Nora from Illinois

NoraNora Kenny (Illinois)

See letter from Nora’s mom

“Nora has always been a great kid—she’s the oldest of our 3—a 16 year brother, Jack and a 15 year-old sister, Sally.  Nora was an honor role student her entire high school career, a 3 sport athlete until her senior year where she only played basketball and softball.  She was named all academic-all conference for each sport she played. She has always made friends easily and enjoys the things that most girls her age do.  She started working as a hostess at a local Red Lobster in the spring of her Junior year and was promoted to waitress last summer.  She attends the University of Illinois at Champaign and plans to major in Kinesiology.”

“I am very proud of Nora and I feel very badly that I agreed to have her receive Gardasil.  She asked me the other day why we didn’t know of its potential harm….I had no good answer.”

“Nora is now taking seizure medication.  There is no family history of seizures.” 

“She received her first shot June 16, 2008 and fainted June 21, 2008.  My husband and I were at a friend’s house for dinner.  At about 7:30pm, our youngest daughter called to say something was wrong with our 18 year old daughter Nora, and that the ambulance was taking her to the ER. 

She received her second shot August 19, 2008 and had the seizures September 2, 2008.  I got a phone call from a young woman who lives on the same floor in the same dorm as Nora to let me know that Nora had had a seizure.”


  1. Have you tried getting her to an environmental medicine specialist ? Or a naturopath that practices energy medicine ? She needs to detox the toxins to allow the immune system to reset !!

  2. ducatidave says:

    There is no “sane” vaccine. They are ALL VERY harmful and utterly NOT needed

  3. She needs to see a clinical ecologist of integrative physician in google it in Illinois she needs IV chelation immediately or HMD by silver wings but i believe due to the seizures she needs immediate IV chelation of the heavy metals and put her on metagenics ultra clear rice protein shakec w/rice dream rice milk, banans and blueberries all organic food now to get the crap out and raw garlic and buffered vit c from pure encapsulations-802-747-9944 call me Second Wind Creations Holistic Healing in VT-Namaste

  4. The gardasil will contain sodium borate which is a rat poison and causes severe depression. It as wells msg, polysorbate 80, squalene, are infertility sterilizing chemicals and toxic to the brain. Gardasil is a papilloma virus made in the US Special Cancer Virus Program which ran fro 1962-1978 and many diseases today stem from this program because the US Government had the microbes first and weaponized them to include West Nile Virus, SV-40 (AIDS), condyloma/papilloma, WIlm’s Tumor, H1 Swine Flu, influenza and more. My website blog exposes a small fraction of the information you would want to know. RNA viruses in papilloma are inhibited by tetra silver tetroxide the patented cure for HIV, the patented management of cancer to remove all symptoms. See a man cured of HIV (which is just a string of cancer viruses and the mycoplasma).
    See all the microbes tetrasil inhibits

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