Post-Cervarix Syndrome Victim: Emily, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Story as told by Caron, Emily’s mum

Post-Cervarix Syndrome Victim

My daughter Emily has always been bright, fit, healthy and energetic. She’s a member of many of the school sports teams, she dances competitively and lights up any room when she walks into it because every pore of her body exudes life – she’s an absolute joy to be around. Or, that was the case until last October when she began her course of Cervarix vaccinations.

Until last October, her medical history had been ‘unremarkable’, as noted on a recent letter from her pediatrician. She has always been extremely healthy and fit and has enjoyed a healthy, balanced diet. She is allergic to penicillin and suffers from hay fever.

She received her course of HPV jabs (Cervarix) through her school in October (2010), December (2010) and May (2011).  When she brought home the consent form, I wasn’t aware of any serious adverse effects and she was really keen to have the vaccination as it had been discussed at school.  The official literature claimed only mild and temporary side effects.

Three weeks after her second jab she became extremely ill with a flu like virus: vomiting, fever & chills, headache, muscle aches and weakness, extreme exhaustion, sore throat, severe abdominal pains, rash on her face and torso & dizziness. Medical advice was plenty of fluids and rest – she was in bed ill for three weeks. We put it down to a bad bout of ‘flu.’

Then the fun started! She would appear to be on the mend, then relapse with exhaustion, nausea, abdominal pains and dizziness. Her muscles frequently ached, her joints, particularly her knees often hurt and she had a constant sore throat and regular headaches.  This went on and on and for over 6 months. She had three full blood tests which were ‘normal’ and negative for glandular fever. The doctor diagnosed ‘Post Viral Fatigue’.

It was a terrible six months and as a family we ran the full gamut of emotions. ‘Tiredness’ seemed a lame excuse for missing school, so I put pressure on Emily to attend when she wasn’t well enough and felt terribly guilty for doing so, arguments were frequent as my husband I disagreed about what, if anything, was wrong and what to do about it. Emily became upset thinking that we didn’t believe how ill she felt and her classmates sometimes gave her a hard time about it.

As a mother I knew something was very wrong, something had turned off the light inside my daughter and I felt as though gradually her body was gearing down bit by bit. She looked and acted as though the life had been drained out of her.

Then one day in July the penny just dropped and I realized that her illness had started after her second HPV jab. A morning’s research on the internet confirmed there were many more girls experiencing the same symptoms – exactly the same symptoms! Everything fell into place.

From there, I contacted Freda Birrell through the SaneVax website. She has been my guide, giving me strength, putting me in touch with other parents and keeping me sane! Emily was referred to a pediatrician at Pinderfields Hospital(Wakefield), who diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and said there was no treatment, she would gradually get better.  Two days after this pediatrics appointment, we were in A&E because Emily had lost the feeling in her right arm and right leg.  At the moment we’re waiting for Emily to get a referral to a different consultant for a second opinion – our GP has been very supportive and is currently researching the best option for us.

Emily is much better than she was at the start of the year, but still suffers bouts of fatigue and lethargy. She has a constant sore throat, frequent headaches and abdominal pain. Her symptoms change, so we never know what will present next. The latest has been a breathlessness that she gets from the slightest activity, like running up the stairs. She has good days and bad days, but her good days are equivalent to a pre-vaccination bad day.

None of the doctors we have consulted stated that they believe the vaccine to be responsible for Emily’s illnesses, although none have totally discounted it. From the morning the penny finally dropped for me, I have had no doubt whatsoever that Emily’s problems are a direct result of her Cervarix vaccinations and as I speak to other parents and research the vaccine, it merely confirms what I already know.

The final confirmation came recently when I requested Emily’s school attendance record. I had thought that Emily had been fine with her first jab, but three weeks after her first jab she was off school for one day in that week and three days in the following week.  Three weeks after her second jab she was very ill for three weeks.  Three weeks after her third jab, we were on holiday, during which she was tired, lethargic, emotional and moody throughout.

The three week lag between the jab and symptoms had stopped me from making a connection between the vaccine and the reaction and so my daughter went on to have all three jabs.  How many other parents are not making that connection and how many doctors are not making that connection? What would the adverse reaction statistics for the vaccine look like if parents reported all health problems for six months after each vaccination?

We are not warned that these side effects exist in the severity they do and for the length of time they do. And we are not warned that side effects can take weeks to become evident and that we should report them when they do.  When will GlaxoSmithKline be held accountable for keeping this information from the girls, parents, doctors and nurses?  It’s an absolute scandal that this is allowed to go on without further investigation.

