Dr. Paul Offit: Busted!

By Lloyd Phillips, Guest Author


Theoretically, Dr. Offit?

Dr. Paul Offit uses the “laws of immunization” developed by Professor Melvin Cohn to prove that an infant can safely be vaccinated 10,000 or even 100,000 times, and that multiple vaccinations are perfectly safe. In Paul Offit’s paper: “Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System?” Dr. Paul Offit uses the work of Professor Melvin Cohn in reference #39, to prove that multiple vaccines are safe and do not weaken or overwhelm the immune system.

>>> PROBLEM <<<

Melvin Cohn is a THEORETICAL Immunologist. Melvin Cohn made up his own “laws of immunization” based on his own THEORIES about how he believes a perfect immune system should respond. Melvin Cohn’s “laws” are ALL HYPOTHETICAL, and have NEVER undergone real-world testing or clinical trials.

These “laws” apply only to Melvin Cohn’s THEORETICALLY perfect immune system, in a THEORETICALLY perfect body, in a THEORETICALLY perfect environment, while eating a THEORETICALLY perfect diet, and getting a THEORETICALLY perfect amount of sleep.

Mel Cohn

Are theories good enough for your children?

Unfortunately, we live in the REAL WORLD which is full of Genetic Mutations and Pathogens (germs), which does not meet the criteria for Melvin Cohn’s THEORETICALLY perfect “laws.” In the real world, you cannot separate vaccines from their adjuvants (chemical helpers).

This means if you believe Dr. Paul Offit’s statement that an infant can safely receive 10,000 vaccinations at the same time, Dr. PAUL OFFIT would be injecting 5 LITERS of vaccine into an infant, which would kill the child, and probably result in Dr. Paul Offit’s arrest and trial.

In real life, genetic mutations in the CYP450 pathway have prevented the anti-cancer drug TOMOXIFEN from being metabolized and used in women with breast cancer. If doctors prescribed TOMOXIFEN but did not check for a genetic mutation in their breast cancer patients, they may have simply buried their mistakes.


Vaccines have chemical helpers called adjuvants that are designed to produce an immune response (inflammation). Recombinant (genetically modified) vaccines such as MMR, HiB, and the Gardasil HPV vaccine, demand more powerful adjuvants, such as Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate. These potent adjuvants hyper-activate immune cells.

Since over 60% of human immune cells are located in the epithelial lining of the gut, these hyper-activated immune cells may form antibodies to food proteins passing through the gut after a vaccination, which may result in sustained systemic inflammation and malabsorption. This may disrupt the H3K4 Trimethylation and other metabolic cycles, resulting in deficiencies in Semaphorin 3 and 5 and other metabolic processes which may result in deficient and improperly formed axons, neurons.

Other structures and organs may also be negatively impacted, resulting in cognitive and motor-skill inhibition in infants and toddlers, for which we all too often apply the term “AUTISM.”

In older children and adults, especially those with the HLA-DR15 Haplotype, the inflammation from vaccine adjuvants may trigger dormant pathogens to become virulent. The resulting aggressive immune response may signal glial cells to become inflamed, and neighboring oligodendrocytes may stop producing myelin, resulting in demyelinating diseases.

The TITANIC was a THEORETICALLY perfect ship, but it sank on its maiden voyage when sailing under real-world conditions.

Dr. Paul Offit flagrantly shoves aside the Peer Reviewed and Published articles such as “Vaccine adjuvants: Current state and future trends” by Petrovsky and César, which explains the basic principles of vaccine adjuvant use. According to this paper:

Whilst alum-based vaccines are generally well tolerated, granulomas are common when the subcutaneous or intradermal route is used rather than intramuscular injection. Other specific limitations of alum adjuvants are increased IgE production, allergenicity and neurotoxicity. Although under normal circumstances low doses of aluminium are excreted by the kidneys, under certain conditions such as reduced renal function, aluminium is accumulated in the body and becomes highly toxic. High aluminium levels in the body predominately affect the brain and bone tissues causing fatal neurological syndrome and dialysis-associated dementia. Aluminium intoxication has also been associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

If other infections (pathogens) are present when a vaccine is administered (including antigens from another vaccine, the immune response increases unpredictably.

Are you willing to trust your child’s health to the “Titanic Vaccination Schedule” Dr. Paul Offit promotes?



  1. I check reference 39 of the Offit paper, and it’s: Anderson HR, Poloniecki JD, Strachan DP, et al. Immunization and symptoms of atopic disease in children: results from the international study of asthma and allergies in children. Cohn is not part of the et al., nor is he cited in that paper, nor anywhere else in the Offit paper. I’m very interested in this, but could you please tell me the correct reference?

    • This is reference 39 of the Offit paper – ↵ Cohn M, Langman RE. The protecton: the unit of humoral immunity selected by evolution. Immunol Rev.1990;115 :9– 147 – I am not sure where you got the Anderson HR reference. Your question will be sent to the author of this article for further clarification. Hope this helps.

  2. Hannah Haha says:

    What’s really great is so many of the studies he uses either have nothing to do with what he is talking about, are done on adults or are inconclusive.

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