Teen's win on MMR

Posted: 27 October 2010

Originally published on 31 August 2010

The claim that the MMR vaccine is totally safe was in doubt again today after a landmark ruling for the Wigan boy who started the whole controversy of triple jab side-effects. 

The Vaccine Damage Payment Unit has ruled that 18-year-old Robert Fletcher’s severe disabilities were caused by the inoculation when he was a toddler.

For most of his life, mum Jackie has campaigned for recognition that the “cocktail” of vaccines can pose risks, and she set up the national JABS (Justice, Awareness and Basic Support) group which represents thousands of families who feel their children have been left with conditions ranging from autism to Crohn’s disease by MMR.

But they have been routinely dismissed as “scaremongers” by the medical establishment who have produced rafts of research to demonstrate that the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination is not dangerous while highlighting the greater risks from measles.

Now, however, the Department of Health is having to face up to a legal precedent, plus the prospect of countless more damage claims.

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