Ana from Cantabria


Age when she was vaccinated:  17 years old

City, Community and Postal Code:  Selaya 39696- Cantabria. SPAIN

Diagnosis:  Chronic migraine

Incapacitated:  she suffers strong headaches everyday

Symptoms:  Headaches, nausea, dizziness, tiredness.

Visits to Emergency Doors:  02/17/2009; 03/12/2009;  03/16/2009;  03/25/2009

Dates of Vaccination:  1st Shot 07/7/2008;  2nd Shot 01/5/2009;  3rd Shot 04/30/2009

Vaccinated with:  Gardasil – Batch 3rd shot NH52670

Not recovered

HPV Vaccine has changed my life

On the third shot of the vaccine my forearm became swollen and I had headaches.

It is true that from the first shot I was not feeling well and I had headaches, but my mother said it was normal. The headaches did not stop but I started having them every day and they were stronger than the previous ones, my doctor advised me to go to the optician to find out if it was caused by a sight problem.

With the third shot everything was different, my forearm was swollen, it hurt the injection site too much and I started having strong headaches that went together with nausea and feeling dizzy. I was several days in bed. The doctor diagnosed headache due to stress, and he prescribed analgesics, but although I took them my headaches got worse and worse and for that reason he sent me to the neurologist.

My friends told me that I was feeling bad since I got the vaccine.

Up to now nobody has confirmed that my illness has a direct relation with the vaccine, which annoys me.

From January 2009 I have had headaches every day, in all this time I have only felt well on 23rd and 24th October, without any pain. I could not often attend High School. The last time I went out at night with my friends was on New Years Eve 2008.

Now I am enrolled in the University of Navarra, which allows me to be near the University Clinic.

Suffering constant headaches and studying is very hard, and it makes me feel anxious, I feel very unhappy.


  1. i am sorry for your suffering at such a young age, does anyone in your family have migraines if no,
    my son suffers migraines and they started after we moved into a house that had black mold in the basement and now that we have moved the headaches are not as bad but he still gets them and these are terrible due to causing a complete handicap of a person life for hours and maybe even days,
    so i do have empathy for you
    once i saw a surgeon perform a surgery that helped with migraines using radio waves on a woman because she was having crippling migraines
    it helped her but i know that is vey high risk, but she told the doctor she had no life at its present state!
    sorry once again and good luck

  2. a mi hija le pusieron cervarix y tambien tiene migrañas terribles.estoy en españa tambien. tiene todos sus sintomas. en mi familia no hay antecedentes y fue despues de ponerle la vacuna aparte de eso tiene mas sintomas TERRIBLES. mareos que duran horas… etc..a ella se la pusieron la vacuna en el 2011.

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