening and how it’s all being pushed out of hand as nonsense.

Had I known then what I know now, I would NEVER have allowed my daughter anywhere near HPV vaccines!

Gardasil Put Our Lives on Hold

By Vivian Kydd from Dundee, Scotland

Gardasil changed my life.

Gardasil changed my life.

At 8 years of age, my daughter Calli was diagnosed with ADHD. She was full of energy, constantly on the go, enjoyed singing, acting and music, loved meeting up with friends.

Fast forward to the 11th of December 2013. That’s the day Calli received the second dose of the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The 12th of December Calli went to bed at 10pm and at 10.45pm screamed ‘mum!’ I rushed upstairs to find her in a state of acute confusion, unable to see and very frightened. At first I thought she was dreaming but no, this was the beginning of our nightmare.

We took her to hospital where the doctors thought that she might have taken something, blood tests proved this was not the case. The doctors asked if anything had changed in the last 24 hours and I told them that Calli had received the second dose of HPV vaccine the day before. Calli was admitted to HDU at Ninewells Hospital. The acute confusion lasted the whole night.

What has concerned me since the 12th of December is that when the school sent out the consent form and their information leaflet, no mention was made of any serious adverse reactions which could occur following HPV vaccination.  The serious side effects are listed on the Patients Information Leaflet which is not sent out to parents at the time of requesting consent.

Friday 13th December 2013 at 10am while the doctors were at her bed, Calli had a Tonic Clonic Seizure. This was the most frightening experience I have ever witnessed. I thought my child had died in front of me.

Calli received an MRI scan and blood tests. Everything came back clear. She received a 24-hour ECG which also came back normal.

She left hospital on the 17th of December 2013, still suffering from dizziness, nausea, joint pain, itchy skin.

She had Tonic Clonic seizures in April, June, July, September and October. Admitted to hospital in October for a video telemetry and took another Tonic Clonic seizure and was diagnosed with Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with secondary generalized Epilepsy. In all this time Calli had bouts of breathlessness, numbness in limbs, blurry vision and all of the ailments previous, no other tests were done regarding the previous ailments.

Calli has been absent from school since June 2014. She managed one day in school on the 6th of October 2014 and took another Tonic Clonic seizure that evening and has been unable to return.

She no longer goes to her singing lessons or piano lessons as she is just not well enough. On the odd occasion she has met up with friends, but she is very poorly for days after and her ailments worsen. Calli now has Outreach workers to support her, due to anxiety brought on by being housebound for so long.

Over 24 months of joint pain, itchy skin, dizziness, nausea especially after eating, on and off chest pain which shoots through her back, on and off hot flushes and is quite intolerant to heat and has also been diagnosed with psoriasis of the scalp. She also suffers from heartburn and terrible insomnia but can sleep for 20/24 hours.

At our September hospital appointment, the doctor said she does not believe the dizziness, joint pain, itchy skin, psoriasis, hot flushes, nausea and heartburn are connected to the Epilepsy or the medication for Epilepsy. Now after 16 months they are to investigate the joint pain, insomnia and dizziness. Post-Viral Syndrome (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) was mentioned by the Doctor.

Calli was taken into hospital to change her epilepsy medication in July 2015 and since then the seizures are more controlled. On the 23rd of November 2015, the doctor told us she thinks Calli has Raynaud’s disease and is now being referred to a Rheumatologist. If Calli has a shower, her lower legs and feet turn bright red, with purple and white blotches.

On the 15th December 2015, Calli was due to go into hospital for 24 hours for another telemetry, a tilt table test (which I asked for 18 months ago) and more blood tests. The doctor cancelled this appointment for overnight stay, by mistake.

The 15th of February 2016 Calli received the tilt table test. I was not allowed in the room while the test was being carried out. Calli took a partial seizure during the test and neither the doctor nor the nurse realized what was happening. The doctor repeatedly told Calli to be quiet. I am still awaiting the results.

16th February 2016 Calli had an appointment for the rheumatologist, who said Calli has Raynaud’s Disease with no underlying cause. Reading the blood test results taken from July 2015 nothing has showed up but she requested more blood tests for Vitamin deficiencies. I am awaiting these results too.

