Crucial Evidence for Vaccine Safety is missing-the Giant has been sleeping

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David Denton Davis MD, a graduate from The George Washington University School of Medicine, a Charter Member of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He is the author of Dancing Cats Silent Canaries, a story about his career and his viewpoints about what parents can do to lessen the risks of their babies succumbing to the epidemics of SIDS and Autism.

While writing my book, I came to the realization that I have been part of what might be described as a sleeping giant—an organization known as the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). In drawing this analogy, I believe it is fair to say a significant percentage of parents with sick infants seek immediate medical care at sites other than their primary care locations. Many of these infants and children will have received a recent immunization. Unless doctors working in emergency and urgent care fully understand and appreciate the objectives of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) and the requirements of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the majority of adverse events will go unreported.

This organization, which I helped create, has perhaps unknowingly, failed to assume responsibility for adhering to the requirements of this 25 year old law designed to protect children and vaccine makers. Without doubt injuries have been caused by vaccines; otherwise there would never have been need for a law and a compensation mechanism. To date more than $2 billion has been paid to victims and their families. Through education and a minor procedural change I believe this giant can awaken and reaffirm a leadership role through reporting compliance.

This means infants, children and adults who arrive at acute care facilities within four to six weeks of an immunization with any illnesses characterized by vaccine manufacturers as a possible adverse event will be recognized and reported. Typically seizures, fevers, rashes, vomiting, irritability, lethargy, weakness, numbness and even death will be found in vaccine literature. According to law physicians should consider these illnesses as adverse vaccine events until proven otherwise and initiate a report. Due to the passive nature of the system submission of adverse event reports is the only method for determining the actual safety of vaccines. Therefore VAERS reports are of critical importance for identifying any that may be harmful. Evidence suggests these reports have been overlooked in most acute care settings.

An actual survey of emergency and urgent care providers failed to identify significant knowledge of either the NCVIA or VAERS. A twelve month extrapolation of the estimated daily missed adverse events points to an annual non-reported number greater than the cumulative twenty-five year total. As a consequence actual vaccine safety appears to be based on a very small percentage of adverse events. Missing reports, including deaths, will be misconstrued as evidence they never happened. Without enforcing physician compliance the NCVIA is inadequately protecting babies. Unless the number of adverse reports reaches a critical high figure the real danger may never become known.

In testimony before Congress Michael Belkin, the father of a five week old baby who died 18 hours after receiving her Hepatitis B vaccine estimated 95% of all adverse events are going unreported. This may be an underestimate. I did not complete a VAERS report during the first 35 years of my career. Sadly, a survey of my colleagues revealed I was not alone. Once aware I soon began noticing the need for one to two possible VAERS reports each week. The only possible conclusion is vaccine related illnesses have, and if nothing is done, will continue to go unreported. Acute care provider compliance will is essential for uncovering the missing information.

The first implication of the current non-reporting phenomenon is vaccine manufacturers are not receiving important information necessary for determining the actual safety of their products. This places many infants in potential jeopardy. Secondly parents may never learn a vaccine may have been the cause of their child’s illness and subsequent injury. For example, recent VAERS reports revealed the MMRV (Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella) combination vaccine was associated with more febrile seizures than the MMR. Many more thousands of seizures related to these polyvalent vaccines have likely gone unreported meaning the MMRV combination may be far more dangerous than either parents or physicians have been told. Trying to fathom the long-term effects of vaccine induced seizures is virtually impossible. Not attempting to attribute a seizure to a vaccine may be even worse.

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  1. The problem with people not reporting issues with vaccinations, is that the first thing they do is go to their dr and ask them if it’s normal. Then of course the dr, will tell them that yes, there are typically mild reactions, such and crying, fever, redness at the site of injection, etc. But do we even think at that moment to report this? No, because we trust our drs and think that it’s just a mild reaction and that it will go away in a few days. So there is no reason to report. But maybe we should all be reporting these mild reactions, because then we would have a better picture of how bad these vaccinations really are!

  2. I agree with vicky, people really don’t take an initiative to report these incidents and to make sure I don’t have problems with vaccinations, I keep reading and researching a lot so that I am well equipped with the knowledge I need.

  3. David Denton Davis MD has focused upon weaknesses in the adverse event reporting system and has suggested methods for improvement. His work deserves wide publicity and support. It is extremely important for the health of many thousands of people.

    There is no incentive for doctors to report adverse events following vaccines to VAERS. There is both time and paperwork involved and doctors have been known to experience unpleasantness from manufacturers after having reported adverse events.

    Vaccine package inserts often give the contact information for the manufacturer before that of VAERS. This is surely unwise. If the manufacturers are contacted, there is no incentive for them to further report adverse effects of their products to VAERS.

    One of many examples: The package insert for Gardasil invites adverse events to be reported with this formulation:
    “To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Merck & Co., Inc. at 1-877-888-4231 or VAERS at 1-800-822-7967 or”
    The vaccine manufacturer’ s name and contact information are stated first. The company is given ample opportunity to become involved in many cases and to manipulate reports.

    Some girls who have reported adverse events after Gardasil vaccination are known to have been contacted by Merck for further details and discussion. Many are undoubtedly lead to believe that their cases have been officially registered.

    Generally, manufacturers will be tempted to employ every possible means to avoid adverse events being reported to VAERS.

    Manufacturers have been known to threaten doctors who are negative towards their products and to liberally pay those who are positive.
    Similarly, it is possible that parents or doctors who have contacted manufacturers about adverse events have been influenced so that their cases are kept quiet.

    Cases which have been forwarded from manufacturers to VAERS are often incomplete or misleading. It is maintained that a large number of cases which are reported by manufacturers to VAERS are in this category and are therefore not included in the statistics for adverse events.

    It is questionable whether a manufacturer should be directly involved in reporting an adverse event to VAERS as this may well be a case of the fox guarding the henhouse.

    • David Denton Davis MD says:

      I just received notice my April Refuser’s post has found its way to the pages of Sane Vax. Thank you for the posting and your comments. In my book about the continuing epidemics of autism and Crib deaths titled Dancing Cats Silent Canaries, I portrayed a probable relationship between these diseases and the emergence of products made with polyvinyl chloride a.k.a. PVC and the growing numbers of immunizations. I recommended babies no longer be deliberately exposed to mattresses made from PVC and that first year immunizations be delayed to the second and third years. My experiences over a 35 year period practicing Emergency Medicine were chosen to bind seemingly disparate stories of symptoms, diseases, chemicals, heavy metals and vaccines together in order to explain what mankind has done and continues to do to mankind in the name of money. The answer to my final four words “who can parents trust” is no one other than themselves. Parents must choose to become advocates for their children by using caution and learning to say no.


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