Gardasil: An experience no child should have to go through

By Tara Gramza, Phoenix AZ

Gardasil changed my life.

Gardasil changed my life.

I am a labor and delivery nurse at Scottsdale Osborn, and studying to become a nurse practitioner. My daughter was born on December 6, 1999. She was approximately 14 years, and 2 months old when she first suffered an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

J.G. was a happy, very healthy, normal, teenage girl. All that changed when the doctor in her pediatrics office recommended she receive Gardasil as prevention against cervical cancer.

As a mother and an informed registered nurse, I was confident in the vaccination and willing to allow J.G. to be vaccinated. On January 7, 2012, J.G. received her first dose of Gardasil at East Valley Pediatrics in Arizona. She progressed normally over the next few months, showing no apparent signs of an adverse reaction to the vaccination.

On July 26, 2012, J.G. received the second shot of Gardasil at East Valley Pediatrics in Arizona. She again progressed normally, still showing no apparent signs of adverse reaction.

On January 23, 2013, J.G. received her third and final injection of Gardasil at East Valley Pediatrics.

By March of 2013, I noticed that J.G. was bruising relatively easily, but thought she was a normal teen with maybe a low iron deficiency. After all, she was growing normally and she had just started menstruating. However, J.G. had never bruised like this before, and I had never seen the bruises shaped like this before. I was concerned, but chalked it up to her being an active, growing teenager. Being a nurse, I did not see any reason for immediate concern.

However, my concern increased in July of 2013 during a vacation to Hawaii. J.G. was playing like a normal kid would and was pushed off the boat, hitting her hip against the side.

The next day, the bruise that developed looked like she had been hit super hard, almost as if someone had taken a baseball bat to her hip. I remember asking her, “How hard did you hit the boat?”

She replied, “Not that hard, I guess it’s low iron like you suggest.”

Despite my nursing background, I still did not think anything was seriously wrong.

Ultimately, at the end of January of 2014, J.G. and I went to see her primary care doctor, Dr. Chapman, for a well-child check-up. We reported to her that J.G. was bruising a lot and had been for months. We thought she needed her iron level checked.

Dr. Chapman sent her for labs. That afternoon, we had her labs drawn.

I wish one could be un-injected.

Gardasil: I wish one could be un-injected.

The next morning, we received a phone call. Dr. Chapman told us J.G.’s platelets were low (I believe at 23k), and she needed to see a hematology doctor A.S.A.P.

I picked up J.G. from school and kept her home until her appointment in 2 days. When we arrived to the office at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, they took more blood samples, 14 tubes, I believe, to double-check the labs and verify the diagnosis. She was again low – at approximately 24k platelets. They then asked how long we had noticed symptoms, and if we had seen bloody noses or spots on her skin. She had not at this time, just bruising.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital decided to refer J.G. to a rheumatologist named Dr. Ede and have her follow up with Dr. Shah, the hematologist. The plan was to send her labs and watch her to see what her body will do.

Dr. Ede told us during our appointment that J.G. did not meet the guidelines for Lupus, and her urine was negative for any indication of kidney damage that is present with kids with Lupus.

He did tell us that her labs were positive for something called Anti-phospholipid antibodies. This meant she was at high risk for clots. He wanted to follow her case, but felt she was not going to be a Lupus patient. He also asked that her labs be run again prior to any treatment for low platelets, such as Immunoglobulin therapy (“IGG”) to recheck the ANA and Double Stranded DNA.

J.G. was diagnosed on February 11, 2014, with immune thrombocytopenic purpura, ITP.

Dr. Shah told us J.G. would probably remain in the 30k platelet range for a few months, and would likely need intervention therapy such as IGG, Rituximab, or steroids.

The antiphospholipid issue was explained as being a possible positive as an auto immune response. The physicians could not say for sure which autoimmune condition came first, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome or thrombocytopenia.

They also said her labs were all negative for virus or other causes of ITP, and decided it was more likely a chronic immune thrombocytopenia. For several months, J.G. did stay at around 35K platelets.

Then, in May of 2014, J.G. experienced a seriously heavy period, nose bleeds twice in one day that would not stop, and little red dots all over her arms and legs. We took her to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital urgent care and they found J.G.’s platelets were 14K. (Note: a normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000)

Gardasil took more than it gave me.

Gardasil took more than it gave me.

Dr. Williams, a hematologist with Dr. Shah, began seeing J.G. They told us to come back in the morning first thing for her first round of IGG. She was admitted all day for the infusion. They ran her blood for labs that Dr. Ede requested and started the infusion. These labs showed her ANA and double stranded DNA were both negative now. Dr. Ede decided to continue to follow her case, but did not need to see her anymore, because she does not meet the guidelines for Lupus.

