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August 31, 2009 by Gertrude Green

My condition got worse after the second and especially the third vaccination (2008 July). As nobody informed me of the adverse side effects, I unfortunately kept having the last shot. Simultaneously, I also had a gynecological problem which ended up being a chronic inflammation and chronic pain condition.

My first symptoms were numbness, pins and needles in the extremities, nausea, extreme fatigue, dizziness, confusion, depression, seizures, trembling, metallic taste in the mouthI also had a major candida outbreak, which is still present. It is unfortunately getting worse and worse, although I am on a diet and I tried taking some antifungals, nothing appeared to be working and my immune system is falling apart. I am currently diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, vulvodynia, and my recent test results show that I am also developing an autoimmune disease, in addition to chronic inflammations in my body.

For treatment and management, I am having to rest and avoiding food allergies to speed my recovery. I have visited at least 10 doctors and none believed that the vaccination was the cause of this. This broke my trust and made me vulnerable as I don’t know where to seek help from. Even though I am convincing myself that maybe there is nothing to do but wait, I am developing new symptoms and not knowing how to deal with managing and treating them. I recently developed an inflammation in the back part of my head with severe pain and burning sensation, this is a new symptom and again, confusing. This whole experience is very difficult to deal with, both emotionally and physically. I do believe that things would be easier with less damage if medical professionals were informed properly and careful with what they are doing. I really feel like a victim and still hoping to find a solution and help.


  1. Just wanted to tell you about something which may help you recover – please google waiora zeolites – this is a product that will help remove heavy metals and other toxins in your body – these are what made you sick because vaccines as I am sure you now know, are full of them, you may have mercury and aluminium poisoning.
    There are other brands of Zeolites but this one is the best.
    Hope you can get hold of some and that they give you great results like they did me.
    i had chronic fatigue and severe depression for 20 years and I had all of the vaccines including many flu ones. After I tried the zeolites, I felt SO much better!

    • Dear Anna,
      Thank you very much for this valuable information; after reading your post I have ordered a bottle of waiora zeolites, I hope it will arrive this week and I’ll give it a try as soon as possible…

  2. As this problem effects your ability to maintain normal blood levels of nutrients, be sure to insist on getting tested regularly for things like iron, vitamin D3, and copper deficiency, and do your best to keep everything at a normal level, and as naturally as possible. You may not find a miracle cure, but you can hope to gradually improve.
    Does anyone know if it helps at all to get the “mercury free” shots without the preservatives?

    • Yes Susan,
      I have very low VitD and iron levels, so I’m regularly having tests and taking supplements to prevent further deficiency…thanks for reminding that

  3. Well, it’s been almost six months since your last comment and I’m not sure if you’re still paying attention to this article Elif, but I’d like to point out this vaccine reduces your glutathione level by much according to Cynthia Janack, therefore you’d better get Glutathione Cream, there’s a place you can get it from, I found on the net – http://www.custommedicine.com.au/ I’m not getting any commission from them, LOL I’ve just ordered a few from them myself. You can buy from somewhere else, of course. ;o)

    Also you need to take some anti-oxidant as well as Yaeyama Chlorella or spirulina along with zeolite which is a powerful detoxing for heavy metal toxin especially the aluminium which is in this vaccine. Zeolite is very powerful therefore, your excretion etc function must be working fine before taking it. Otherwise you might suffer from more pain and so forth. One victim in Japan actually had that recently so I hope it didn’t happen to you. In order to avoid that, you need to take above three, the basic three I call(glutathione cream, yaeyama chlorella and anti-oxidant), make your body condition a bit better, then take zeolite to eliminate aluminium. It’s an idea to have a hair test done beforehand. Look for a clinic of integrative medicine. Mind you, some doctors there could be still “brain-washed” through education but better than regular ones, I’d say.

    Hope you’re not eating any gluten, sugar, dairy and so forth… Get brown rice instead. ;o)
    I can tell you more … if you wish, put a comment on any article on http://insidejobjp.blogspot.com/

    Cynthia also told me that this horrible fraudulent vaccine makes it hard for you to absorb things like Vitamin D so no wonder your level is/was low. I’m sharing these information above with victims in Japan now. Many of them are having their menstruation cycle all messed up. Hope they won’t end up like that 16 year old girl in NSW whose eggs all destroyed by this lie called ‘anti-cervical cancer vaccine’ and was made to become absolutely infertile(see BMJ report). This is a shocking crime!

    And I hope you have figured out the conventional medicine is no use.
    Acutually, what they do is the same with vaccine.. giving us toxin while calling them ‘medicine’ which deals ONLY WITH symptoms but NEVER WITH THE CAUSE. That was the question actually, my father who was a good doctor kept telling me.

    Take care!

  4. Also Cynthia told me that the pH level tends to be too acidic.
    Therefore, I’d say, put one teaspoonful of bicarb soda into a cup of luke warm water
    and DRINK IT!! Perhaps a few times a day…

    Also use bicarb soda instead of soap for bath/shower, even to wash your hair and
    to brush your teeth as well. Avoid any chemical as possible, and avoid GMO of course.

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