Do Vitamin D Levels Affect Antibody Titers Produced in Response to HPV Vaccine?

Authors: Zimmerman RK1, Lin CJ, Raviotta JM, Nowalk MP.


In addition to its well-known effects on bone metabolism, vitamin D is an immunomodulating hormone. Serum vitamin D levels in males 18-25 years were measured at baseline, and HPV antibody titers were measured one month following the third quadrivalent HPV vaccine dose. Vitamin D levels were >30 ng/ml (normal) in 60 males and <30 ng/ml (low) in 113 males. Reverse cumulative distribution curves and scatter plots showed higher antibody titers with low vitamin D for all vaccine strains (P<0.05). In linear regression analyses, antibody titers for all HPV strains were significantly higher among those with lower vitamin D levels and among younger participants (P<0.05). These relationships add to the body of knowledge of the complex role of vitamin D in immunoregulation.

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