On the relationship between human papilloma virus vaccine and autoimmune diseases

Authors: Paolo Pellegrinoa, Carla Carnovalea, Marco Pozzib, Stefania Antoniazzic, Valentina Perronea, Dionigi Salvatia, Marta Gentilia, Tatiana Brusadellia, Emilio Clementib, d, , , Sonia Radicea


The human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines were introduced to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. The bivalent vaccine is effective against HPV-16, -18, -31, -33 and -45 while the quadrivalent vaccine is effective against HPV-16, 18, 31, 6 and 11 types. The immunisation, recommended for adolescent females, has led to high vaccine coverage in many countries.

Along with the introduction of the HPV vaccines, several cases of onset or exacerbations of autoimmune diseases following the vaccine shot have been reported in the literature and pharmacovigilance databases, triggering concerns about its safety. This vaccination programme, however, has been introduced in a population that is at high risk for the onset of autoimmune diseases, making it difficult to assess the role of HPV vaccine in these cases and no conclusive studies have been reported thus far.

We have thus analysed and reviewed comprehensively all case reports and studies dealing with either the onset of an autoimmune disease in vaccinated subject or the safety in patients with autoimmune diseases to define the role of the HPV vaccines in these diseases and hence its safety. A solid evidence of causal relationship was provided in few cases in the examined studies, and the risk vs. benefit of vaccination is still to be solved. The on-going vigilance for the safety of this vaccine remains thus of paramount importance.

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  1. In 2012 Gaia Health published an excellent article relating to a biased and skewed study concerning Gardasil and autoimmune reactions. Sadly, the author has passed and the site is down. The article has been salvaged here with a more limited layout and without the original comments:

    This was my comment:
    The obvious aim of the study was to convince doctors that autoimmune reactions are not caused by the vaccine.
    Medscape gave away a Continuing Medical Education (CME) online class in support of the study.
    The manipulated rubbish which was fed to doctors is incredible It is obviously an advantage for doctors to comfortably collect easily earned credits in this way.
    To do this all that was required was to answer two multiple choice questions (the “hoped for” answers were printed above them).
    One question involved ticking the statement that the vaccine contains products of HPV types 6,11,16 and 18.
    The other involved ticking the statement that the vaccine does not appear to promote any incident autoimmune diseases.
    There were some voluntary questions where one could agree to statements such as that the study assists in improvement of my competence, performance, etc.
    Bingo – I attained 0.25 credits and a Medscape certificate for participation in the material titled: “Rate of Autoimmune Conditions Not Increased with HPV4 Use”.

  2. The study,I have uploaded it to my mediafire account. Best Wishes to all for good health.

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