Kristyn from South Carolina

Kristyn Allen (Gig Harbor, Washington State, formerly South Carolina)

Kristyn Before Gardasil

My daughter was a happy, healthy 16 year old before Gardasil.  This vaccine was literally pushed on us during a routine doctor visit. The doctor strongly advised getting this vaccine.  She made it out to be the best thing to do for my daughter.  She said there were NO side effects and this would prevent her from getting a whole list of things including cervical cancer and genital warts.

Almost immediately after getting the first 2 vaccines, my daughter started having a whole list of problems. Kristyn’s symptoms included back pain, numbness in both legs and left arm, headaches, pressure behind eyes, neck pain, racing heart, chest pains, stomach pains, difficulty breathing, weakness, dizziness, tingling in left arm and both legs, jerking movements in legs and arms.  I took her to several doctors including the emergency room – Mary Black Hospital, Spartanburg, SC.

The hospital ran all sorts of tests including a CT scan. Everything would come back normal. I should also add that she was given the Menactra vaccine (U2606AA) at the same time as the Gardasil vaccination (0279X and 0653X).

She continued to have problems.  It was only after having the second vaccine that I found out about the side effects that other girls were having.  I immediately started researching.   The guilt was overwhelming.  My once happy and healthy 16 year old had become a very sick girl.  She was an A/B student but was now failing her 10th grade year.  She did fail and is now having to re-take the 10th grade.  She
still has a list of problems.

She threw her birth control in the trash because she didn’t want anything in her system.  She was so sick.  Two weeks later, she found out she was pregnant.  Now, not only are we having to deal with the after effects of this horrible vaccine, but now the baby is in danger.

This vaccine has completely changed our lives.  My daughter is scared every day that she will be another ‘one less’ living.  Merck should be ashamed!!!! Our daughters are NOT guinea pigs for the big pharmaceutical companies!!

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  1. Nicole Alexandra says:

    I am so sorry for your daughter and what her and your family has been through. I was damaged by the HPV vaccine Gardasil last year and it has changed my heath and life forever. I will tell you that naturally detoxing my body of heavy metal toxicity, bacterias and all the other horrific things vaccine contain has made a huge impact on my heath improving. I did everything through a naturopathic doctor and had my blood tested outside my medical establishment. i have had to detox, take lots of vitamins and have a very strict diet in order to have made progress this year. If you would like any additional information that is more specific, please email me at I can give you the names of all the things I took, and what I did that has helped. Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!


  2. Derek Downton says:

    Hi how much longer will the medical profession get away with these horrendous criminal assaults, we have a chance with the Internet at the moment to spread the word about the dangers until we’re gagged, let’s make the most of spreading the word
    Vaccination Concerns

    • until someone in government with guts puts a stop to their brutal crimes.
      My daughter Shawn had the shots in 2008/2009. She was in the hospital 20 days later. She was not a minor so I was not aware, but after extensive study to find the real cause of her deformity and other health problems just didn’t sound right to me I asked her did you take gardasil. Yes was her response. I said well I don’t need to research anymore. I am doing everything I can to return her to the once very normal healthy girl she was. She has crippling effects. She has had to alter her work and life style. Her diet is very restricted. Merck should have notified all health professionals when the lawsuit occurred to look for certain signs of possible gardasil poisoning or side effect. My daughter wasn’t even informed of the vaccine court pay outs. She said she never related the two and neither did any doctor or hospital experience. I am happy she hasn’t died from this drug push on our children. She is well loved by her students, friends, employers and of course her mother. She still has a way to go, but if we can regain even 80% we are getting ahead. I reported to Merck. I am looking through all of her records. She is connecting everything in occurrence from each shot. I am sending a letter to everyone and anyone possible for resolve legal to change the limits of suit regarding gardasil. As a mother I am heart broken to know this happened to her. I am also concerned for other victims. If a gardasil recipient was a president’s daughter, congress or assembly daughter, merck’s daughter, Bill Gates daughter you can be sure laws would protect the victim and legal suit would be life long due to the nature of the side effects.

  3. It’s a very sad situation with your daughter Kristyn, but all hope is certainly not lost.
    True it will be a journey getting back to full health, but with the right tools, it’s doable.

    Please consider Classical Homeopathy. It can turn her situation around within the year.
    Also for detoxing heavy metals consider a natural mineral called Zeolite. It pulls out heavy metals
    and radiation as well as sub-virus particles. I’ve seen excellent results with just 1 capsule of Destroxin every 4 days.
    Please visit my website for more info and to order the product.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will do all I can to help your daughter.
    Warm regards,

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