The girls need answers, the families need answers and this pain and suffering has got to stop.


  1. Caron, in my opinion it is the Department of Health that should be held accountable for keeping this information from the girls, parents, doctors and nurses. They claim they made a mistake in their first batch of literature (50,000 printed copies plus what they sent out electronically in training materials to PCTs in 2008) completely understating the known side effects by 10 to 100 times and missing out others entirely – but worse than that, they didn’t tell anyone for months and months. When eventually they informed medical people in a vaccines circular that there were “amendments” – no detail and nothing explicit about having understated side effects! – it was right in the middle of the swine flu panic and so nobody would have taken the slightest bit of notice.

    They have had plenty of chance to admit the mistake publicly e.g. in the House of Commons debate on 13th May 2009 but the then-Health Minister just spent her time accusing my MP of scaremongering. So in my opinion they knew about the risks – they knew about their ‘playing down’ of the risks and by then it was a conscious decision to ‘play them down’ so as not to cause alarm or to be shamed by their foolish mistakes and decisions. There were also some suspicious goings-on in the ministerial office three weeks after that date when they have absolutely no record of an important email I sent to Dawn Primarolo – at her request – and the new health secretary at that time, Andy Burnham, plus a copy to the main enquiries desk.

    Having seen over and over again that the NHS Choices moderators just callously censor whatever they don’t like, it seems to me that the whitewashing of vital information about vaccine side effects is not only allowed in the Department of Health but positively encouraged; meanwhile trainee doctors and nurses are brainwashed into believing all the promised befnefits without thinking independently about the gaps in the science, the dangers of aluminium poisoning or the flawed method of testing vaccines without a true placebo.

    Really it is up to headteachers and governors to make their own decisions about whether they will allow these nurses to do the jabs on school premises during school time, when they do not have any idea about the girls’ medical history and apparently have not even been asking whether they have been having any time off school with suspected side effects.

    Caron you are absolutely right about attendance records giving a clue to the pattern with this vaccine. I suggested that a study should be made of school attendance records to Andrew Lansley in September 2008, amongst other things like a note of caution but he wrote back saying he disagreed with me. Three years on, I still think those electronic attendance records would be very valuable evidence if everyone requested theirs and the results are analysed by independent statisticians – not employed by the Department of Health!

    Journal of vaccines, published letter by Professor Christopher Exley, November 2011
    Freedom of Information answers on (Cervarix)

    • Christina Berry-McIntosh says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, I only became aware of this when I read your article in the independent.
      I am in total shock as our lovely daughter Ellen is living a similar nightmare.
      long long story dating back to 2010 .
      We have had to buy her a wheelchair instead of her first car.
      we would love to join your support group.

  2. Susan Clarke says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your daughter’s troubles. That really does sound terrible and so scary. I do want to let you know that I believe Homeopathy could help your daughter. Homeopathy is a very gentle, but excellent way to heal our bodies.

  3. S Segundo says:

    I hope you have notified the GlaxoSmithKline, England’s equivalent to the FDA and while you are at it–I’d appreciate you notifying the US Federal Drug Administration also. Thank you

  4. I have 2 Granddaughters that are having similar symptoms until a friend told me about the findings of this I did not tie it to thing like heavy menstrual cycles, bad cramps, and more frequent periods.I was not aware they were getting the shots until lately. However I know that my instinct was simply that there was not enough info out there for this to be something I would want for myself. And from past experience that if you mess with the body there is usually prices to pay for it further down the line.

