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Monday, April 11, 2011
Posted by: Rosemary Mathis, Director of SANE VAX, INC.
Written by: Leslie Carol Botha

Spinnaker Magazine, the official newspaper of the University of Northern Florida published an article on March 24, 2011 titled: Oral Sex now major concern in causes of throat cancer (http://www.unfspinnaker.com/).

Although the title is not disturbing, except for the fact that it perpetuates the marketing of fear to expand the use of Gardasil, the accompanying photo reveals the underlying message behind the vaccine campaign – only bad girls get HPV.

The accompanying photo – undoubtedly considered to be in poor taste by most consumers – depicts a ‘perfect’ woman wearing only a sexy red bra, her legs in air with a ‘good American boy’ going down on her and a statement on the back of shirt stating: HPV Grabs You By The Throat.

SANE Vax Inc. is appalled at the message the University of Florida Health Promotion Staff is conveying to women and men about the Human Papillomavirus and about women in general.

In fact, the article to comments made by Dr. John Oliver, a UNF adjunct psychology professor who teaches a class called Human Sexuality, “The key factor in determining a person’s risk of HPV infection, is by the number of sexual partners the person has had in their lifetime. Oliver has researched the likelihood of STI contraction in the past and has found that by having three sex partners, a person has increased their likelihood of contraction by 30 times.

“By the time you’ve had your fifth partner, you’ve literally had sex with 400 people,” Oliver said.

A couple of paragraphs later, Oliver then states: In a monogamous relationship….oral sex is healthy and acts as a “wonderful variation” for couples.

SANE Vax Inc. believes Oliver is preaching ‘morality’ based sexuality while re-enforcing a widely held belief that women’s bodies are ‘dirty’ instead of promoting health.

Christine Northrup, MD, addresses this issue in her book titled, Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom, when she refers to the patriarchal myth that “women are socialized to think that their bodies are essentially ‘dirty’ – requiring constant surveillance for ‘freshness’ so that we do not offend….They are led to believe that they must control many aspects of their bodies and that their natural odors, shapes and processes such as menstruation are simply unacceptable.”

Northrup also states: “This denigration of the female body has made many women either afraid of their bodies or else disgusted by them.”(1)
SANE Vax, Inc. believes the re-enforcement of this patriarchal myth is the hidden agenda behind the government’s HPV vaccine campaign – and reiterated by such blatant morality as depicted in the Spinnaker article. Women have been victimized by an HPV vaccine campaign that perpetuates fear about their morality; fear about an area of their bodies that is mysterious, dark and for some (especially adolescent girls) ‘gross’ and by a virus that they cannot see or that may not even pathologically manifest providing a perfect fear-based marketing strategy for Big Pharma.

In fact, the Spinnaker article does not contain any scientific data or references showing 90 percent of women who have contracted HPV pass it through their bodies in less than two years – without incident. Nor does it include that the National Cancer Institute has not made a causal link between HPV and cervical cancer.

“The finding of HPV viral DNA integrated in most cellular genomes of cervical carcinomas supports epidemiologic data linking this agent to cervical cancer however, direct causation has not been demonstrated.”(2)

Instead, Ashley Ballard, coordinator of health education at Health Promotion, stated “many women do not know they have HPV, since some strains can have no visible symptoms or warts.” Ballard also said it’s important to realize HPV can be spread through skin-on-skin contact.” This again is nothing short of fear-based morality.

The misinformation continues with this statement by Oliver.

“There are ways to help prevent HPV contraction. There are prescribed vaccines, such as Gardasil, that can be used to prevent certain strands of the HPV virus. Males between the ages of nine and 26 years old can use Gardasil, as well.”

There is no way to prevent HPV contraction (unless of course Oliver is referring to abstinence until marriage…). According to the CDC over 25,000,000 women have been previously exposed to HPV.(3) Surely, not all of these are bad girls- now are they? According to the May 2006 FDA VRBPAC documents if a woman is previously exposed to HPV and is vaccinated with Gardasil her chances of getting cervical cancer increase by 44.6%; 32.5% with Cervarix.(4)

Gardasil does not prevent contraction of certain strands of the HPV virus. It renders HPV 16 and 18 ineffective – yet no one knows if other carcinogenic strands will mutate and take their place.

Nor does the article mention that cervical cancer is not due to a single infection, but multiple persistent infections …meaning that it is the persistent infection, not the virus that determines cervical cancer risk.

The SANE Vax team has compiled a Global Concerns about HPV Vaccines Fact Sheet to counter the fear based morality HPV campaign instituted by Pharma, the government and now ‘educational’ institutions.

The fact sheet is posted at: http://sanevax.org/news-blog/2011/0…

Know the facts…the HPV vaccine issue is not about morality, abstinence and promiscuity – no matter what some ill-informed ‘experts’ would like adolescent teens, college age girls, and society to believe.


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