Vacuna contra el VPH "No deje que su hija se convierta en UNA CHICA MAS" – HPV vaccine "Do not let your child Become Another Girl"

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February 28, 2011

Leslie Carol Botha (Estes Park, Colorado, USA) is a Health Educator for Women, author, editor and broadcast journalist. Botha is an expert in women’s hormonal health Internationally Recognized. His work Emphasize the Importance of the hormonal cycle and Its Relationship with the deep psyche of Women. The professional has 30 years of research Showing how hormonal changes file or Fluctuations in the menstrual cycle, Affect Women Physically, Emotionally and mentally. Düring the past three years, Botha’s Been Involved and very dedicated to using half to share information with the public about the Against Potential Dangers of HPV vaccines. Member of and is one of the six Women Who Presented research and data to the FDA in March 2010, containing the Alarming statistics in comparison with Other vaccines, Deaths by the use of Gardasil and Cervarix, injury and damage. It is Also the Vice President of Public Relations SANE Vax, Inc. , An organization dedicated to Educating the public about the safety and Efficacy of vaccines. Botha WAS she Invited by the British Ecological Society of Medicine at the Conference held in London in March  2011. And co-present an exhibition Entitled “Global Concern by the HPV vaccines, Along With Freda Birrell of Scotland, Also a member of Sane Vax, Inc. Interview by Diego Ignacio Mur de BWN Patagonia

1) Taking Into account the statistics. How many Americans believe blindly in the mandates of the World Health Organization?

Are Americans a very independent group of Consumers by making it very Difficult to Estimate How Many of Them swear by the mandates of WHO. However, Globally, of medical products Consumers Are Beginning to question the Pharmaceutical Industry. In Other words, if a vaccine, Treatment or medication is Not safe, affordable, and Effective NECESSARY, People Are Beginning to refuse to consume the drugs, cover in Their Legitimate right Informed Consent . I Have Not seen in the last 30 years the Movement of People Who big question the drug companies, the Government and the mandates of WHO on vaccines and drugs as it is today. archive/2010/11/04/big-profits-linked-to-vaccine-mandates.aspx

2) We Know That a growing global trend to mistrust of vaccines. However, on 100% of Americans say How much Estimated That They Without Vaccination?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny According To, international experts in vaccines, “Millions of Americans Began to Distrust of vaccines and the official calendar. There a growing Movement in this country and the rest of the World That questions the safety and Efficacy of all vaccines for Obvious Obvious Reasons. “

In reaction to this position, state Legislators to Promote Their bills That Consumers lose right to Informed Consent .

3) I know this question May sound like a conspiracy theory. But Many people in the world with purpose Believes There Is Beyond The Economic Benefits That dog vaccines Provide the pharmaceutical industry, an intention related to Global Population decline. And it is common to see the Same Powerful Organizations and people behind Them the Same Maneuvers ever. For example, Rockefeller, Bill Gates or George Soros Fund biotechnology company Monsanto and mass Vaccination Campaigns at the Same time, this is Something That You Can find on Google, They Are Proud of Their Alleged Collaboration “in pursuit of health” or to “fight hunger. ” However, There Is Ample Evidence Indicating That scientific GM food and vaccines Are Causing sterility, and Other Damage to health. We Also note That the American Association for the Advancement of Science (The American Association for the Advancement of Science) Guarantees Provided to Monsanto and vaccines. And the agency not does hide His concern ‘over the global superoblación. Similarly, George Soros is Promoting the decriminalization of drugs worldwide. What do you think of this?

It is Not conspiracy theory.

Although MOST Difficult for Americans and everyone else, Imagine That governments and companies to Have a hidden agenda Aimed at Controlling Population Through the vaccines – is Becoming increasingly That There is clear intention. Bill Gates Microsoft and PATH Have Been in the half very explicit about the use of vaccines to control the Population. We Believe That This Was the reason why WAS India Chosen for testing the HPV vaccine . Fortunately, an active group of Women and Health Institutions Were Able to stop the tests successfully.

The Microsoft founder Bill Gates Said to Recent conference at TED , An organization sponsored by one of the MOST polluting Corporations and responsible for much toxic waste on the planet, vaccines That Should Be Used to reduce the World Population in order to reduce CO2 Emissions in Terms Curbing of global warming.

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Leslie Carol Botha (Estes Park, Colorado, EEUU), es una Educadora de Salud para la Mujer, autora, editora y periodista de televisión. Botha es experta en salud hormonal femenina reconocida a nivel internacional. Su trabajo hace hincapié en la importancia del ciclo hormonal y su profunda relación con la psique de la mujer. La profesional lleva 30 años de investigación que demuestran cómo los cambios hormonales o fluctuaciones en el ciclo menstrual, afectan a la mujer física, mental y emocionalmente. Durante los últimos tres años, Botha ha estado muy involucrada y dedicada a la utilización de los medios de comunicación para compartir información con el público sobre los peligros potenciales de las vacunas contra el VPH. Es miembro de y es una de las seis mujeres que presentaron la investigación y los datos a la FDA en marzo del año 2010, que contienen las alarmantes estadísticas, en comparación con otras vacunas, de muertes por el consumo de Gardasil y Cervarix, lesiones y daños. Es también la Vicepresidente de Relaciones Públicas de SANE Vax, Inc., una organización dedicada a educar al público sobre la seguridad y eficacia de las vacunas. Botha fue oradora invitada por la Sociedad Ecológica Británica de Medicina a la Conferencia realizada en Londres en de marzo de l 2011. Y co-presentará una exposición titulada “Preocupación mundial por las vacunas contra el VPH”, junto a Freda Birrell de Escocia, también miembro de Sane Vax, Inc. Entrevista realizada por Diego Ignacio Mur de BWN Patagonia

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