Action ordered against families resisting drive

Excerpt from The Nation (a print publication from Pakistan)

Vaccination at gunpoint?

MULTAN – The district administration has decided to launch police action against those families that resist vaccination of their children against polio.

According to detail, District Coordination Officer (DCO) Zahid Akhtar Zaman has directed the Health Department to lodge report against such families with the police station concerned. The district administration has already issued orders to the police, revenue and TMA officials to fully cooperate with the health department for making upcoming polio vaccination drive successful.

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[GUN POINT VACCINATION: After ignoring its own high priority inter ministerial report on how GAVI vaccines were killing and maiming children in Pakistan, the Govt of Pakistan, after holding private meetings with BMGF and GAVI officials, has now ordered gun point vaccination even as resistance against vaccination mounts after the report appeared in Pakistan’s national dailies and after the people of Pakistan were shocked by the US ploy to use children as guinea pigs in a fake vaccination drive to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden. Is this what “Universal Health, Justice and Equity” is mean’t to be? By Jagannath Chatterjee.]

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