Whooping Cough Epidemic Caused by Virulent New Pertussis Strain-And It’s the Result of Vaccine

By Heidi Stevenson

The CDC and NIH keep pushing the pertussis vaccine, in spite of info that it’s causing the new whooping cough epidemic that is 10 times more deadly than the old whooping cough.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would prefer that you remain unaware of a couple of highly significant facts about the whooping cough resurgence. It is most likely caused by the pertussis vaccine and it’s ten times more deadly than the original variety.

To top it all off, they are blaming the unvaccinated for the new more lethal strain of whooping cough, and they are pushing people ever harder to be vaccinated with the same vaccine that’s almost certainly responsible for it!

More than one new strain of Bordetella pertussis has been found. However, the one that seems to consistently pop up in different countries is called ptxP3.

Medical Journal Discussions of ptxP3

In BioMed Central’s 2008 report by Audrey J. King, et al, several changes in B. pertussis were noted. Significantly, the article discusses a divergence from the vaccine strains and the new types, stating:

In the Netherlands this divergence between vaccine and circulating strains has played a role in the reemergence of pertussis.(1)

Read the entire article here.

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