22nd February 2016 another hospital appointment was cancelled.

It’s over two years since Calli received the HPV vaccine and it has been very difficult for her. It has also been difficult for me to watch her every day not knowing how she will be or how much she will suffer. We just have to work on a day to day basis and cannot plan anything. Our lives are on hold at the moment.

I just wish I did more research on the side-effects of this vaccine before I consented to vaccinate. I feel very guilty.

Read this article in French here.

Gardasil: No benefit for us!

By Jenny from Australia

Gardasil all risk for me!

Gardasil: nothing but risk for me!

At 12 years old, my beautiful daughter Jemma was a happy, bright, fun-loving girl filled with energy. She was always on the go, never content to just sit around the house. Jemma was continuously asking to go to a friend’s place for a sleep-over or arranging to be entertained by other activities.

Jemma’s first love was dancing. From the moment she entered her first dance class at 5 years old, she exhibited a natural flexibility and skill. She thrived on doing the splits and bridges and thoroughly enjoyed making dance video clips with her friends.

Shortly before entering secondary school Jemma became interested in horseback riding and thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. We had no idea how drastically our lives would change because of one simple decision we were about to make.

When Jemma began secondary school, a letter was sent home to vaccinate her with the HPV vaccine to protect her against cervical cancer. I decided not to have the injection done at school; that we would go to our doctor’s surgery to have it done.

My husband wasn’t keen to have this done and said, “We never had anything like this when we were young and we are all fine”.

I felt I wanted to protect my daughter against cervical cancer and didn’t agree. However, it did make me think I must research this as I was aware it was fairly a new vaccine. I got busy and never did the research.

My niece had this injection and she was okay. Although looking back knowing what Jemma has gone through, my niece did experience continuous fatigue – however my sister never connected it to the vaccine. She just thought her daughter was more exhausted from starting the more difficult secondary school schedule. Knowing that my niece had it made me think for some reason it must be good.

I decided to allow Jemma to have the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. This had a huge impact for me. My whole soul was riddled with guilt. I felt it was the worst decision I had ever made for my child and certainly my biggest regret ever.

I can’t tell you how many times the phrase IF ONLY, IF ONLY… echoed through my mind!!!!

As the years have passed, I have been somewhat able to overcome this. Now, I concentrate my energy on the healing process for my daughter.

What Gardasil did for us?

When my daughter had the first shot she complained of a sore heavy arm. I didn’t think much of it. I just thought it’s most likely like all the other vaccines she has had and it is a normal reaction.

Our nightmare began after her second injection which was given on Thursday 24th April 2014. Three days later, on Sunday at lunchtime, Jemma complained of brain fog and a sudden bad headache. I gave her painkillers and it didn’t relieve her headache. I thought that was quiet unusual as she never experienced anything like this before.

The next day she still had the headache along with extreme fatigue. For the first time I wondered whether the vaccine had anything to do with her new symptoms. I made an appointment with my doctor, who confirmed she had a reaction to the vaccine. He said that her headache would go away in 2 weeks and referred us to a chiropractor.

I went back to my GP after 2 weeks to say her headaches were still there so he referred me to a paediatrician.

The paediatrician said he “had never seen anyone like this before,” ran some blood tests and referred us to the Royal Children’s Hospital. I had already been in contact with them and they weren’t much help.

I started searching on the internet for answers and I came across a doctor in Los Angeles who had treated Gardasil injured girls. I made an appointment as he used Skype for his international patients. He was a very caring knowledgeable doctor and wanted to run various tests.

Hope for recovery?

Around this same time, I happened to mention what was happening with my daughter while visiting our dentist. The nurse said she knew someone whose daughter was badly injured after having this vaccine and had nearly died. She said she could put me in contact with her. I gratefully accepted her offer.

The wonderful, caring, supportive lady I then met, led me in the right direction to heal my daughter. After speaking with her for a short time, I suddenly realised Jemma was not alone. Many others were suffering after using this vaccine and many had died – not only in Australia, but around the world. I was horrified! I felt sick knowing that Gardasil had damaged so many other families. In fact, I was totally and utterly surprised it was still on the market.

