Gardasil HPV Vaccine Now Being Promoted For HPV Of The Mouth

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Gardasil Marketing?

As we have reported before, it seems the MO for many vaccine manufacturers is to get a vaccine approved for one population, and then increase the use of the vaccine to as many more patient populations as possible, regardless of whether it is safe and effective or they need it or not.  Even with wide spread vaccine side effects, vaccine injury and even vaccine death related to the Gardasil HPV vaccine, attempts are being made for mandatory vaccinations of teenage boys, women over 40, and now, anyone with a mouth.

This will be used to promote the Gardasil HPV vaccine, even though it is only effective against a few strains of HPV while there are many strains of HPV.  People must do their due diligence when it comes to the thought of “to vaccinate or not”, benefit vs risk scenarios are often not optimally delivered by medical personal which often leads to vaccine side effects, vaccine injury and even vaccine death, whether we are dealing with mandatory vaccinations or not.

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