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vaccine-groupsS.A.N.E. Vax is dedicated to providing you with all of the information you need to do your own research on vaccines so you can make informed decisions about your healthcare and that of your family.

The groups listed below are not in any particular order. Please keep in mind that each organization has its own agenda. S.A.N.E. Vax, Inc. is not responsible for their views and/or opinions. The information contained below was supplied by the organization indicated. We make no warranty as to accuracy, nor do we endorse any particular organization’s activities. We provide their contact information as a service to you.

It remains your responsibility to make your own informed decisions based on your own research and your own personal health history.


The National Vaccine Information Center

The National Vaccine Information Center is a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. The oldest and largest consumer organization advocating the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the mass vaccination system, NVIC is responsible for launching the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America in the early 1980’s.

Their Mission Statement:

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is dedicated to the prevention of vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defending the informed consent ethic. As an independent clearinghouse for information on diseases and vaccines, NVIC does not promote the use of vaccines and does not advise against the use of vaccines. We support the availability of all preventive health care options, including vaccination, and right of consumers to make educated, voluntary health care choices.


NVIC provides assistance to those who have suffered vaccine reactions; promotes research to evaluate vaccine safety and effectiveness, as well as to identify factors which place individuals at high risk for suffering vaccine reactions; and monitors vaccine research, development, regulation, policy-making and legislation. NVIC works to protect the right of citizens to exercise the human right to informed consent to medical interventions which carry a risk of injury or death for themselves or their children, including vaccination.


National Vaccine Information Website


The Australian Vaccination Network

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) was founded in 1994 by a group of parents and health professionals who were concerned about protecting the rights of Australians to make free and informed health choices.

AVN believes that:

  1. Both sides of every health issue should be freely available for anyone who is trying to make a decision. After all, the best health choices will always be informed choices.
  2. Research into the benefits and risks of treatments and medical procedures should always be performed independently of those who hold a vested interest. Drug companies should not be funding safety and effectiveness studies any more than tobacco companies should be funding studies into the safety of cigarette smoking, though currently, all research into drugs and vaccines is funded, in part or in total by the drug companies who will profit from their use.
  3. All information about health issues and parenting should be presented in a format which makes it understandably to anyone who wishes to access it. Medical jargon has no place when it comes to helping people make the best choices for their families and for themselves. This is why the AVN established its magazine, “Informed Voice” – to give everyone who is searching for information on health and parenting an easily-understood and up-to-date source of essential information.

The AVN is not anti-vaccination, but we are most definitely opposed to any form of compulsion for any medical procedure and we are against the use of coercion, financial penalties, or social stigma against those who have decided not to vaccinate. Health issues must always be a matter of free and informed choice in any nation choosing to call itself a democracy.


Australian Vaccination Network Website


Alan Phillips, JD

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Alan Phillips, J.D. of Chapel Hill, NC, is one of the nation’s leading vaccine rights attorneys. He advises individuals, families, attorneys, groups and organizations throughout the U.S. on vaccine exemption and waiver rights; supports legislative initiatives aimed at expanding vaccine freedom of choice; is published internationally on vaccine health and legal matters; and appears regularly at rallies, conferences, and on radio and TV shows discussing vaccine rights issues.

Over the years Alan has helped clients secure vaccine exemptions in a wide variety of settings, including schools and colleges, the military, immigration, healthcare employees, and parents in vaccine custody disputes. Alan’s e-book, The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions, is the only publication that provides authoritative, accurate, in-depth information about how state and federal laws interact with individual circumstances to form the precise boundaries of each person’s legal right to refuse vaccines.

Alan is also the founder of the Pandemic Response Project (PReP), a volunteer organization focused on legislative initiatives to advance rights concerning vaccine choice, with a focus on emergency rights–most states’ laws allow officials to throw vaccine exemptions out the window in a declared emergency, and to quarantine unvaccinated people in government facilities or other locations of the government’s choosing.

Visit Alan’s Vaccine Exemption Website.


Vaccine Injury Help Center

The Vaccine Injury Help Center is an informational resource provided by the Law Offices of Sadaka Associates LLC. This site is not pro-vaccine; nor is it anti-vaccine. It is all about informed vaccination choices.

The site includes information about adult and childhood vaccines, health conditions developed post-vaccination, and information about the Vaccine Injury Program in the United States. If you have questions about vaccines and/or vaccine injuries, this is a good place to begin your research.

The Vaccine Injury Help Center Website

Phone: (800) 810-3457


Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute

The Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute was established in 1996 to provide parents and other concerned people with educational resources enabling them to make more informed vaccine decisions.