I decided not to proceed with the doctor in Los Angeles because it would be easier to see someone in my own country now that I had guidance from this wonderful lady on how she helped her daughter get well.  I made an appointment to see the Neuro Trainer who does a gentle detox and starts to build up the immune system.

The earliest appointment I could get was in four weeks so I decided, in the meantime, to have Jemma see a naturopath who did acupuncture and started her on supplements. We also changed her diet to gluten, dairy free & limited sugar. We started using all organic fruit and vegetables and all organic products for her skin and within the house environment.

Things went from bad to worse. Jemma’s symptoms got more intense. She started to experience extreme head pressure – so bad, she thought her head was going to explode. Jemma would say to me 20 times a day my head is sore and hold her head with her arms. She was now sensitive to noise and light. Her eyes were extremely sore and she found it hard to keep them open. She endured a rapid heartbeat, 20-second silent seizures began on and off for 2 months, tingling and numbness in her legs, bottom and feet, ears ringing, extreme abdominal pain & vomiting for the next 2 months on. She could only sleep upright on the couch as laying down she would endure tremendous pain in her abdomen. She experienced extreme fatigue.

I had her eyes tested and we got glasses to help with her headaches. Trips to the hospital became more frequent. One doctor at the hospital didn’t believe the vaccine was the cause and referred us to a Gastro specialist who diagnosed Jemma with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He also told me the vaccine didn’t do this – however, was very happy to share with me the side effects of HPV infections.

Jemma had intolerances to food before Gardasil and was already following a Fod Map diet so I felt the Gastro specialist wasn’t much help. He only told me what I already knew.

Jemma’s headaches were still persistent with a sore throat, muscle aches (mainly upper legs and upper arms) her body temperature was cold, there were concentration problems, dizziness and she found it very hard to get to sleep. I would lay with her every night and massage her head to try and get her to sleep.

She was unable to go to school for 3 months and eventually she started back at school but could only go for 2 hours a day for the next 6 months.

In July 2014, Jemma started dropping items then her hips started hurting and then her legs started collapsing underneath her – she could barely walk. This was so frightening to watch and went on for three weeks. We got crutches to help her get around.  She regained her walking ability again but was very limited. We did many visits to have reflexology and foot spas as this helped.

Jemma became a girl who only wanted to stay home and go nowhere and this just broke my heart tremendously as before this hell her life was so full of excitement.  She no longer had sleepovers at friends. She tried but her pain was too bad, so she would call me to pick her up. 

Jemma was suffering extreme fatigue, so we decided to do a 12 week program at a chronic fatigue health clinic. Her fatigue still continued to appear the same. We also saw a physiotherapist to help with her leg pain.

Jemma started the New Year off back in school fulltime with many visits to the sickbay to recoup. She continued to struggle and I would frequently find myself at school picking her up.

Jemma started getting unusual marks on her body that almost looked like stretch marks. She isn’t a big girl but health professionals were saying it was stretch marks. I thought different because they changed colour to a deep purple and then went back to red. So I pursued this and researched further. I started thinking she might have Lyme disease. Families affected by Gardasil in other countries had mentioned their daughters had similar marks which subsequently were diagnosed as Lyme.

Eventually, I found a doctor who specialises in Lyme here in Australia. These doctors are rare because Lyme disease is not a recognized disorder in our country. He confirmed with a clinical diagnosis that she had Lyme with co infections. We had her blood test sent to Igenex lab in the USA and it came back positive. Apparently it remains dormant and when Gardasil was given it got triggered somehow. Knowing she has Lyme disease has given us a direction. Now, we can treat the disease instead of constantly wondering what is making our daughter so ill. So now we are trying to heal her from Lyme disease also.

We have sought help from a Neuroscientist/Chiropractor and started treatment in Neuroplasticity. So far Jemma has been responding well to treatment hoping for a great outcome and feeling extremely positive with this new treatment plan.

Still riding the Gardahell train!

We made the decision to home-school Jemma with direction from our Lyme Doctor to only do minimum subjects as she continues to find it hard to be at school and has missed a lot of days attending due to her pain.

Jemma has improved, however she is still not 100%. She still has persistent headaches, sore eyes and weakness in her upper legs and arms. Some days she still finds it hard to walk, particularly toward the end of the day.

