Fluvax Manufacturing Flaw Caused Febrile Seizures and Convulsions

[SaneVax: Australia recently banned the use of Fluvax in children under the age of five. CSL admitted that a flaw in their manufacturing process was to blame for excessive autoimmune responses, including febrile seizures and convulsions, in young children. The company will not comment on whether or not they plan to compensate the victims of severe adverse reactions caused by their product.]

Fluvax probe reveals manufacturing flaw

By Michelle Henderson

conflicts of interest in vaccine science

Fluvax Injuries

IT could be years before biopharmaceutical company CSL’s flu vaccine can be used again by children, the company says.

CSL’s vice-president of medical and research, Darryl Maher, says the company is trying to change the way it manufactures the vaccine, after the 2010 Fluvax inoculation caused fevers and convulsions in some young children.

An intensive two-year investigation into the adverse reactions, released publicly for the first time today, found specific virus components had triggered excessive immune responses in children.

Dr Maher said the manufacturing method used by CSL seemed to preserve the virus components that caused the reactions.

He said CSL needed to change the process and show that the new method worked, while providing a safe and effective vaccine for all age groups.

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