French Protest HPV Vaccine Use

[SaneVax: Does national HPV vaccine administration make financial sense for France? Despite the fact that the French government needs to save 10 billion Euros over the next three years to meet their cost saving’s goal, the President of the French Republic is proposing the administration of HPV vaccines to all young French women at a cost of 926 million Euros. The following article clearly explains why this may not be a good decision.]

How to Save a Billion Euros

Thursday, 26th June 2014 – by REVAHB (Translation by Helen Kimball Brooke)

French Social Security and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: 

How to save a billion euros by choosing public interest? 

Gardasil changed my life.

Gardasil changed my life

From the 23rd to the 25th of June, the French government will be presenting its revised 2014 Social Security budget to the National Assembly.  Knowing that ten billion euros must be saved over the next three years, strong measures will surely be proposed.  Any new expenditure must therefore be very seriously justified.

The plan to give the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to all young French women, announced by the President of the French Republic on the 4th of February 2014, would represent a new expenditure of 926 million Euros.

We, the undersigned, are concerned about both Public Health and the good health of our economy.  As such we do not feel that this expenditure is justified.

Recent research on the adjuvants in vaccines was presented during two colloquia held at the French National Assembly on the 22nd of May this year.  The opinions of official bodies such as the Haute Autorité de la Santé (HAS: French High Authority for Health), the Haut Conseil de Santé Publique (HCSP: French High Council for Public Health), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the Institut National du Cancer (INCA: French National Cancer Institute) and the Cours des Comptes (French Audit Office) revealed the following six points in particular:

  • There have been a large number of health warnings about the Gardasil and Cervarix HPV vaccines.

Severe adverse effects (deaths, convulsions, fainting, Guillain-Barré syndrome, transverse myelitis, facial paralysis, chronic fatigue syndrome, pulmonary embolisms, macrophagic myofasciitis, pancreatitis…) have been recorded and attributed to these vaccines both in France and abroad.  These HPV vaccines contain aluminium and the scientific community now acknowledges that the aluminium in vaccines migrates throughout the body, eventually reaching the brain where it accumulates.  In addition, Dr. Lee, a North American researcher, has found fragments of viral DNA “stuck” to the aluminium in the Gardasil vaccine.  During the May 22nd colloquium at the French National Assembly, Professor Belec, head of the Virology Laboratory at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris, claimed that this is abnormal: “We have found residual viral DNA fragments which should not be there.  This is serious residual contamination probably linked to the manufacturing process.  200 to 400 residual DNA fragments were found in each Gardasil vial.  This shouldn’t be. (…)  It is essential that research in this area continues.  Interaction between DNA residues and aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulfate is in any case not normal.”  What is more, papillomavirus particles have been found in the brains of two young girls who died of vasculitis, after they received the Gardasil vaccine.

Austria has refused to include these vaccines in their vaccination schedule, Japan no longer recommends this vaccination and there have been a large number of protests in other countries (the Netherlands, Spain…).

  • The effectiveness of the HPV vaccination has not been proven. 

These vaccines are only designed to protect recipients against two to four strains of the virus, for an unknown length of time.  There are however more than 100 strains of the virus, 18 of which are considered to be highly oncogenic.  It is important to remember that cervical cancer only represents 0.7% of all cancer-induced deaths in France, all sexes combined.

  • Such a vaccination campaign could eventually produce the opposite effect from what is desired. 

According to Professor Claude Béraud, former vice-chair of the French Medicines Agency transparency committee:

HPV vaccination could cause a shift in the balance of viral strains, resulting in the development of more resistant strains or causing the inoffensive strains of today to become more virulent.

The French High Council for Public Health warns:

If vaccinated women were to stop getting regular Pap smears, the incidence and, even more worrisome, the mortality rates of cervical cancer would increase.”

  • Pap smear screening is effective and should in any case also be offered to all French women

Regular Pap smear screening is the best way to prevent cervical cancer.  If all French women were to have regular smears, this would be sufficient to reduce significantly the number of relevant deaths; it has been estimated that cervical cancer deaths would drop from 1000 to fewer than 200 cases per year, for an annual cost of 87.8 million Euros.

  • The cost of these proposed vaccines has reached a record level.

A single dose of Gardasil costs 123.44 Euros, which amounts to 370.32 Euros for the two jabs required (the French authorities seem to be moving towards the use of two instead of three doses).  This is why a future mass vaccination campaign would be financially prohibitive.  The so-called “catch-up” period would cost 926 million Euros.  This would later stabilise at around 150 million Euros per year (for three doses; 100 million if only two doses were to be used), but costs could rise again if booster shots became necessary.

  • The authorities are looking at ways to dispense with parental consent.

The authorities are considering large-scale vaccination campaigns in middle and upper schools and are studying “the conditions for improving access to vaccination for minors whose parents would not accept vaccination.”[i]

Considering all of the above, we feel that the plan to give the HPV vaccine to all French women must not be implemented as is.  Concern for public interest should take priority over any other consideration and a moratorium must be decided.  Such a measure, voted in through a democratic and transparent process, would allow for reassessment of whether or not the benefits of this vaccination really do outweigh the risks. 


E3M – Entraide aux Malades de Myofasciitis a Macrophages (Macrophagic Myofasciitis support group)

REVAHB – Reseau Vaccin Hepatite B (Hep B Vaccine Network)

CNMSE – Coordination Nationale Medicale Santé Environnement (National Health and Environment Medical Coordination Group)

AMALYSTE – Association des Victimes des Syndromes de Lyell et de Stevens-Johnson (Lyell and Steven-Johnson Syndrome Victim Support Group)

NAMD – Non Au Mercure Dentaire (No to Dental Mercury)

Collectif Appel de la jeunesse (Youth Appeal Collective)

LaSantéUnDroitPourTous (The Right to Health for All)

RES – Reseau Environnement Santé (Environment and Health Network)

Marie-Océane Bourguignon, suffering from Gardasil-induced Acute Disseminated Encephalomyalitis

Yveline and Jean-Jacques Bourguignon, Marie-Océane’s parents

For more information (in French)

Original article in French:

[i] Dr. J-P Servant, Recommendations for the Third Cancer Plan, July 2013, p. 24




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