I’m so proud of her for not giving up – she has come such a long way – and she still keeps trying. Now, she can even enjoy the odd sleepover without experiencing extreme fatigue.

I hope every day her quality of life continues to improve so she can one day enjoy life in the manner she so richly deserves – the way she enjoyed life BEFORE Gardasil.

We decided to share our story because we wouldn’t wish this on any child or family. It is horrendous! Nothing is more stressful than seeing your child in pain when you can’t seem to do anything to fix it. Many times I felt helpless and often in those first 3 months I’d cry myself to sleep, not knowing where to turn. No family deserves that kind of agony!

I continue to spread awareness of the serious side effects so parents can make a fully informed decision about HPV vaccines. I strongly believe doctors aren’t telling us enough. Maybe it’s because they don’t know enough, but that is no excuse. They are supposed to be the experts. They are supposed to protect their patients.

My experience has shown me this is not necessarily the case. When I told my GP Gardasil was making some girls sterile he said, “That isn’t true.”

Then I came back a week later showing him Dr Deirdre Little’s findings. I got the impression he was somewhat surprised. Dr Deirdre Little has a peer reviewed article on three cases of premature ovarian failure. She has provided me with great support and knowledge. I continue to bring peer reviewed articles to my GP.

We are having Jemma’s hormone levels checked now that she is 14 years old and will continue to monitor this. We are making sure she isn’t affected in this area as some girls have become sterile after HPV vaccinations.

The more I read the more I feel Gardasil is a pointless and poisonous vaccine particularly when a simple regular pap smear and safe sex is all that is needed to control cervical cancer – like when I grew up.

I certainly have a completely different view on drug companies (Merck in particular) who are ignoring the serious side effects and harm their products have caused to thousands of families worldwide. It makes me wonder how they sleep at night. This is a pure medical stuff up in my opinion.

I continue to warn every parent to get fully informed about this vaccine and do your research. I have no trust in our health system and feel doctors aren’t informing us enough on the risks and have no idea how to help the sick children affected by HPV vaccines.

I continue to hope my daughter will completely recover. Nevertheless, I consider Jemma is one of the lucky ones. At least she has an opportunity to recover – many didn’t get that chance. Their parents paid the ultimate price. This makes my skin crawl and I shiver even knowing young lives have been taken away and families destroyed. It is just disgraceful and wrong at every level.

I will never stop warning others – I spread awareness to save other children. No child deserves to have their life cut short by disability or death. No family deserves to live with this type of pain.

I can only hope one day this vaccine will be withdrawn from the Immunization schedule so that our healthy young girls and boys will not be submitted to so much risk for so little benefit.

Behavioral abnormalities in young female mice following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil.


Authors: Inbar R1, Weiss R2, Tomljenovic L3, Arango MT4, Deri Y5, Shaw CA6, Chapman J7, Blank M5, Shoenfeld Y8


Vaccine adjuvants and vaccines may induce autoimmune and inflammatory manifestations in susceptible individuals. To date most human vaccine trials utilize aluminum (Al) adjuvants as placebos despite much evidence showing that Al in vaccine-relevant exposures can be toxic to humans and animals. We sought to evaluate the effects of Al adjuvant and the HPV vaccine Gardasil versus the true placebo on behavioral and inflammatory parameters in young female mice. Six week old C57BL/6 female mice were injected with either, Gardasil, Gardasil+pertussis toxin (Pt), Al hydroxide, or, vehicle control in amounts equivalent to human exposure. At six months of age, Gardasil and Al-injected mice spent significantly more time floating in the forced swimming test (FST) in comparison to vehicle-injected mice (Al, p=0.009; Gardasil, p=0.025; Gardasil+Pt, p=0.005). The increase in floating time was already highly significant at three months of age for the Gardasil and Gardasil+Pt group (p≤0.0001). No significant differences were observed in the number of stairs climbed in the staircase test nor in rotarod performance, both of which measure locomotor activity. Since rotarod also measures muscular strength, collectively these results indicate that differences observed in the FST were not due to locomotor dysfunction, but likely due to depression. Additionally, at three months of age, compared to control mice, Al-injected mice showed a significantly decreased preference for the new arm in the Y maze test (p=0.03), indicating short-term memory impairment. Moreover, anti-HPV antibodies from the sera of Gardasil and Gardasil+Pt-injected mice showed cross-reactivity with the mouse brain protein extract. Immunohistochemistry analysis revealed microglial activation in the CA1 area of the hippocampus of Gardasil-injected mice compared to the control. It appears that Gardasil via its Al adjuvant and HPV antigens has the ability to trigger neuroinflammation and autoimmune reactions, further leading to behavioral changes.

