Cristina from Sevilla


Age when she was vaccinated: 14 years old

City, Community and Postal Code: Castillblanco de los Arroyos- Sevilla 41230- SPAIN

Symptoms:  Seizures, syncopes, loss of hair, loss of strength on right arm and leg. She has pain in the right inguen (groin). She experiences headaches, blurred eyesight, chest pain, anxiety.

Visits to Emergency Doors: 12

Hospitals where she has been treated:  Virgen Macarena de Sevilla

Hospitalizations:  9 days

Dates of Vaccination:  1st shot 11/13/08, 2nd shot 12/17/08

Vaccinated with:  Cervarix Batch AHPVA015CM/ AHPVA018BF

Duration of the Illness:  approximately 12 months

Not recovered

HPV Vaccine has changed my life

After the third month of receiving the second shot of the vaccine I started fainting and that is when the seizures started.  My life has changed a lot because I cannot do the things I used to do.

Update as at 31st March 2010

Cristina, another girl from Seville, still has seizures preceded normally by syncopes more or less every four days.  These seizures normally last about 10 minutes.


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