The Le Roy Twelve: Mass Hysteria? Gardasil? PANDAS? Aluminum Toxicity? – A Discussion on Environmental Factors, Mitochondrial Damage and Vaccine-Injury

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Mitochondrial Damage

Today’s latest on The Le Roy Twelve reveals there is finally a diagnosis for the mysterious tic disorders in these formerly healthy and vibrant young women:  “Mass Hysteria.”  The psychiatrists have determined that there is no real physical cause for the sudden onset of symptoms associated with serious neurological damage, so they have conclusively stated, “It’s all in their heads.” It’s a “conversion disorder.” For those who may not have heard of “Mass Hysteria” or Conversion Disorder, let me give you a little background.

The concept of Conversion Disorder was first proposed by Dr. Sigmund Freud. Dr. Freud usually gets credit for “the discovery of conversion disorder” but he actually stole much of his theories from Dr. Josef Breuer; another German psychiatrist who was quite prominent in his field in the 1880s.

Dr. Freud is known in the psychiatry circles as “The Father of Psychoanalysis.”  He’s the guy who thought every adult struggle in life was caused by feelings of sexual frustration in childhood. He’s the guy who said that all of women’s difficulties were because of their hormones; to Freud, women were weak and crazy (he used the term “neurotic”) simply because women have a uterus. The greek word for uterus is “hystera.” That’s where “hysteria” comes from. That’s also why The Le Roy Twelve have been diagnosed with “Mass Hysteria.” It’s because they are girls.  Freud is also the genius who said that women suffered from immense frustration which was all due to the fact that we do not have penises, hence the term, “Penis Envy.” What most people may not know about the “revered” Dr. Sigmund Freud is that he was a cocaine addict who died of syphilis; hardly a stellar end for “The Father of Psychoanalysis.”

What is even more disturbing than the life and demise of Freud (pronounced Fraud), is that in this day and age (2012!) there are still psychiatrists and psychologists who believe in the drivel Freud came up with while he was high on drugs and most likely experiencing the delusions that come with chronic syphilis that has invaded the brain.

A great many people I know are up-in-arms about the diagnosis of “Conversion Disorder” that has been assigned to The Le Roy Twelve.  Rightfully so.  A big part of the reason for the uproar among my friends is because many of them cannot believe that the injuries these girls have suffered (which are obviously real and obviously physical) appear to be caused by one of two things:  Gardasil or PANDAS.

Everybody knows what Gardasil is.  It’s had a lot of press. Not everyone knows about PANDAS – Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptoccus. PANDAS, and now PITAND and PANS are all acronyms for physical illnesses that occur with a high degree of frequency in vaccine-injured children. There are some physicians who are treating children diagnosed with autism who believe that ALL cases of autism are the result of an autoimmune attack on the brain.  I know about PANDAS because when I worked in D.C. in a private practice, the neuropsychologist with whom I worked was associated with Johns Hopkins and she knew a few of the psychiatrists who were involved in the research group that initially coined the term.  Several years later when my own daughter began exhibiting the waxing-and-waning symptoms associated with a bacterial infection that attacks the basal ganglia and anterior cingulate gyrus, I recognized what was happening in her and was able to treat her accordingly. My daughter has PANDAS.  When I moved to the midwest in and joined a psychiatry practice here, I was the one who taught the very progressive and very intelligent, Mayo-trained psychiatrist about PANDAS. He had never heard of it.  At my suggestion, beginning in 2003, we started testing our teenaged patients who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, autism, ADHD, and anorexia for persistent strep infections. When those came back positive, we tested for markers of autoimmunity, and guess what? We very frequently found what we were looking for.  This begs the question… do the psychiatrists who are seeing The Le Roy Twelve know about PANDAS/PITAND/PANS?  Have they done the labs to determine if this is what’s going on?  If not, why not?  Is it because they are GIRLS, and therefore written off as being “hysterical?” If the girls have not had strep titers (ASO) and tests for autoimmunity done (ANA, Anti-DNase), this needs to be accomplished as soon as possible. If they do have undiagnosed and untreated strep infections, it can be fatal. They also need to be checked for staph infections in the blood. If these bacterial infections are present and going undetected because what is seen is not the usual presentation, death could – and does – occur.  If you don’t believe it, read this article.

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