Gardasil: When will our nightmare end?

By Martin, County Meath, Republic of Ireland

Gardasil: When will the nightmare end?

Gardasil: When will the nightmare end?

My daughter, Abbey, was a healthy happy 13 year old when she started secondary school. On the 22nd September 2014 she received her Gardasil vaccine along with the Tdap vaccine in school. She had an adverse reaction straight away. For over an hour, she was left lying on a mat on the floor while the rest of the girls were being vaccinated.

During this time she had seizure-like jerking, rolling eyes, blurred vision, headache, nausea etc. Eventually after an hour and twenty minutes we were called to the school to pick her up. No ambulance was called. The school administrators were not informed this episode had happened until the next day.

When I arrived at the school and asked why an ambulance wasn’t called,I was told I was OVERREACTING and this would wear off.

The next day, her mother and I thought Abbey was suffering withdrawals. Little did we know our nightmare was only getting started.

Two days after the vaccine Abbey returned to school but took another seizure and was taken by ambulance to Drogheda hospital A&E and admitted for six days.

After loads of blood tests, an MRI, and a lot of scratching of heads she was sent home with no diagnosis and no medication. We were told we would learn to adjust our lives and live with the situation.

Six months later, we are still waiting to see a neurologist.

At the moment, Abbey is not attending school because of her illness.  Every day is a struggle thanks to Gardasil. Most days she simply wishes all this would be fixed and she can get back to school.

There has been no help offered from either the school or the health service!!

The vision problems, chest pains and stroke like symptoms continue!! The doctors keep suggesting BEHAVIOURAL problems and panic attacks but we have known our child for 13 years. She has never had any type of behavioural problems as the doctors are trying to suggest.

We have shortened this story a good bit so as not to bore the readers but our nightmare is now over 6 months long…….we can only speculate as to how much longer we must endure.

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  1. >After loads of blood tests, an MRI,

    which could have given her more poison,

    >Six months later, we are still waiting to see a neurologist.

    You’re still planning to go back to the side of those committing this fraud for a century?
    Having various tests doesn’t cure her but simply more $$$ out of your pocket, which leads to get some diagnosis
    with weird diseases we never heard in the past, onto their allopathic treatment/medication which always contain poison/s.

    The real cure is what Annelies Witlam pointed out above, i.e. STOP giving the victim any more poison and DETOX.

    Just beware of alternatives when you go gluten free.
    Soy, even when organic, is bad for you unless it’s fermented in a traditional manner.

    And I’m glad to report that another mother of HPVV victim in Japan cured her daughter mainly with changing the diet drastically in one year.

    She decided not to have tests last year when their appointment was 2months ahead,
    and the girl who had Gardasil X 3 when she was Year 7, now achieved her goal to enter a good high school
    The mother got determined to detox and give her girl no more poison,
    and she explains what to eat, basically very similar to Annelies Witlam’s link page says

    Above four pages are in Japanese. Use google translate if you’re interested, and

  2. These vaccine makers and our complicit government and Supreme court are committing crimes against humanity. There should be no doubt about this.

    Big Pharma is corrupt to the core. They are drunk with profits and no liability. If they had to pay for the damages caused, then may be, may be they would be more careful.

    Please sign this petition that is trying to repeal their immunity. We need very signature we can get, so that this legal protection can be stripped.

  3. I know two girls personally, who were injured by Gardasil…fibromyalgia for one and rheumatoid arthritis for the other. Another girl developed migraines. However, in this particular case, it seems the dtap is just as much to blame. When you administer any combo vaccine, especially with one as dangerous as Gardasil, nothing but bad can come from it. Prayers for healing. Don’t give up. Heavy metal chelation, Frankincense internally in capsules, nascent iodine, see a naturopath.

  4. While Merck was ‘testing’ the Gardasil vaccine, it was clear that administering this recombinant DNA horror together with another vaccine, was a very bad idea.
    Doctors generally do not (have/take the time to) read the literature, they maybe just scan the abstracts.
    So doctors do what they know, they do not know what they do!
    I am very sorry to have been proven right in each and all of the doubts and fears that I described in my book (in Dutch) on the HPV vaccines.
    I foresaw a disaster in fertility and neurological and genetic damage…
    The mantra ‘Vaccines are safe and effective’ is a MYTH. And a very insidious one at that!

  5. tania mackay says:

    Our daughter has Cataplexy after Gardasil at her worst she 50 to 60 attacks a day she left school in october she received her Gardasil vaccine in 1 year we got a letter from the National Learning Network, to say that Nathalie could not have a place in the center because of her Cataplexy unless she can get a PA we also live in the Republic of Ireland co laois

  6. Kristian Simonsen says:

    So sorry to hear about your daughter!! Amazing how people react when they hear that you suspect Gardasil to be the case of the side effects
    Our daughter has been sick for 1½ years now after getting the shots. In the beginning we had a lot of problems as well getting any help, because as the doctors said: “There are no side effects from the Gardasil vaccine!”

    Have a look at this one – if you don’t know it allready

  7. Private says:

    Martin, please read article in yesterday’s UK Independent – it’s now off the front page – you’ll have to do a search for “cancer vaccine”. There is an article all about this – and you will see quite clearly where the medical profession is trying to do a massive cover-up. The “comments” speak for themselves… There are many other parents suffering as you are because of this horrific poisonous vaccine. I would not be trusting any doctor if I were you. You parents should get together and organise prosecution – and a worldwide boycott. I’m stunned at the way people do not dare to question medics : in France doctors are highly qualified, more approachable, and the health service in France is brilliant – nothing like the squalid service you find in Ireland or the UK.


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