Thinktwice encourages an unbiased exchange of vaccine information, and supports every family’s right to accept or reject vaccines. In addition, they offer a very large selection of uncensored vaccine information, including up-to-date vaccination laws, vaccine books, and other hard to find vaccine resources imported from around the world.


Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute Website


Age of Autism

Age of Autism publishes a daily Web Newspaper regarding the current autism epidemic.

You can read their latest edition, as well as access previous editions at:


Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue is an international movement of scientists, parents, and physicians researching the causes and treatments for autism, ADHD, and chronic illness. Our parent-volunteers are currently mentoring thousands of families going through the recovery process with their children.

Visit the Generation Rescue Website here.

For more information, you can reach them via email at:


Coalition For Informed Choice

Founded in 1994 By Gary Krasner, Coalition For Informed Choice (CFIC) is a free-to-join, non-partisan, statewide (NY only) organization whose members share one baseline conviction: Parents Should Decide Which Vaccines, If Any, Will Be Given To Their Children

Its 5,000 members residing in NYS are mostly parents who include doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. as well as leaders of autism organizations.  Their views comprise a wide spectrum of thought—from those who accept the general efficacy of vaccination, to those who reject it entirely. But all believe that “Informed Consent” implies a right to withhold consent, or else it means nothing.

Gary Krasner is the leading authority on the religious exemption in NYS.  For the time being, religious objections are the sole viable means for a parent to refuse vaccinations.  The medical waiver in NYS is hard to obtain and maintain, making it unsuitable for most parents.

Visit CFIC here.

Gardasil and Unexplained Deaths

Emily Tarsell’s daughter, Chris, died in June of 2008. She has grieved with other families whose daughters were injured or died following Gardasil. Photos of some of these young ladies appear in a slideshow on this website.

As information was exchanged with other parents, it became apparent that there were patterns to these post-injection reactions. She volunteered to work with the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) to support and network with families and to develop a questionnaire to document symptoms and any patterns in the reported events. This site is a wealth of helpful information for those who have questions about Gardasil.

Visit Gardasil and Unexplained Deaths here.


Off the Radar

This site was born out of the frustration of a parent who wished to make an “informed” decision about Gardasil for their daughter, and the difficulty they incurred at not being told the complete story about the vaccine by “The Ministry of Health and medical establishment”. To have a “one stop shop” of information for parents concerning what is being put into their children, whether by vaccine or food, this site endeavours to tell “what they didn’t want you to hear”.

Visit Off the Radar here.


Gardasil Action Group

Gardasil Action Group is a resource for those who believe they may have been impacted by the Gardasil HPV vaccine. This site provides information on Gardasil, its ingredients, links to helpful articles, studies, videos and reports on Gardasil.

Visit the Gardasil Action Group Website here.

Contact them at


Spanish Autistic Association AVA

The Spanish Autistic Association AVA is a national association, based in Barcelona founded in 1999. It emerged as a result of some needs unmet by conventional medicine for patients with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders and other Neurological diseases. Our priority is to help children and adults with these diseases, offering them the most advanced biomedical interventions contained in the Protocol DAN (Defeat Autism Now). These interventions are supported by the Center for Autism Research in San Diego California.

AVA claims that mercury in some vaccines (thimerosal) can be one of the most frequent sources of pollution and causes of autism. Depending on some genetic factors, the immune system and the ability to detoxify some individuals may be affected and develop autism.

Thanks to AVA more than 100 lawsuits were presented in the Spanish Courts against for cases of mercury poisoning and other toxic metals in people with autism. None of them has been successful yet. To learn more about mercury poisoning and autism similarities at VaccinationNews.








Truth About Gardasil 

Truth About Gardasil was founded by social activists and mothers of children injured by Gardasil. The website provides information and emotional support for victims and their families.

Their mission is to educate the public, politicians and the medical community about the critical need to be completely informed prior to making vaccine choices. First and foremost, they provide a voice for Gardasil victims.

Visit the Truth About Gardasil Website here.

Email TAG at



Maintained by Andreas Bachmair

Andreas Bachmair is a homeopathic/naturopathic physician residing in Switzerland. He has maintained a vaccine-critical information site for over ten years. This site contains adverse events experienced after vaccination with almost every vaccine used in Europe, a form for reporting new injuries and helpful information about the vaccines involved. Most of the injuries reported are from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Due to recently acquired translation abilities, the site is now open to accepting injury reports from nearly any country.

Visit the Imphschaden website here. (English version)