Nerea from Spain


Age when vaccinated:  12 years old.  1st shot 11/22/07; 2nd shot 1/24/08; 3rd shot 5/22/08.

Vaccinated with Gardasil

Nerea is now 14 years old. In March 2008, after receiving the HPV vaccine, she fainted three times and her arm was swollen.  From that moment on she became ill, very tired, with 37ºC temperature and mainly with headaches. She has lost her hair, and she always has a pain in her throat.

In May and June 2008, she had mouth-genital aftosis (her mouth and genital parts of her body were covered with a sort of fungus which has been very difficult to treat), the doctors said it was due to a lowering of her immune system. From September 2009, she has had syncopes in which she loses consciousness and falls down. Every time they are more frequent and stronger. She is admitted to hospital for two weeks, physicians carry out medical tests and they are all normal. The doctors inform her that she does not have either of the two conditions, narcolepsy or epilepsy. She is a bit down, as the doctors say that her condition could be psychological.

She had a completely normal life before receiving the vaccine, with her friends and good marks at school. Now she is not the same girl.

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