Access entire article here.

As you can see, the article is no longer indexed for PubMed. Here is another link for full access.

Norway: Force-vaccinated with Gardasil

By mother Stine-Marie Buer Hasvold. Skien Norway

I didn't consent to Gardasil

I didn’t consent to Gardasil

Caroline was born in 2000 and is now 15 years old. My daughter was very sociable, full of energy and always together with her many friends – running, cycling and playing football. She always had a good appetite.

The only information we were given when the Gardasil vaccine was offered was that it may cause influenza like symptoms which were temporary, just like other vaccines for children.

Even though I had written in the notice book and given information that if she did not want the vaccine, then she MUST NOT be given it – Caroline was held by one nurse whilst another nurse administered the vaccine!

A few days later, half of Caroline’s face became paralyzed. She was admitted to the local hospital where tests were done but they found NOTHING wrong.  I told them I was sure Gardasil was the cause, but they did not listen.

This was the only examination Caroline has had since Gardasil administration. We have not had any follow up because the hospital and doctor say that the problems are mentally caused. They maintain that the symptoms occurred six months after Caroline’s grandmother died; therefore, the sorrow of her death triggered it all!

Needless to say, Caroline only had the first injection of the three that are recommended.

No doctor will listen. They say that Caroline needs mental therapy for her sorrow after my mother’s death. She has had no more tests or treatment because no one believes us. Now she feels pain in her whole body and just wants to sleep. She feels ill all the time. She hardly manages to do anything, has poor memory, heart palpitations, stabbing pain in her chest, and sometimes has breathing difficulties. She often has headaches and now has a poor appetite. She gets tired just by going to the toilet. She can’t walk or cycle any particular distance – her legs go weak and lose feeling. She is bedridden most of the

There has not been any medical help and no support or understanding from Caroline’s new school.
She now goes to school as long as she can but on the days when her legs are too weak I drive her there. She has had eight days and 24 hours absence this spring. She has only attained 2 as her final grade. She was absent from school 15 days in the autumn. Her school work takes a long time, she finds
it difficult to concentrate because of pain and she feels very tired both mentally and physically. Her sight in one eye has become weaker.

Hanging onto hope!

Hanging onto hope!

Caroline has been told by her teachers that she is lazy, which adds to her suffering and is heartbreaking for us as we know how much pain she has and how hard she is struggling. If only the teachers would believe that Caroline is ill and would try to understand.

Some parents say that we should not tell others about the risks from Gardasil because they believe that the vaccine prevents cervical cancer, but we have heard that  proof that the vaccine prevents cervical cancer will not be available for many years.

The nurse who administered Gardasil against my daughter’s will came to our home and contacted us several times. She told us they were extremely afraid that we could scare other children about taking the vaccine and that we MUST NOT mention the vaccine in connection with our daughter being ill.

We hardly hear about other girls in Norway who are suffering after Gardasil, but there are reports of thousands in other countries across the world and many of them are ill with the same symptoms as Caroline.

We are very grateful that Caroline’s story is being published so that it will reach out to many others to warn about the possible dangers of the vaccine.

I am beginning to lose hope for Caroline’s future as she is gradually becoming more and more ill. Maybe HPV infections do take some people’s lives; maybe they don’t. All I know is I would rather have watched my daughter enjoy her teenage years instead of spending those years worrying about her future.

Please DON’T let your children be test subjects for a vaccine which has ruined the lives of so many.

Read this article in French here.

Gardasil: Hanging on to Hope

This information is given with permission from Maria’s mother, Rita Lysaker

Maria was twelve years old when she received the HPV vaccine Gardasil in 2009. She has not been able to go to school for the last four and a half years.

