Gardasil Creating HPV Vaccine Safety Advocates in UK

By Amanda Dew, guest author

End the Suffering

Gardasil: End the Suffering

In March 2015, I had a call from school to let me know my daughter Rose had suffered a major seizure and could I come down.  This was an incomprehensible scenario. A ‘perfect storm’ the consultant said when all the scans and blood tests proved normal.

My previously healthy child suffered subsequent seizures and now has a diagnosis of epilepsy, to be controlled by anticonvulsants for the foreseeable future.  When I heard about the HPV-vaccinated girls’ side effects, I suddenly felt physically sick. Gardasil dose 2 was administered just weeks before Rose’s seizures began.

That was it – I researched scientific papers and wrote desperate pleas in the middle of the night.  I found Professor ‘Aluminium’ Exley and Lucija Tomljenovic who confirmed so much about this Trojan horse vaccine. Then Freda Birrell of AHVID found me and I realised we weren’t alone. Finally, I could breathe again.

Naively I visited the GP and neurologist armed with my research, believing they would jump-to and assess Rose for aluminium toxicity or whatever.  I was so shocked when they rejected everything I said.   They both said the seizures were a ‘timing coincidence’ and brushed aside her other symptoms.

“But how do you know? “ I shouted.   No answer.

Researchers were admonished as ‘poor scientists’ at ‘bad universities’ with ‘ulterior motives’.  I was able to disprove all this, yet found none had read a single paper! That was the tipping point.

They chose not to care – so we had to.  First, we persuaded the school to give parents a 2 week postponement on HPV vaccine administration. But they did not distribute our research material, so many of the children were vaccinated. I couldn’t believe the school medics ignored the evidence.

Next we decided to produce a leaflet of HPV vaccine facts for the school to share.  I drew up a list of points that I wished I had seen.  Sharon came up with the idea of ‘Consider Before Consent’. Rod did the editing and other group members added their thoughts.

Swiftly we had a document that we felt honestly revealed the potential risks and lack of proven benefits of HPV vaccines. We now intend to hand this out to every parent who needs to see it.

After experiencing the horror of what Gardasil did to these amazing girls, preparing the leaflet was a cathartic process. Alone, none of us could have done this, but Jo, Jane and other friends and family supported our efforts.

Alone, it is easy to be put down.  The failure of the school, GP and neurologists to take us seriously made us angry, but also helped us channel that anger toward doing something we hope will have a positive impact. We intend to provide parents with enough accurate information to allow them make an informed choice as to whether or not HPV vaccines are a good personal choice – information that is not currently being provided.

The medical system may ignore and abandon our children, but we will not! We will not stand idly by and watch more families suffer needlessly.

We will stand together and shout “THIS IS EVIL” to anyone who will listen. Will you join us?


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