Celia from Madrid


Age when she was vaccinated 14  years old.

City, community and postal code: Colmenarejo, 28270 Madrid, Spain

Symptoms: At the moment: Slight vasculitis in legs. Occasionally she has fatigue in her legs and headache. Previous to October 2009: Vasculitis going from moderate to intense with very frequent bouts in legs, gluteus (muscles) and forearms. Strong headaches and abdomen pain with duration lasting for several days.  Celia experiences extreme fatigue in legs and generalized fatigue in her body. She also had very bad joint pain and when we went to emergency doors she was unable to walk. Generalized deterioration in her mood (mood swings).  Also there has been a lack of concentration in her studies.

Visits to Emergency Doors In 3 occasions: Hospital of Torrelodones, Hospital of Moncloa and Clínica Kirón Hospitals.  A day hospitalized for accomplishment of tests and treatment. Rest with consultation January-July. In addition a treatment with an immunologist in Gerona followed on from the consultation. Hospitalizations 1/20/09 in the Kirón clinic.

Dates of vaccination 9/22/08 and 11/17/08 (on this date besides papillomavirus they injected adult tetanus-difteria to her)

Vaccinated with Gardasil:  Batch NG43220 and NG52730

Duration of the disease:  From the 6th of January 2009 to the present time

Not Recovered.

Gardasil has changed our lives

Celia was an excellent sports girl in several sport disciplines (rythmic gymnastics and volleyball) finishing champion of the Scholastic Community of Madrid in both, year 2008/2009. Last year she could not do physical education (the teacher made an adaptation with a theoretical test). Due to her fatigue she was practically all afternoons in bed trying to study with great difficulty and trying to  concentrate in order that she would pass her exams (the previous year she finished the course with A’s and B’s), failing some subjects. Physically her condition has deteriorated and she has been sad all the year. She also had undergone special urine and hair analysis which revealed a lack of lithium and other minerals in her body and that is what the doctor told her and which could explain her condition.  It should also be recognised that there are two doctors working on the chelation of the girls since most of them have high levels of heavy metals. At a personal level her daily routine consists of taking all her different medicines since her process began (January 2009) and since August she follows a diet without gluten or casein (in milk products) and she has other food restrictions which makes it very difficult for her in front of her friends (she takes with her to school the food which has been prepared for her at home- before she ate in the school dining room).  This year she has begun to practice physical activity again, but with a much more moderate rate.


  1. Sounds like “candida” or some call symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Check out anti fungus herbs and things like colloidal silver. Get rid of the candida/fungus and the cells can breathe freely again and energy returns. Here are a couple web sites that teach about fungus and how to get rid of it. http://www.knowthecause.com http://www.cancerisafungus.com For reversing vaccine induced diseases visit http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com

  2. Celia Elhazaz says:

    Thank you very much. Indeed I had candida, but just at the begining of the treatment during the first months. Although, we achieved to eliminate it in the first year. Besides the sintoms still prevail Im much better!!

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