7 minutes: Sara Sotomayor explains what Gardasil did for her

[SaneVax: Sara Sotomayor spent two years not being able to walk after taking Gardasil. Host Liam Scheff talks with Sara about her experiences.]


  1. Glenda Smith says:

    Sarah, I just watched your video interview…you are so awesome, brave, and very smart! I am so sorry for what you have been through! But THANK-YOU for doing that, on behalf of all our girls, you are getting the story out there! Our daughter, now 16 1/2 years old has been suffering for over 2 1/2 years. 13 at the time of her last, and very debilitating Gardasil shot. It is so hard to get the word out there, and you just did an AMAZING thing! Bless you!!! Naturopathic treatment is the way to go – hope you are well soon – we NEED you to get out there, get a medical degree and help us win this battle! Many (((hugs!))) Glenda Smith, Ontario, Canada.

  2. Wonderful interview, Liam – and Sara. Keep recovering, and keep alerting others.

  3. Thank you very much for this excellent interview!

    Most people unfortunately don’t realise that vaccination is the biggest threat to their and their children’s health and well-being they are ever likely to encounter. Here is a link to information concerning the dangers of vaccinations:

    Victims of the HPV vaccine or other vaccines may benefit from homeopathic CEASE therapy:

    I wish Sara a full recovery!

  4. So very sorry you are going through this Sara have seen you before and have prayed and will continue praying for you…
    Please know that we stand with you in this fight.

  5. So very sorry for all your pain and suffering! Thank you for being so brave and coming forth with what happened to you after the HPV vaccine. My little girl suffered with horrible adversity to 3 shots at 14 mth old and now has encephalitis manifested by autistic features. She has very horrible inflammation of her gut and brain, inflammatory bowel disease and many food allergies and toxic body burden. I hope you get some relief from your pain soon! God Bless you!

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