Sweet Baby Girl Dies After Vaccination and Parents Being Gagged

By Christina England

Vaccine Programmes in India

As we begin the New Year it appears that another vaccine tragedy is unfolding. Many of us are aware that the year 2011 closed with blood on its hands after a baby girl died just hours after the pentavalent vaccine was introduced into India. What has been less publicized however, is that due to a massive orchestrated cover up mounting rumors that further deaths and adverse reactions have also been reported.

A journalist working in India, who cannot be named to protect their identity and their life, has informed me that the situation in India is now critical, stating that since the first death occurred, there have been reports of another two unconfirmed deaths and adverse reactions. The additional information is said to have been reported privately to doctors by a journalist from Kerala, where the first death occurred.

Since the report of these further unconfirmed deaths, the journalist who made the reports cannot be traced. This is despite every attempt to do so and there are now fears for his life.

As to be expected, experts have stated that the vaccine did not cause the death of the original baby who died within hours of receiving the pentavalent vaccine. Reports state that the infant died of breathlessness (commonly known as Apnea) during her sleep, after an autopsy report was released. (1) (Apnea attacks leading to death of an infant after vaccination are not uncommon. See ‘CotWatch study’ by Dr Viera Scheibner 1985. (2))

Within hours of the original report in the Times of India, the Asian Age another leading Indian newspaper presented a completely different picture, saying that the death was due to “smothering” and not breathlessness. (3) The Asian Age reported that “Experts found blood frothing and swelling in the trachea’, concluding that the baby may have been smothered,” The report stated:

Four days after a two-month old died after having administered with the first dose of pentavalent vaccine at Vithura in Kerala, a high-level team consisting of experts from the Union ministry of health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has ruled out the possibility of her dying due to the vaccine. The experts investigating into the case in fact have pointed to “smothering” as the reason behind her death.’

This case mirrors the case of Sally Clark (4). Clark was jailed for murder after her children were found dead following vaccinations. Despite one of her children dying just five hours after his DPT vaccination, the evidence was withheld in court by two Expert Witnesses including Prof Roy Meadow who assured the jury that the vaccination could be discounted as the cause of death. Professor Meadow, a former member of a Department of Health sub-committee on adverse reactions to vaccines, told the jury that he could not think of any natural explanation for Harry’s or Christopher’s deaths, even though he had been part of several committee’s discussing children dying shortly after vaccinations. (5)

It has been said that multi vaccines such as the 5 in 1 are a way of introducing non UIP (Universal Immunization Programme) vaccines into India through the backdoor. In India only certain vaccines that are deemed necessary are accepted by the UIP. These include the DTP, OPV, Measles, BCG, TT, DT which are universally administered under the UIP and are bought in bulk by the government; these vaccinations are supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO). All other vaccines that do not qualify for universal vaccination are purchased locally on a need basis.

The only way to encourage India to buy non UIP vaccines is to combine them into a multi vaccine such as the pentavalent vaccine thus pushing the non UIP vaccines in through the back door. Y. Madhavi (6)

In September 2010 a whole year before the pentavalent vaccine became part of the vaccination schedule a petition was sent to ‘The Court of New Delhi’, stating that India was unhappy with the amount of vaccines of questionable efficacy being pushed into the public health system.

Dr. Jacob M Puliyel S/o Late Shri P. M. Mammen Head, Dept. of Pediatrics, St. Stephans Hospital, Tis Hazari, New Delhi-110054 stated that the petitioners had filed the petition to highlight how, in the absence of a rational evidence-based vaccine policy, more and more vaccines of questionable efficiency and huge costs were being pushed into the public health system. Puliyel stated that the petition highlighted the serious short-comings in the present regulatory system and said that the vaccine was recommended for introduction in the UIP without any tests or epidemiological study.

His affidavit highlighted the fact that the government was trying to introduce the pentavalent vaccine whilst contravening every one of the basic principles used to pass a vaccination for clearance. (7)

His evidence was ignored and the vaccine went ahead despite the fear for public safety.

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