Preliminary development of treatment for HPV vaccine injured girls

By Stig Gerdes, MD

Dear reader,

Here is a preliminary statement of my diagnosis and treatment of 13 very, very sick women, of whom 11 are HPV vaccine injured and 2 are affected by ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis).

As seen, the treatment has an effect and I have no doubt that it is curative in some cases, as evidenced by these reports. Whether the treatment can help 100% is questionable, but American studies and experience shows that ME patients can be helped in 85% of cases. ME is a syndrome that is triggered by bacteria, viruses, molds, heavy metals, vaccines, artificial DNA, and allergens. HPV vaccine injured is a subgroup of ME.

The treatment has in some patients not been administered long enough that a definitive conclusion can be drawn.  Treatment needs to be administered 4-6 months to show conclusive results. However I think that the results shown to date should be taken seriously by the Danish health Authorities, so that the minister of health again requires The Regions to diagnose and treat this major group of severely ill HPV vaccine damaged youngsters.

The experience I have gained and all the nice people who have been assisting me to get to here, are of course available to help in this difficult process for our healthcare system.

The only way I can diagnose HPV vaccine injured is by the number of symptoms occurring in relation to the time of vaccination. I also use the symptom tables, showing which and how many symptoms each patient has. To get a quick overview of the patient’s symptoms, I use “The VAS Scale” from 0-10, where 0 is none and 10 is the maximum of the symptoms. “Maximum score” indicates the maximum point, the patient scores, if all symptoms have strength 10. Thereby, you can always see how many symptoms a patient have, by dividing the maximum score with 10.

“Current score” is the sum of the current points at any given time.

It is very, very important to emphasize that all patients have been sent around in the Danish Healthcare system, usually several times to the same department without anyone being able to make a diagnosis, or give them a dignified treatment.


Yours Sincerely,
Stig Gerdes, General practitioner
Danmarksgade 11,
DK-7000 Fredericia,

Read case histories, treatment protocols, and preliminary outcomes here.


  1. IS this treatment safe for someone dealing with kidney disease. Along with rashes, fatigue, hair loss, stomach aches, trouble sleeping, headaches, I am dealing with kidney issues (have protein in my urine). I have been diagnosed with lupus nephritis.

    I would like to try the high dose vitamin c infusions with glutathione. I have been on a strict diet avoiding dairy, sugar, and gluten.

    • This is something you would need to discuss with your medical provider. Everyone has a different medical history – there is no treatment on the face of the planet that is right for everyone. Dr. Gerdes, who helped develop this treatment protocol can be reached for consultation at the email address he kindly provided at the end of the article.

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