Hope after Gardasil?

Maria was twelve years old when she received the HPV vaccine Gardasil in 2009. She has not been able to go to school for the last four and a half years.

When Maria and her mother Rita were recently interviewed in a major Norwegian newspaper it caused a flurry of attention because it is almost unheard of for vaccine injuries to be covered in the media in Norway.

During the interview Maria and Rita shared the story of Maria’s suffering after she received the vaccine. Maria was diagnosed with ME and later with POTS after a nurse had suggested this possibility to the doctors. The doctors did not appear to be aware of any possible connection between POTS and Gardasil.

Maria and Rita made contact with a Danish doctor who is experienced in treating POTS and who has associated it with the vaccines. They travelled to Denmark where Maria felt that at last there was a doctor who understood and who took her seriously.

By sharing her story Maria and her mother hope the authorities will become more aware of the issue. They hope their story helps others who are ill after the HPV vaccines understand there is always hope.

Last but not least, Maria and her family hope the words of the Danish doctor who has helped her will come true – she will regain her health.

Information based on the interview the Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang:

Maria (18) has been seriously ill for five years after receiving the HPV vaccine.

When she was 12 years old the Norwegian girl, Maria Lysaker Wennersberg, received the HPV vaccine at school. In April 2015 she was diagnosed with POTS which is suspected to be a serious side effect from the vaccine.

Most of the time the 18-year-old from Mysen, Norway is bedridden. Sometimes she faints daily. She has lost five important years of her adolescent life and has not been able to attend school for the past four and a half years.

Maria, who was formerly active in sports and played baseball, soccer and practiced skiing in winter, now has to be pushed in a wheelchair from her bed into the living room.

On the table is a delicious spread of sandwiches her mom, Rita Lysaker, has made. Maria eats nothing. Most types of food, including sweet and fatty food make her nauseous.

She struggles enormously with her concentration.

‘But the worst are the fainting spells. I can’t get up from sitting to a standing position without fainting. My pulse accelerates from 50 to 150 in a snap. I can often feel it coming in advance. It begins with blurred vision and then suddenly everything goes black.’ says the 18-year-old.

Not Anti-vaccine

Currently serious side effects like hers are being evaluated in Europe, USA and Asia by drug surveillance authorities of each country in a coordinated investigation. So far none of these authorities can say that there is such a connection, but the suspicion is there. In Norway one POTS case is on record as a possible side effect of the vaccine.

Maria permitted the newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) to interview her to alert the health authorities and the general public, and to get help.

‘We are not opposed to vaccines in general. We are not saying that young girls should stop taking the HPV vaccine. But it is important to have information about what precautions to take. What is the effect of the vaccine on the body and how long does it last? It is terrible if young girls get their health, youth years and life ruined by this vaccine.’ says Rita Lysaker.

She herself is a nurse and has followed the Norwegian immunization schedule throughout Maria’s upbringing. There was therefore no doubt in her mind that Maria should accept the offer of the HPV vaccine the first year it was available.

Only positive information

– We were invited to a school meeting for the parents where we were told exclusively positive things about the vaccine. We heard that it was brand new and that we were very lucky to have access to it, says Rita.`

– And it was a vaccine against cancer! Of course I would take it, adds Maria.

She took all the three recommended doses during the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010.

Nurses are used to seeing how some may react after getting vaccines, so Rita made no big deal of it when Maria’s arm swelled and turned blue after the vaccination.

‘It will pass, Maria and I thought. Maria was not sent to the doctor, and we did not even think that it should have been reported as an adverse reaction. Before getting the shots we were told that such reactions were harmless.’ says Maria.

Seriously ill

Then early in 2011 Maria became seriously ill. So ill that she had to be admitted to the hospital in Fredrikstad.

‘It started with something resembling intense flu. Maria threw up violently for a whole week. When the vomiting finally passed she experienced extreme abdominal pain. So intense was the pain that she was hospitalized again. The pain persisted but the doctors did not understand the reason and were unable to make a diagnosis.’ says Rita Lysaker.

Maria came home tired and drained of energy.

‘I remember very little of the time that followed, only that I was sick. Very sick.’ says Maria.

