Are You Willing to Gamble on Gardasil?

By Lloyd Phillips

Gamble on Gardasil?

Gamble on Gardasil?

What parent would knowingly allow pieces of FOUR SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED VIRUSES to be injected into their young daughter, when it was manufactured by a company whose last big drug caused 27,000 heart attacks???  Proponents think saying it prevents cancer will convince parents to pay $400.00 + office visits for the privilege. But there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT INJECTING PARTS OF FOUR SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS INTO A YOUNG CHILD WILL PREVENT CANCER.

MERCK also brought us VIOXX, which was found to cause 27,000 heart attacks in a U.S. Court. Now, they present the Gardasil HPV vaccine for your child.  VIOXX was supposed to bring huge profits to MERCK Pharmaceuticals, but brought lawsuits instead.  GARDASIL is supposed to make up for this loss, but many are getting sick, and some have died shortly after taking this vaccine.

The FDA and CDC, both of which have financial interests in vaccine production, state that Gardasil is the greatest thing since chocolate milk. But they belong to same group that said 4 out of 5 doctors smoke Camels.  Both the FDA and CDC allowed people throughout the world to suffer needlessly and pay hundreds of dollars each month for worthless antacids that made their stomach ulcers worse, and brought only temporary relief, while hiding the fact that H-Pylori bacteria was the cause, and the whole mess could be cured with seven days of antibiotics.

If you want more proof that these groups are NOT protecting the public, take a look at all the cancers in humans today, most of which contain the Simian 40 Virus from the Polio vaccine of the late 1950s and early 1960s, which was known to be contaminated, but was given to Americans anyway, for the sake of profits and “The Greater Good.”  I never believed cancer was a “Greater Good,” but doctors and hospitals in the $30 BILLION a year field of Oncology, are reaping huge profits for their own good.

There is also something disturbing I came across while running the genetic sequence for the HPV16-L1 Protein: It is virtually an identical match to the Rhesus Monkey Papilloma Virus, which I now suspect was also a contaminant of the Polio Vaccine.  The FDA may have actually authorized the direct infusion of a Rhesus Monkey Sexually Transmitted Disease into human children and adults.  What is the “GREATER GOOD” for doing such an act???

Now we have the GARDASIL HPV vaccine, and this is the worst of all.  The more children die or are made ill because of this vaccine, the more advertisements and bogus research are thrown at an unsuspecting public to pay $400 dollars for a worthless vaccine that costs pennies to make.  What parent in their right mind would allow parts of FOUR STDs to be injected into their 11 year old daughter??  At best it will cause the human body to make antibodies that can go after human hair keratin and the BRCA gene, leaving a young girl with thinning hair or bald spots and at a greater risk for cancer, and at worst, it can kill a person with the HLA-DR15 genotype, or cause Narcolepsy in schoolchildren. In milder forms it may only cause an autoimmune disease, such as arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.

HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) is just one gene involved that can cripple or kill a child when vaccinated.  There is no “Greater Good” in vaccinating children if you know that many will die or be made mentally deficient, and require additional medical services for the rest of their lives.  Perhaps the “Greater Good” is all about lining the pockets of the medical community, rather than providing better health for everyday people.


  1. When will doctors open their eyes and see that girls who are vaccinated with Gardasil are presenting abnormal Pap smears, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer? These are most unusual conditions in young girls.
    Why don’t doctors ask questions?
    Why won’t they admit that the information which is spoonfed to them by health authorities is utter and blatant propaganda straight from the pharmaceutical industry, known to be riddled with corruption and criminality?

    Gardasil may actually increase risk of cancer for several reasons:

    – Lack of carcinogenicity testing of the vaccine.

    – Replacement (virus strains removed by the vaccine may be replaced by cancer causing strains)

    – Presence of aluminium bound recombinant DNA (rDNA), the consequences of which are unknown and may be horrific.

    – Girls who are previously infected with the HPV virus and then get vaccinated with Gardasil have considerably increased risk of cervical cancer

    Considering that Gardasil is sometimes misappropriately termed a cancer vaccine, it may be an ironic stroke of fate if the vaccine is shown to be the cause of a cancer epidemic.

  2. nellynoos says:

    the mind boggles.. how anyone with any form of conscience, let alone mental capacity, can post such dribble.

    • Lloyd Phillips says:

      Which FACT are you referring to that doesn’t fit your agenda? I too was offered 35 cents per post to act as a troll.

  3. Christina Waldman says:

    To share, Dr. Christiane Northrup’s recent blogpost:

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