Leixuri from Santurzi


Vaccinated with Gardasil

City, Community and Postal Code: Santurtzi (Vizkaya) 48980 SPAIN

Symptoms: pain, deformity and functional impotence on fingers of her hands; stiffness of both wrists and pain when they are mobilized, elbow deformity; muscular stiffness and contractures, tightening of extremities, loss of consciousness, jerking, seizures, dizziness, syncope, feeling sick, parenthesias, blurred sight, angustia, ataxy, hemiparesy, tiredness, chest pain, problems of concentration, impossibility to walk, loss of strength, incapacity to do physical exercise.

Emergency Door Visits: From 6/25/09 to 11/19/09:  12 visits to emergency doors and admitted to hospital between 11/2/09 to 11/5/09;  9/12/09 and 9/14/09

Dates of Vaccination:  1st Shot 10/21/08;  2nd Shot 12/2/08;  4/27/09.  HPV vaccine was given along with Heptatitis B

Duration of Illness:  From the 11/10/08 to present day.

Not Recovered

Doctors say that it is psychological. The mother relates she is a normal girl and she has not had problems before being vaccinated.

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