  5. Godofredo Arauzo says:

    The scientific efficacy of this vaccine will be determined just the years 2025-2030 because research has begun the decade of 2000. From its inception until the appearance of carcinoma of the cervix (CCU), takes on average 25 to 30 years; definitely not the HPV causes the (CCU); in the onset of this disease involve multiple risk factors, among them are suspected to HPV. yes it is proven that sex generates this condition: Mix in 130.000 nuns found no CCU.
    To accept that a bacteria or virus causes a disease inevitably have to fulfill the Koch’s Postulates:.
    1 – The agent must be present in every case of the disease and absent in the healthy.
    2 – The agent should not appear in other diseases.
    3 – The agent must be isolated in pure culture from lesions of the disease.
    4 – The agent has to cause the disease in an animal capable of being inoculated.
    5 – The agent must be isolated from new lesions in experimental animals.
    1. Principle: not found any physical HPV cervical carcinoma (CCU), has found only his DNA immunology, which can be interpreted as the virus is present or is a residual immunity. and immunological detection was not meet in all CCU;only 90% of CCU: does not fulfill this first principle;
    2. Principle: The agent also appears in the warts does not appear only in the CCU: not satisfy this principle;
    3. Principle: It have not been isolated cultivating from a growing CCU: Does not fulfill this principle
    4. Principle: The HPV inoculate a laboratory animal, produces the disease; as it have not been isolated from the CCU, it has not inoculated to laboratory animal; violates this principle and
    5. As it was not inoculated in laboratory animal because they was not found in a CCU, . also violated this principle.
    Consequently, HPV does not fulfill any principle of the Koch’s postulates; this postulates is accepted as dogma in the scientists physicia world to ensure that it is the causative agent of the CCU.
    Until March of this year, 95 girls had death; until 2009 had 20.000 adverse effects and more of one thausand disabled irreversible damage. The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reaction (VAERS) reports too that the vaccine produced abnormal Pap 376, anogenital warts 108, HPV infections 224, 41 cervical cancers, 21.634 adverse events and 95 death after vaccination. The VAERS say that is known only 1 to 10% of adverse effects and deaths from unlucky vaccine; therefore, have been 216.340 adverse effects and 950 death alone in the U.S. and all the damages listed add a zero.
    Dra. Harper, who helped develop the vaccine by Merck, refers that the vaccine was not investigated in children under 15 years and the vaccine given to children under 11 years is a big public experiment.
    The vaccine was approved for girls to not contaminated with HPV; Dr.Howenstinc say that if women infected with HPV is vaccinated, have the opportunity to acquire a 44.6% CCU
    Sane vax has discovered that the vaccine is contaminated with the DNA HPV and has raised its concerns to the president of the FDA Margaret Hamburg
    To introduce the vaccine are using the marketing of fear:
    The HPVs lives in wild and domestic animals, we pollute us from first day of birth, is found in the doorknobs, in towels, in the nails, on fomites, in gloves and specula of gynecologists. It is doubtful that sex is the only means of contamination
    The PVH live too in 400 nanometers more external of our skin; if he HPV live on our skin, our immune system produces cellular and humoral immunity or that our bodies are being vaccinated in a natural way; if the HPV live in our skin, by inference we can ensure that too they live too in the mucous membranes ..
    This vaccine is genetically modified, the vaccines known are original virus known and the vaccine is prepared to prevent infection only by the HPV 16 and 18
    The HPV is not distributed uniformly over the world. The HPV 18 has been found in Canada in only 3%, more common is HPV 31, in my country Peru there are no studies that established the predominant HPV types;
    This vaccine contains 225 mcg. Aluminum, a suspected cause Alzheimer’s and Polisorbatol 80 which is a powerful contraceptive; in experimental animals produces sterility; is carcinogenic and mutagenic, also contains sodium borate considered poison, not used in medicinal preparations.
    For the dangerous reasons from Peru, depth, Huancayo, I believe that this vaccine is a Fraud?, Robbery?, Swindle? , Rough joke?; it is not scientifically proven at the moment, its effectiveness, will be determinated just the years of 2025-2030.

    Dr. Godfrey Arauzo
    E mail: godo.ara @
    Phone: 05164252052

  6. CaronRyalls says:

    UPDATE ON EMILY’S CONDITION: Although it seemed that Emily was improving a little last year, she unfortunately relapsed due to trying to maintain a ‘normal’ life and her health deteriorated substantially. She has been diagnosed with the neurological illness ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and although many specialists accept that ME can be triggered by vaccinations, no doctor has been willing to attribute my daughter’s illness to the HPV vaccine. We have been told there is no effective treatment and no cure – we have to just hope that she will ‘grow’ out of it. At the moment Emily attends school for only 2 hours per day, has had to give up competitive dance and sport and is usually in considerable pain. She regularly has to endure exhaustion, sore throats, headaches, breathlessness, chest pain, dizziness, abdominal pain, joint pain, muscle aches, insomnia, impaired short term memory, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and assimilating information. As a teenager, the joy has pretty much been taken out of her life, but still she smiles on and complains little. Her view is that if she complained every time she felt pain or ill, that’s all she would talk about! I’m so proud of my daughter for her attitude to this and her strength and positivity but I’m heartbroken that she has to go through it. My heart goes out to the many parents and daughters who are experiencing the same devastation after having the HPV vaccination and I pray that one day the government and medics will come to their senses.