She tried to live like the other young girls her age, doing what she could manage. It did not go well and she could not manage school at all.

‘The teachers were wonderful and even helped me with home schooling. But I could not concentrate. I had to give up.’ says Maria.

In a “grey fog”

‘We even arranged for a separate confirmation for her because she wanted to be confirmed. The minister agreed to hold a special ceremony for Maria after the joint ceremony.’ says Rita.

Maybe there is hope...

Maybe there is hope…

Maria remembers very little from the confirmation. Everything is obscured in a grey fog.

Sometimes her health would improve slightly before it worsened again. She was diagnosed with ME and went twice for rehabilitation at the Cato-center together with others who had the same diagnosis.

After her last stay in spring 2015 she suddenly became much worse.

That was when the fainting spells began. The first time it happened was on her 18th birthday. Again, she was admitted to the local hospital in Fredrikstad.

At the hospital she was carefully examined. Her heart was checked and blood pressure monitored. She was there for ten days. They found nothing wrong.

‘A nurse at the hospital in Fredrikstad who had some knowledge of the POTS syndrome put the doctor on the right track.’ says Maria’s mother.

A distinguishing trait of POTS is that the heart rate increases but not the blood pressure.

Diagnosed with POTS

The hospital arranged for a so-called “tilt test” where Maria was strapped to a bed and raised in an upright position. The violent pulse rise resulted in the doctor giving Maria the POTS diagnosis – Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

‘The doctors however said nothing about it possibly being connected to the HPV vaccine. I don’t think they knew anything about such a connection. And we didn’t connect the two things either. It was after all a long time since she had the vaccine.’ says Rita Lysaker.

They were told to go home. Maria was told to drink plenty of water, take mineral salts and use support stockings. She was also referred to cognitive therapy and physiotherapy and was to be called in for a check-up in three months.

‘By coincidence a while later there was an article in the newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) about POTS and the possible association with the HPV vaccine. We read the article with great interest.’ says Rita.

POTS is a disorder that is suspected to be triggered by the HPV vaccine, but it is hard to find statistics on it because there is no common international diagnostic tool.

‘In the article we also saw the name Jesper Mehlsen, the Danish doctor who has worked extensively with POTS cases in Denmark and who has raised questions about the relationship between this syndrome and the HPV vaccine. We made contact with him this summer and were very lucky to get an appointment with him so quickly.’ says Maria’s mother.

Together with her mother and grandmother, Maria travelled to Frederiksberg Hospital in Denmark in early August to meet Jesper Mehlsen. Maria lay in the back of the car during the long drive while the others took turns taking care of her and driving.

A positive experience

‘It was an extremely positive experience to be greeted by Mehlsen at Frederiksberg. At last there was someone who understood me and took me seriously.’ says Maria. ‘He tested me thoroughly and then gave treatment with intravenous saline solution – and I was told to that I did not need to use the support stockings.’

His research confirmed that Maria has POTS – which is a suspected adverse reaction to the HPV vaccine.

VG was permitted to read the doctor’s written statement that Maria and her mother brought home to Norway.

The journal printout from the visit to the Danish doctor states: “Severe case of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) which prevents the patient from standing and walking.”

He also confirms that he suspects that the disease is an adverse reaction to the HPV vaccine.

‘I remember that we asked him if Maria will ever be well again. He smiled and said: “Maria will regain her health,’ says Rita.

Maria and her family are now holding on to that hope.

For the past few weeks,  Maria has been taking 3000 mg vitamin C daily, drinking plenty of fluids and is having physiotherapy. Some days she does feel a little better.  Yes, there IS hope!

Read this article in Italian here.

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Fatality after Gardasil

By Norma Erickson

SaneVax-FeaturedGardasil®-related fatal myocardial infarction in a teenage boy – case filed in United States Court of Federal Claims Office of Special Masters.

Gomez versus USDOH: Petition No. 15-0160V1 filed by the Roberts Law Firm of Newport Beach, California for petitioners Adan Gomez and Raquel Ayon, on behalf of their deceased son Joel Gomez, states:

Joel Gomez received a Merck Gardasil vaccine on June 19, 2013 and again on August 19, 2013, and died in his sleep the following day on August 20, 2013. The death was caused in fact by receiving the Gardasil Vaccine.

