Carmen from Madrid


City, Community and Country:  Moraleja de Enmedio- Madrid – Spain

Diagnosis: Convulsive crisis.

Symptoms:  Seizures, tiredness, headaches and pain in her legs

Hospitalizations: She was admitted to hospital for 7 days (From 6th November to 13th November 2008)

Dates of Vaccination: 1st Shot 10/09/08; 2nd Shot 12/9/08. The seizures began between the two shots.

Vaccinated with:  Gardasil

Duration of the Illness:  From 11/6/08 till the present day

Not recovered

On 6th November 2008, she got up and suddenly she lost consciousness, she began throwing foam from her mouth and having very strong seizures. She moved all her body and she lost bladder control. We called an ambulance and she was admitted to Hospital. Doctors made all sort of tests because she was unconscious for 6 minutes. She was seven days in hospital. Doctors diagnosed convulsive crisis but they did not know the cause of them.

Since 13th November 2008, when she was discharged from hospital, she has treatment with Depakine, an anti-convulsive treatment which is controlling her seizures. Carmen still does not feel very well, has headaches, pains in her legs and she is very tired.

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