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LaurelLaurel Brishel Prichard (Albuquerque, New Mexico

My daughter was perfectly healthy until she received the first Gardasil vaccination at 18 years of age on March 23, 2008.  Within 24 hours of the vaccine she began complaining of a terrible backache which lasted about a week.  Then she started having fatigue, stomach aches, vision problems and overall body aches.  She had her first seizure within a week after these symptoms.

She got the second shot on May 6, 2008 and the symptoms worsened and so did the full grand-mal, tonic-clonic seizures.  She also started having migraines, tremors and bruising.  The seizures increased to daily, sometimes more.  We spent the summer of 2008 calling ambulances and in the hospital (UNMH, Lovelace) where they said the seizures were non-epileptic.  She also had several UTIs which she’d never had in her life.  In July, she had a cluster of seizures (4) and almost died on my living room floor when she stopped breathing and turned blue.  By the Fall of 2008 the seizures started spreading out further.  We did not get the 3rd Gardasil shot as I had made the connection between her illness and the vaccine.  As time passed, the symptoms seemed to be resolving one by one. In December 2008 she had a new symptom, bleeding gums which lasted until July 2009 and now this appears to have been resolved. Her last seizure was January of 2009 until this past weekend, August 15, 2009 when she had 3 seizures.  She still suffers from the seizures and a severe tremor that has never gone away or lessened.

She has fought hard for her life and to get her health back.  She’s stayed in College, though her grades fell from the Dean’s List prior to the vaccine.

My daughter was perfectly healthy until she received this unnecessary vaccine.  I know the vaccine made her ill and I want to know how to make her well again. Stop this vaccine before any other girls are injured.  She lost her independence and had to move home, her job, her grades, her health, her freedom and I have spent the last 18 months with many sleepless nights, spent tons of money on medical bills, endured horrid treatment by medical professionals because they didn’t have answers and my business has suffered too as she could not be left alone because of the drop seizures.

Please investigate this vaccine and help our girls and prevent other girls and mothers from enduring this nightmare.

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