J.G. came back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for labs again to check her platelets a few days later. Her levels were around 75K. However, they quickly fell to 10K again, and she was then admitted again for another dose of IGG. Her levels rose again to 100k then fell down again to 23K.

Dr. Williams decided it would be best to start her on a medication called Rituximab to try to reverse the effects of her immune system’s response by resetting her B cells that cause her body to mark her platelets for destruction.

That night, J.G. started with bleeding of the nose again, small red marks all over her body, including her bottom, and heavy, irregular menstrual bleeding. She went to urgent care again and was told she had a 4k platelet count. The physician on call reported to the hematologist who then decided to admit her again for a high dose of steroids known as dexamethasone.

She took a super high dose of steroids for a few days to try to give her a boost while the Rituximab did its job. The steroids made J.G. very ill, with a stomach ache, headache, and racing heart. She gained some weight, too. She started the infusions of Rituximab, which is given in 4 doses for 4 weeks.

J.G. was admitted outpatient all day for those infusions and tolerated it well. She was to continue the lower dose steroids for several weeks so her platelet levels would stay above 25k. She did remain around 30K for many weeks. Then in August of 2014, her platelets jumped to over 150k. She was doing great and responding well to the treatment. She was removed from steroids. She officially completed Rituximab on June 24, 2014, and had a complete response with normal platelet count since July of 2014.

We have spent numerous hours and dollars fighting J.G.’s illness, all brought about by the Gardasil vaccination.

Worse yet, J.G. has lost her teenage years due to her debilitating condition, and cannot live a normal life. The fear of bruising and her potentially low platelet count dominates her mind wherever she goes.

J.G. continues to remain in remission, and continues to be seen by Dr. Williams every few months. During her last visit in January of 2015, her labs were rerun to show a negative DNA and slightly positive ANA and positive antiphospholipid antibodies.

Dr. Williams has said he thinks that the antiphospholipid antibodies and ANA should go away in time. However, she is still at a high risk for chronic ITP due to her age, her history of bruising post-vaccination, and the presence of other antibodies.

Her labs have continued to remain positive and her court expert Dr. Shoenfeld thinks she will remain APS positive for life. It will never go away. She will have high clot risk and the risk of return of blood related disorders and high pregnancy risk. Unfortunately it won’t go away. But so far so good. She’s still healthy.

No child should have to go through what my daughter has experienced.

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  1. christine corda says:

    Please if you know what is in these vaccines and this one in particular that made her sick like this? Do we have access to what the ingredients are? Are we allowed to know what is in this? Is it the heavy metals or something else? My daughter is 11 and I have refused and will continue to refuse it but what is causing this?? I am so very sorry for what your beautiful child is going through. Thank you for sharing! Blessings.

    • The ingredients are listed in this article, along with links to the package inserts for both Gardasil and Gardasil 9 – There are several theories as to what is causing the problems. Truthfully, it will take multiple independent researchers working on the problem to discover the real mechanism(s) of action.

      • I inclined 2 think the pharma companies know already,and lots of research not necessary…..

        • You may be right – a serious examination of independent research already published in the vaccine arena may be sufficient. But, much more research into potential treatment protocols for the vaccine-injured is most definitely needed.

  2. Have any of the doctors admitted it could be a side effect of the vaccine or have they waved it off?

  3. Monica Buchanan says:
  4. Sharon Johnson says:

    My heart started racing as I read your daughters story – Sabrina Lee Johnson, our precious baby, died at 17 months of age in 1979 from ITP (brain bleed) after the MMR. IT TOOK ME TWENTY YEARS TO CONNECT THE DOTS! Always loved, always missed!

  5. Good Afternoon – We are hosting Dr. Tenpenny on our show 9/8/15 and would like for someone to share their story on how they were adversely affected by vaccinations. if anyone is interested in sharing their story please contact me at

  6. Robert Johnston says:

    That is a perfectly standard case of ITP — absolutely NOTHING tp do with vaccines!
    The ‘I’ stands for ‘idiopathic’ — meaning ’cause unknown’!

    • Despite the fact that it is listed as one of the reactions listed under postmarketing experience in the Gardasil prescribing information packet?

      6.2 Postmarketing Experience
      The following adverse events have been spontaneously reported during post-approval use of
      GARDASIL. Because these events were reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not
      possible to reliably estimate their frequency or to establish a causal relationship to vaccine exposure.
      Blood and lymphatic system disorders: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic
      purpura, lymphadenopathy. (link here for verification –

      And yes, we realize it has not been proven to be caused and/or triggered by the vaccine. But it never will be if cases like this are not adequately investigated as a possible adverse reactions. You cannot prove one way or another what you don’t investigate.

