Leah from Nottinghamshire

Leah - Nottinghanshire

Leah Mann – Nottinghamshire – Age 18

Extract from article in the Daily Mail – 5 April 2009

And it’s not just 12 and 13 year-olds that may have been affected. Eighteen-year-old Leah Mann, from Nottinghamshire, had her first injection in January 2009.

Ten days later, when she was at work in a fish and chip shop, she felt unwell and collapsed. When she came to, she had no feeling from her waist down.

“It was terrifying,” she says. “I went to hospital and while I was waiting to see a doctor the feeling in my right leg came back. But it took two weeks for it to return to my left leg.”

Leah Mann, 18, now has regular seizures.

More worryingly, she now suffers full-blown seizures. Although doctors are at a loss to explain why she has developed what appears to be epilepsy, they are more inclined to believe it is associated with the antidepressant medication she had been taking (with no adverse side effects for more than a year) than with the vaccine.

“I’ve had my driving license taken away and I’ve had to give up my college couse,” she explains.

Leah had been studying equine management, but, because of her seizures, the college’s insurance can’t cover her horse riding. She will remain housebound until her specialists find the right medication to control her condition.

“It is five weeks since we last saw her neurologist, and she has had 30 seizures in that time,” says her mother, Tracey, 42.

Leah adds, “Looking back, I felt lucky to have had the injection. But why has my doctor not allowed me to have the second and third doses?”

While GlaxoSmithKline says that “Cervarix had to undergo rigorous testing with large numbers of people in numerous studies,” and was “found to be generally well tolerated,” questions over the safety and efficacy of Cervarix remain.

Dr. Richard Halvorsen, author of ‘The Truth about Vaccines,’ says: 

“The HPV vaccines have been introduced at breakneck speed and, in my view, without adequate testing.

It is already the most profitable vaccine ever made and the worry is that it is being introduced too rapidly, for the financial gain of its manufacturers and with too little regard for the health of our young women.

These parents may never know for certain whether the vaccine caused their daughters’ disabilities.

I would not encourage my own daughter to have it. At the moment, we know far too little to be sure – and we know far too little to roll it out on a national scale.

However, those who know the devastation that cervical cancer can cause are in no doubt that the benefits outweigh the possible risks.”

Meanwhile, Robert Music, director of the cervical cancer charity, Jo’s Trust, says:

“Quite simply, the jab could save your daughters’ lives.”

Even among Cervarix’s critics, you will not find anyone who disagrees with this sentiment. But, those whose health has deteriorated since they armed themselves against the disease would warn against the blind acceptance of a wonder-jab.


  1. Gary Young says:

    Please, how much evidence do people need before we can finger the culprits? It makes me sick to the stomach to listen to these gangster corporations, backed by WHO, GAVI, the CDC, the BMA, AMA arrogantly defending the poisoning of the young and old alike, while using any and all methods to further their own aims. We’ve had Wolfgang Wodarg and the European Medical Council finding collusion between vaccine makers, health “authorities” and WHO to hype up the swine flu “pandemic” in order to push their poison on us, why would we want to trust ANY of them again? If people would only research the history of vaccines and the connections with the Rockefellers, Kissingers Memorandum 200, “Ecoscience” which was co-authored by John P Holdren, the current Whitehouse Science csar, and an excellent presentation by Dr David Ayoub called “Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda”, we’d all take our kids and run a mile from any vaccine. I’m a dad and a grandad, and as long as I’m alive my kids will never have any needles forced on them without their informed and explicit consent.

  2. Emily Woods says:

    I researched this jab a few years ago when it was offered to my oldest daughter and after only a couple of days scouting about I was convinced there was no way my girl would have it , now my 2nd daughter is being offered it and I’ve returned the consent form back to school, again I’ve refused to give consent but this time I’ve been contacted by the school nurse, an area vaccine coordinator and our own GP trying to convince me to change my mind not only for my 12 yr daughter but my older daughter too. Its madness, if I dont give consent on the form why do they feel the need to harrass me and pressure me into allowing it. My husbands aunt was left brain damaged by the whooping cough vaccine and it was a proven case, compensation given and court documents proving this but over the years when Ive mentioned this to various health professional I’ve been suffered a barrage of insulting lies, I’ve been laughed at and told theres never been any cases of proven vaccine damage, its these blatant lies that have shocked me to my core and left me very mistrusting toward the medical professions.

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