Fetuses Bombarded With Powerful Drugs To Prevent ‘Vaccine Induced’ Obesity And Diabetes

[SaneVax:  What happened to the premise that pregnant women should avoid any medications that are not absolutely necessary? Now doctors want pregnant women to take a medication during pregnancy that  causes some people to develop a potentially fatal condition called lactic acidosis a condition in order to try and avoid giving birth to an ‘overweight’ baby? What is wrong with this picture?]

By Christina England

Sane Medicine?

Childhood diabetes in the western world has become a major problem.

Mainstream medicine, the media and governments blame parents for this saying that the numbers of children suffering from diabetes has been caused by childhood obesity. They say parents are feeding their children poor diets and allowing them to watch television and play computer games for hours on end causing them to become obese.

Many leading scientists and vaccination experts on the other hand say the onslaught of vaccinations from birth is to blame for the diabetic explosion we are seeing today. According to one such expert Harris Coulter PhD (1) a staggering 13 million people in the USA alone are suffering from the condition.

He says:

“There are many reports in the literature of Type-I diabetes emerging after mumps vaccination. In 1997, Sinaiotis and colleagues reported the onset of Type-I diabetes one month after receipt of mumps vaccine in a 6.5 year old boy. In 1991, Pawlowski and Gries described an 11-year old body who had mumps disease at age 16 months and then received measles-mumps vaccine 5 months prior to the emergence of Type-I diabetes; he had severe abdominal pain and fever one week after vaccination. In 1984, Otten and colleagues reported three cases of Type-I diabetes with onset in one case 10 days and, in other cases, 3 weeks after mumps vaccination in children 3,2 and 16 years of age. In 1986, Helmke and colleagues reported seven children who developed Type-I diabetes in the second to fourth week following mumps or measles-mumps vaccination. In 1979, Quast and colleagues noted that in the first two years after mumps and measles-mumps vaccines were introduced into Germany, two cases of Type-I diabetes following immunization with measles-mumps and mumps vaccines respectively were reported to the manufacturer.”

Turning a blind eye as usual to such research scientists in the UK have decided to bombard the growing fetus with powerful diabetic drugs whilst the mother is still pregnant! Having failed to come up with an explanation for the sudden epidemic of obese children, a group of experts have decided to tackle childhood obesity and childhood diabetes BEFORE a child is even born. Experts from Edinburgh University have decided to give obese pregnant mothers the diabetes drug Metformin to prevent them from giving birth to an obese child!

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