  7. Beth Taylor says:

    My daughters have both had this with no adverse reactions. I was diagnosed with ITP at the age of 16. I started having heavy periods at about 6 months after puberty. My hemotologist said it was probably triggered by puberty, since pregnancy can trigger it, because of the change in hormones. I had to have my spleen removed. This was 35 years ago, way before this vaccine

  8. Mothers——–please read all of this and do not give your daughters this vaccine !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. VikingAPRNCNP says:

    I am highly skeptical that gardasil was the causative event for your daughters problems. The injury table for mmr mmrv cites 7 to 30 days. Mmr is an attenuated live virus vaccine.

    Gardasil is Not a live virus vaccine. It is possible but highly unlikely that it could be triggered by vaccination. Her symptoms started more than 2 months after her third dose.

    1 case of thrombocytopenia in 691,994 vaccination events.
    Vaccine. 2014 Feb 19;32(9):1061-6. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2014.01.004. Epub 2014 Jan 15.

    Adverse events following immunization in Ontario’s female school-based HPV program.

    I am sorry your daughter went through this but sometimes these things happen for no clear reason.

  10. My son had the HPV vaccine 9/2014 and he started having a rash on his skin which kept getting worse. The doctors told him to put Benadryl which did nothing. Next came the flu like symptoms: headache, sore throat, body pains and 104 temperature. This moved to joint pains that have been moving throughout his body but mostly aligned with matching sides such as both knees or both elbows or both wrists etc. These change daily. He was tested for strep, multiple blood tests and ended up in the hospital near us and then transferred to Miami Children’s Hospital. I finally checked him out myself because he was tired of them doing nothing for him. He continuously has a fever. The average is about 102. The four hospitals that he has been to have nothing more to tell me than “he has a virus”. He has been to (2) rheumatologists, immunologist, (3)pediatricians, oncologist, infectious disease, hematologist, and probably more that I have not mentioned. He has had an MRI, EEG, EKG, heart scan, bone marrow biopsy, ultrasounds of organs and so many blood tests I could probably clone the kid myself. No doctor will entertain the idea this has anything to do with the vaccine. Prior to getting the vaccine he was trying out for the high school soccer team, out with friends, and continuously active with other sports. After this, he has been in bed for the past year, night sweats, continuous joint and now muscle pain as well, dizzy, tingle/numb in extremities, and symptoms such as auto immune disorder/rheumatoid arthritis, but undiagnosed as being the actual problem. He is found to have high quantities of aluminum in his body. We are currently going through detox. I want to find other people that are going through this and to discuss what they are doing. We are seeking help, but outside the “western medicine realm of help”, as all doctors have been unable to figure out anything at all.

    • Momonamission says:

      Google Naturopathic Doctors, along with your city and state. My daughter also had adverse effects from the Gardasil Vaccine, Naturopathic care has helped her a lot.

    • I truly believe this agenda of heavy metals in vaccines is to cripple and or murder people along with the same to child birth. We all have seen an increased healthcare criminal behavior within the government local and in our Washington house. Is truly sad when their reign of evil destroys so many healthy happy lives. I believe their eternal fates will be harsh. I couldn’t imagine doing what these criminals are doing and at the same time of being sued by countries around the world. Have they been forced to take the vaccines? Have their children been forced to take these vaccines?
      My letter to Merck with a copy to the house judicaiary committee. Until we get special interests out of our politics these crimes will continue.
      I am writing on behalf of my daughter Shawn Vitale, a victim of gardasil side effects. She has endured much pain and suffering. The damage has left deformity along with what appears will be a life long hindrance to her health. Shawn has approached many avenues to recover. Many doctor visits, tests and countless attempts to find why she was sick never brought answers of vaccine damage. Due to not one doctor suggestion of the possibility of gardasil, Shawn did not associate the vaccine as a cause either.

      I spent endless time on research of many possible causes however her symptoms never coincided with any syndromes I uncovered. Generally my research finds a quick viable result. I then asked my daughter on January 29 2016, did you get any vaccines? She said gardasil. I said that is probably the initial cause.

      I question why health care professionals weren’t notified to look for patients with possible signs from the so many side effects of gardasil. During my research I found legal agreements to accept claims to pay damages from around the world not just the USA. I found submitted criminal charges against Merck from several countries. If this was your child or yourself you would question the same. My daughter was taken away from her wellness never informed of the lawsuit either.

      One request I have is for Merck to send a representative to see Shawn’s damages. Realize her as a real victim. Realize I as a mother suffers every day. I would like Merck to understand my pain and suffering.

      My second request is to please realize I know case law and statute law. This damage shouldn’t be about law though quoted to Shawn or myself. This damage should be about past suffering, present suffering and future suffering from a Merck vaccine. In all honorable response you would want payment for your damages. I request the same in return for my beautiful daughter Shawn.

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