  7. Dorothy Forbes says:

    I know a great deal of time has elapsed since you~Emily, became so ill with the Cervarix/Gardasill vaccination. I hope & pray that you are recovering, or have made a full recovery would be even more wonderful..God Bless ….
    Dears Caron & Emily, Thank you for sharing your story about the horrors of the Cervarix/Gardasil vaccinations; now currently on the go again for ‘young men’ as well as the ‘young women.’ I have been studying this Gardasil/Cervarix farce for a few years now and sent all the information to my daughter Eleanor to educate my two grand-daughters, who were aged at the time 16 yrs & 8yo. Now 19 & 11. My eldest grand-daughter got into all the sites available to her on the internet, and educated her young sister.about the dangers of Gardasil & Cervarix. The real dangers of the Gardasil/Cervarix vaccine programme is the parental permission being granted to ‘Pharma.’ & health authorities without as much of a ‘What Are The Side Effects of Gardasil/Cervarix.’ There are no side effects~ they are ‘Direct Effects.’ Whats more they are all bad & they are always denied. The best treatment for the ravages of Gardasil/Cervarix vaccines is (Chelation Thearpy, it’s when they remove the highly toxic chemicals from your blood stream,) so that all of the bodies systems can get back to normal. Do not go to your local Dr. for this treatment as many GP’s frown at this, and roll their eyes in disbelief. Go to your nearest Naturopath or ‘Google~Chelation Therapy.’ Some patients say ‘It’s like a miracle.’ But always ask questions, what happens? How long? How will I feel? Etc; Etc; Make a list, be inquisitive. Be Safe! You’ll be feeling better after the first appointment. Cheers To You & Yours……& Good Luck.
    P.S. I am 74 years old today/28th Feb, and I do not take medications of any kind~ I also hate to hear of anyone being harmed by toxic meds.

  8. Sue Hill says:

    I believe my daughter’s illness over the last 2 years is because of the HPV Vaccine….Just like Emily…..If anyone can offer support please get in touch. I feel like I am going mad. I have told doctors about my suspicions but none seem to take things I say seriously and pass off her illness as teenage issues….I know it is not. It is too much of a coincidence that she fell ill after having the vaccination in 2012. I too are collecting as much information as I possibly can from school and doctors. My daughter will be lucky if she is able to sit her GCSE’s in a few weeks as she as not been able to attend school regularly in the last 2/3 months. My active healthy daughter that once was has gone.

    • For the attention of Sue Hill.
      Sue – I have sent you a personal email asking you to get in touch with me at

      Please make contact with me. Thank you.

      Freda Birrell
      Secretary, SaneVax Inc

    • Caron Ryalls says:

      Hello Sue

      So sorry to hear your daughter is going through this – I too have had periods over the last 4 years during which I felt that I was going mad! Please get in touch with Freda – she’ll be able to give you my contact details, and you can then contact me either by email or telephone.

      Emily is now 17. She sat her GCSEs last summer and managed to get the 5 GCSEs she needed to go onto the Sixth Form to study A Levels. Her school were absolutely wonderful with the support they put in place, and Emily amazed everyone with A and B grades she pulled out of a hat on the day! Emily also missed a lot of school in the three years prior to her exams; for much of those three years, she was attending for around 4 hours a week at the most and often missed weeks at a time. There are lots of things that can be put in place for GCSEs, if the school haven’t done so already – please get in touch asap if you want to chat about this.

      We too went through many doctors who passed everything off as either ‘typical teenage girl’ problems or as psychological. It was an incredibly difficult time for us all, but particularly frustrating and distressing for Emily – we left lots of doctors appointments and A&E visits in tears.

      The good news is that although Emily is still having health problems and we’re still searching for answers, gradually we’re putting the pieces together. Emily was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) in November 2012 and that was a big step in the right direction for her, as there are treatment plans. Once she found the right medication, it had a big positive effect on her day to day functioning. Lots of the HPV vaccine injured girls are eventually finding they have problems with their autonomic nervous system which typically presents as POTS, and POTS has been linked in the medical literature and journal with the HPV vaccines. Again, I’m happy to discuss this with you if you want to make contact – if you feel your daughter may have POTS symptoms, it isn’t quite so straight forward as getting your daughter assessed, as it isn’t a widely known illness and most GPs and paediatricians know nothing about it; finding the right specialist is the key.

      Caron x

  9. Gina Robinson says:

    I believe my daughter’s I’ll health is also to the HPV vaccine , can anyone help with were to start please 🙂 ,thank you xxx


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