Freda Birrell Replies to Health Minister, HPV Vaccine Concerns

26 July 2011, Mrs. Birrell sent the following letter in reply to the Health Minister’s letter:

Dear Minister

My note refers again to your letter of 7th July 2011 and to the fifth paragraph on the first page and I quote:

“There is a possibility that other HPV strains could replace HPV-16 and –18 following the introduction of the HPV vaccination programme. However, there is no data with which to determine whether and how quickly this would take place. The vaccination programme targets the two HPV types that are known to cause the vast majority of cervical cancer to protect the women vaccinated from these established causes of cervical cancer. The Health Protection Agency is carrying out surveillance of HPV types in the population following the introduction of the vaccination campaign to assess the impact of the programme. Women are still encouraged to go for cervical screening when invited.”

I am very concerned by the first two sentences you make above. To start such a crucial and important vaccination programme without taking all the necessary steps to ensure its complete safety is astonishing. I am aware that the Conservatives were not in power when the decisions were made to introduce this vaccination programme to our schools in September 2008. With the history of germs and viruses mutating in the UK, in our hospitals because of mismanagement, overuse, insufficient research having been carried out to determine what effects certain medications/vaccinations would have in the long term, I would have thought greater care would have been taken with a vaccine that only covers two out of the many serious HPV strains which are present at this time – they cover 70% which in itself leaves 30% still vulnerable. It may well be that the two strains targeted, HPV 16 and 18, are the most serious but as our own history dictates that does not mean that others will not become more dominant and more virulent and take over from them if they should be weakened or eliminated. However, for no monitoring to have been carried out prior to this becoming an established programme is quite alarming.

Please see the two letters above, one to Dr Lauri Markowitz, CDC and to Mark Schiffman, Senior Investigator, Maryland. Within these letters, among many other points, is the undernoted which is significant and it would be interesting to know if we have this very advanced form of DNA sequencing available in the UK?

“Based on the VAERS Reports, a significant number of post-vaccinated women are now developing cervical pre-cancer and cancer lesions. It is extremely important for the public to be informed if these cervical pre-cancer or cancer lesions are being caused by vaccine-relevant HPV genotypes or by HPV genotypes not targeted by the HPV vaccines. Since both the FDA [3] and the NCI [4] have acknowledged that the only reliable HPV genotyping is by DNA sequencing, the consumers who have paid a great price for this controversial vaccine want to have post-licensure monitoring data based on HPV genotype determination by DNA sequencing.”

Only by monitoring what happens after vaccination will you be able to determine if the programmes, including both Gardasil and Cervarix, are actually working or if the two strains 16 and 18 are found to be present in some of the subjects, meaning the vaccines have not worked; or other relevant strains are present in the subjects which the vaccines do not cover. Until precise monitoring of data based on HPV genotype determination by DNA sequencing is carried out then you are not going to have any idea what the future holds for all the girls in the UK who have been vaccinated, either with Cervarix or Gardasil. I note you mention that the HPA is carrying out a surveillance of HPV types within the population since this vaccination programme was introduced into the UK. Does that include the young girls aged 12 to 14 who have been vaccinated?; or include the older girls up to the age of 18? We have to bear in mind that Pap screening only begins in Scotland at the age of 20 and in England and Wales at the age of 25.

Therefore, if there has not been, and there is no intention to have, careful monitoring within these younger age groups, then many years will pass before you will have any idea if this programme has been successful or not or if many of these young people have been adversely affected as is now occurring in the States. This could well be a disaster waiting to happen and in your own words ‘you are not in possession of any data to confirm one way or another if other strains are becoming more virulent or if strains HPV 16 and 18 are being eradicated’. Many, many years will have to pass before you will know the answers to this.

Just as an afterthought, because the girls are young does not mean they may not have been infected with HPV prior to vaccination; there is a lot of research carried out by Dr John Cason, King’s College, London whereby he proved that young children can be infected without there having to be any sexual contact. Also another relevant factor and one which also is proven is that there are more cases of Chlamydia in young girls in Scotland (the ages of those being vaccinated) since Cervarix was introduced on to the market. Therefore, many within the relevant age groups are sexually active and sadly it appears they believe the vaccine will protect them from other STD’s which is most definitely not the case. There has been very poor education of the facts.

I now refer you to the reports which are starting to come into the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) where the undernoted has been reported. Please remember that these reports cover girls who have been vaccinated with Gardasil and these results are appearing after vaccination has been completed. These numbers represent only between 1% and 10% of affected girls or medical personnel reporting adverse events after vaccination with the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The Gardasil programme started in America in June 2006 – there have to be answers why over a period of five years many of those who were vaccinated are now having the problems that the vaccine was supposed to prevent. This is what I do not wish to see occurring in the UK.

Abnormal Pap Smear 378

Cervical Dysplasia 135

Cervical Cancer cases diagnosed 41 Total = 554

I refer you to our history of overuse of antibiotics and the health conditions which exist with MRSA:

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans. It may also be called multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (ORSA).

The recent information regarding the dangerous mutation of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea Dangerous mutation: a disease that had a cure

Posted by Kelley Jeanie On Saturday, July 16th 2011 in News

Gonorrhea is a sexual disease that had a cure if the treatment was based on an antibiotic, but the scientists found that the disease had a dangerous mutation that is very resistant on the cure with antibiotics.

More, the scientist warns that the sexual transmission disease might become a global health problem, especially in this moment when in Japan there was discovered a case of gonorrhea, having the mutation H041, that is incurable. Gonorrhea disease evolved in the last years and all the treatment became one by one inefficient.

These are just two examples of many such incidents which are occurring and which I am sure you will agree are totally alarming. Please consider these points which have been made and realise that I am not just trying to downgrade the vaccination programme but sadly to highlight that insufficient safety measures appear to have been put in place. Can you guarantee that our young girls will not be faced with abnormal Pap smears, Cervical Dysplasia or cases of Cervical Cancer once they are old enough to be screened? Only by being able to give this guarantee will we know that the programme is safe. However, in your own words you honestly cannot do that with the population who have been vaccinated over these last two years and more as there is no data available to determine what is actually going on inside their bodies.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Mrs Freda Birrell

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