This statement is reinforced by a supportive Expert Report written by Sin Hang Lee, MD, stating:

Gardasil® did cause or contributed to a myocardial infarction in the decedent, and that the second dose of Gardasil® finally caused a fatal hypotension in this case on the day of vaccination. There was no other plausible cause for the death of Joel Gomez at the night of August 19, 2013.

The record shows that Joel Gomez, the decedent, a 14-year old healthy boy who had regular visits to the pediatrician’s office for periodic check-ups since birth showed no evidence of any pre-existing health issues, specifically no evidence of cardiac abnormalities, psychological disorders or substance abuse. The teenager had been training for the high school football team from four to five hours a day for the two months prior to his death without incident.

On June 19, 2013, the boy was given the first dose of Gardasil® in his left arm in the doctor’s office. No adverse reactions were reported following this first vaccination by the boy to either his family or his physician. On August 19, 2013 the boy was given a second injection of Gardasil® as scheduled in the doctor’s office. Then he went home and went to sleep. The boy was found to be unresponsive in bed the following morning on August 20, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. by his family.

Paramedics were called in and the boy was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:07 a.m. on August 20, 2013.

An autopsy was performed on August 23, 2013 by a medical examiner (ME) of Los Angeles, California.

The autopsy report stated significant abnormal findings to include:

…a long narrow band of dark reddish discoloration which is somewhat darker than the rest of the myocardium, extends over a length of 6 cm and has a width of 0.4 cm extending from the anterior base of the heart almost to the apex. ..this lesion is limited to the anterior free wall. Both lungs are extremely heavy. The lung parenchyma is dark-purple-red and completely soaked with edema fluid and blood. Microscopically, a localized lesion was found in the left ventricle of the heart.

In the medical examiner’s opinion:

The Decedent died of myocarditis, which apparently was completely asymptomatic. By histology, the disease had been present for at least several days or weeks. The cause is unknown.

Dr. Lee reviewed the microscopic slides and concluded that the lesion of the heart was a healing myocardial infarct of a few weeks old after the first Gardasil® vaccination. In his opinion,

The HPV L1 gene DNA fragments bound to the aluminum adjuvant in Gardasil® can cause sudden and unexpected surge of tumor necrosis factor-α and other cytokines. Some of these cytokines released from macrophages are potent myocardial depressants, capable of causing hypotension with low cardiac perfusions in certain genetically or physically predisposed individuals.

Why is this case significant?

Myocardial Infarction

Myocardial Infarction

This was an obviously healthy, athletic young boy under the care of a pediatrician since birth. The myocardial infarction occurred between two injections of Gardasil as described in the medical examiner’s report. According to Dr. Lee, a healing infarct at the age of 14 is practically unheard of. In fact, Dr. Lee pointed out that the heart in this case presents a textbook description of myocardial infarction commonly observed in much older patients with a history of heart attack(s). The only factor in this boy’s life that changed was his Gardasil vaccinations.

According to the petition filed:

Petitioners contend that Joel suffered from Myocarditis which was caused in fact by the Gardasil vaccine. Petitioners contend that the logical sequence of cause and effect show that the vaccination was the reason for the death. Further supportive of the causal relationship is established by looking to the proximate temporal relationship between the vaccination and the death. The fact that Joel was a healthy 14 year old boy with no health problems is strong circumstantial evidence that the death was caused in fact by the Gardasil vaccine.

This means there is no way of knowing how many Gardasil-vaccinated girls (or boys) have developed permanent myocardial damage, whether one calls it myocarditis or infarct, either is a silent heart pathology. Is silent heart pathology no harm if the patient did not die?

In a telephone interview with Dr. Lee about the significance of this case for parents and medical professionals, Dr. Lee said:

Teenagers vaccinated with Gardasil® should stay away from competitive sports such as football for at least two months, and should have an electrocardiogram to rule out silent myocardial infarction if there is any incidence of syncope, chest discomfort, tachycardia or hypotension within two months after Gardasil® vaccination.


  1. petition available on request – please email or

Read this article in French here.

Read this article in Spanish here.