HPV vaccine is neither safe nor effective

The following letter to the editor of The Baltimore Sun  was written by Emily Tarsell and Dr. William Reichel. It is reprinted below with their permission.

August 9, 2015 

Dear Editor:

Your recent article in The Baltimore Sun, Medicine Briefs for August 2, 2015, states that “not enough pediatricians are strongly recommending HPV vaccine.” It appears there are excellent medical and scientific reasons why many doctors do not.

Since hpv vaccines were introduced seven years ago, it has been assumed that this vaccine will prevent cervical cancer. Yet it has never been demonstrated to prevent any cancer, cervical or otherwise (1, 2, 3).

It has also been assumed for 7 years that this vaccine is safe. Yet there have been thousands of adverse event reports. The CDC itself admits there are 3x as many adverse events for the hpv vaccine Gardasil as there are for all other vaccines combined.(4) Compared to all other vaccines in the US schedule, Gardasil alone is associated with 61% of all serious adverse events including 63.8% of all deaths and 81.2% of all permanent disabilities in females under 30 years of age. (5)

In fact, Japan, India and France have removed hpv vaccines from their recommended list due to safety and efficacy concerns.(6, 7, 8, 11) Unethical practices and serious post hpv vaccination injuries and deaths prompted the Supreme Court of India to initiate an ongoing investigation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (7) The Health Welfare and Labor Ministry of Japan conducted a national investigation regarding post hpv vaccine injuries in their country. The outcome was the removal of funding and removal of recommendations regarding hpv vaccines. (8, 9, 10, 11) They concluded that the harm experienced is overwhelmingly greater than the benefit expected.

Prompted by medical reports of post hpv vaccination arrhythmia and motor neuron disabilities in children in Denmark, the European Medicines Agency is conducting an investigation of hpv injection adverse events. (12)  Law suits for hpv injuries and deaths have also been filed in Spain, France and Columbia.

Some studies have linked serious hpv vaccine adverse events to the aluminum adjuvant which is a known neurotoxin. (13, 14, 15, 16) Yet the latest version of hpv vaccine, Gardasil 9, contains double the amount of aluminum adjuvant than its predecessor.

We already have proven, safe and effective ways to prevent cervical cancer with pap screening which carries no serious health risk. So the doctors who do not recommend hpv vaccination are the ones who have done their research. The public should be grateful to those who have taken their oath seriously.


William Reichel, MD                    Emily Tarsell, LCPC

Timonium, MD                              Sparks, MD


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  1. No way it can be ‘effective to prevent cervical cancer’.
    It’s NOT even the cause of the cancer to begin with!!

    See this chart,
    I found it on GSK’s Japanese site, and read my article,
    (please disregard the petition at the end)
    also, watch the video with Dr. Deirdre Little on
    It killed a boy during the clinical trial as a start…

    Back to that chart that says “WHO”,
    99.85% of those who get infected with so-called ‘carcinogenic HPV’ don’t contract the cancer!!
    Then WHY can you call it a ’cause’!???? Tell me please!

    It’s all lies from A to Z, this is just to help pharmaceutical and medical industries make a huge profit
    along with putting cocktail of poison into girls and women, so that some percentage of them
    which is not few, will definitely get sick! i.e. they are creating their FUTURE CUSTOMERS to
    sell them more poison called ‘medicine’ or ‘treatment’.

    Tell everybody about this cause they’re destroying our lives, societies, and our world! while lying to us
    about global warming when THEY are the ones who actually manipulate the weather with weather weapons…

    All the victims of HPVV and other vaccines, medicines etc
    PLEASE DETOX and get better soon!

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