Chad: More on the MenAfriVac Meningitis Tragedy

[SaneVax: Mass hysteria, conversion disorder, psychogenic illness, munchausen by proxy, fabricated illness – all are terms familiar to those who happen to experience a new medical condition after vaccination. Anyone in their right mind would consider all options before throwing out terms like this when multiple children are paralyzed who have one thing in common – recent vaccination with a new meningitis vaccine called MenAfriVac.

Who is Crazy? The Plight of the Tibu Children and the Chad Vaccination Case

By Ecoterra International

MenAfriVac in Chad

MenAfriVac in Chad

Who is crazy ? – Dozens of physically sick young people (most of them female children) or a Chadian minister, who has sworn to protect his people, while he seems to be protected by his foreign cohorts – among them the World Health Organization (WHO)?

The A-Z of a vaccination disaster in remote Africa

A) All the children, who became sick after the anti-meningitis vaccination in Gouro (Northern Chad), are in terms of their ethnicity from the Tibu people – black Africans and known as the people of the Tibesti Mountains, living dispersed and intercepted by colonial boundaries in areas ranging from Niger, Northern Chad and Libya to Sudan (Darfur) and all the way to Egypt, including the Kufra and Bezzima oases. In Chad they are recognized as a threatened minority by indigenous peoples’ rights organizations like ECOTERRA International. Still the Tibu as a people have survived since thousands of years without and later despite former colonial and modern western and global interferences.

B) All these Tibu children, who became sick, had received the MenAfriVac® vaccine against meningitis in a campaign during the time of December 11 to 15, 2012 in Gauro, Northern Chad.

C) The vaccination was carried out by a medical team from the Borkou Ennedi Tibesti (BET) District with a governmental nurse under WHO staff supervision and the vaccines were provided by the Government, who had received them with the help of WHO and partners. Targeting all Tibu people of the age between one and 29 years the vaccination was carried out, but – as the minister in charge later admitted – with serious flaws.

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  1. Sandy Lunoe says:

    The MenAfriVac vaccine campaign is tragic.
    The main advances in fighting disease over many decades have been due to stronger immune systems which in turn have been accomplished by access to clean water, good nutrition and improved living conditions.
    In fact it is unethical to vaccinate millions of people in developing countries. Many suffer from one or more diseases. Vaccinating may make them even more ill.
    “If we look at the science of the vaccination process itself, it’s becoming evident that the way they do the immunizations — actually suppresses a lot of the immune system, particularly in young children” (Dr. Blaylock MD, neurosurgeon).

    Regarding that the MenAfriVac vaccine was stored at a high temperature:
    An adequate storage temperature for vaccines is imperative. They should with few exceptions be stored continually between +2 and +8 degrees Centigrade. When vaccines are stored at higher temperatures for any amount of time the ingredients may interact, decompose, form aggregates and/or precipitate. Microbial growth may take place. The vaccines may become exceedingly detrimental to health.
    We understand that evidence of the heat stability of MenAfriVac® was validated by a team of experts from WHO, PATH, SIIL, and Health Canada.
    These questions then arise:
    Did the experts only look at the vaccine’s heat stability? Did the experts not look for adverse effects on the recipients of the vaccine after it had been stored at high temperature?

    One more worrying issue:
    The vaccine contains the unusual, extremely toxic combination of mercury and aluminium. It is shocking that this formulation has been approved, due to the fact that the two metals exhibit synergistic toxicity:

    Aluminium increases toxicity of mercury up to 100 percent.
    Hundreds are still suffering after a meningitis vaccine experiment in Norway in the 90’s. This vaccine also contained both mercury and aluminium.
    Many requests have been made to health authorities and GAVI asking that the synergistic toxicity be thoroughly investigated but no satisfactory answers have been received.

    The MenAfriVac vaccine should be immediately withdrawn, irrespective of temperature conditions.

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