My daughter’s life altering changes after Gardasil

By Shanna DeJaynes, Okay Oklahoma

It breaks my heart to know my daughter had none of these medical issues until after she received those two shots of Gardasil. As a mother, I struggle daily with regret. I allowed my daughter to get this vaccine thinking I was doing the right thing. As it turned out, nothing was further from the truth.

Gardasil created a nightmare for me and my family.

My daughter lives a Gardasil nightmare.  Our family has suffered along with her for almost three years. I refuse to be silent any longer. I share my daughter’s story as a warning to others – Gardasil is not safe for everyone – please, don’t make the same mistake we did.

At 13 years old my daughter, Breanna DeJaynes, was involved in volleyball, basketball and cheerleading at school. She was very outgoing and not shy to make new friends at all. She was a good student, hardly ever missed school and got good grades. She was on the honor roll for several years in a row. Breanna was very active both in and out of school. I could hardly keep her inside; when she wasn’t out practicing or in the classroom, she was with her friends. In short, Breanna was a healthy, happy, all-American girl before Gardasil.

She received her first HPV vaccine injection in April of 2011. Within a couple of days she started having some mild symptoms like dizziness, headaches, cramps in both her legs and arms, passing out, getting over heated easily and complaining that the arm she had the injection in was achy at times.

Every time something happened we would take her to the doctor. If it happened at school they would call 911 and have EMS come and rush her to the hospital (it was school policy to call 911 whenever something happened at a school-sponsored event).  

We were always told she was just overdoing it with her sports, she had just hyperventilated, or that she had stood up too fast, or she had taken too hot a bath or shower, got overheated, wasn’t drinking enough water, was dehydrated and so on. We were told everything under the sun. The possibility that her new symptoms could be related to the HPV vaccine never crossed my mind at the time.

As the weeks passed her symptoms continued to get worse. She received her second Gardasil injection in June or July of 2011 and things got worse than before. Her headaches got so severe she couldn’t even stand to be in light, it would make her nauseous. The headaches were always in the same spot on her head in the frontal lobe. Her leg and arm cramps got worse, passing out continued, then she started having seizures both with and without memory loss, at times forgetting her friends, family and so on.

She suddenly couldn’t handle being in large crowds, it would make her so nervous she would start to cry hysterically and hide behind whoever or whatever she could. When she had a seizure it wiped her out to the point where she couldn’t walk or even talk sometimes due to being so confused and disoriented, not knowing where she was most of the time.

She could no longer concentrate at school due to the extreme headaches and body aches, feeling sick, or focus on school work. When she had a severe seizure she couldn’t remember what she had learned the week before, sometimes even the day before. Breanna would get exhausted very easily, be confused, and have involuntary tremors, muscles spasms and so much more. The list of symptoms goes on and on.

In early October 2012, she had over 15 seizures in one day so I was called home from work. I decided I was fed up with taking her to our local hospitals and getting nowhere. I took her to the Children’s Hospital in Tulsa.

She was admitted and put on an EEG monitor for several days. As they were doing the intake paperwork for her to be admitted they had asked all the common questions, for example: ‘Had there been any changes in her routine? Had we had an accident of any kind? Had I recently changed anything at home? Did I think that she was doing too much activity wise?’

The answers to all of the questions was of course ‘no’. Nothing had changed EXCEPT for the fact she had been given the first and second doses of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

After the doctor left the room, a nurse asked if I had researched information about Gardasil and I told her no, I had not because I was told that it was “perfectly safe.”

With the high risk of cancer in our family I thought “Why wouldn’t I want to try and prevent her from getting cancer in the future if that was something that I could do? It could possibly save her life,” or so I thought!

The nurse continued to talk to me about the vaccine and told me to go home and do some research on the Gardasil vaccine.

As Breanna sat in the hospital for the next several days, she only had one seizure. It happened before they got her hooked up to all the monitors because of course it took them forever to get us up to a room and get things going for the monitor. But after she had the one on the hospital floor she was assigned to, every nurse and doctor on duty on that floor was there in a heartbeat. And THEN they put in a rush order to get her hooked up to the monitors as soon as possible.

One morning the doctor asked if it was ok to speak to Breanna alone. I said yes. I was sure that it would be fine. I had no idea what was going to take place.

As he talked with her, he started accusing her of making all this up, that it was all to get attention, it was all in her head and she needed to grow up and stop playing games.

After he finished talking to her I went back into the room. I found her in tears, shaking and trying to pull all the wires off. She cried, “Please take me home – I don’t want to be here anymore.”

It took me a while to calm her down, but I finally got her to tell me what the doctor had said to her.

At this point I was ready to have him called back into the room so that I could give him a piece of my mind AND my fist. My blood was boiling by this point. How dare they treat my daughter this way!

I called the nurse in and asked to speak with a supervisor. They came in a short time later and were extremely apologetic.

I told them I did NOT want that physician to come back into her room under any circumstances or there was going to be a serious problem. I also demanded a different physician for her.

A new doctor came and said there was no activity that had showed up on the EEG testing while she was hooked up to the monitors and sent us home.

We were referred to a neurologist and many other kinds of specialist during this time. After being released from the hospital her symptoms continued to get worse. She was prescribed one seizure medication after another with no relief for over a year and a half. At that time the neurology visits literally consisted of us just walking into the room, her asking how my daughter had been and saying there would be a different medication waiting for her at our pharmacy. It literally took us longer to find a parking place than the time we were in the room with the doctor.

I finally got to the point where I understood we were getting no help. I took Breanna back to her pediatrician and demanded that he send her to another neurologist. I began to ask questions about whether her new symptoms could possibly be related to the HPV vaccine injections she had.

I was always reassured there was no way her current condition was associated with the HPV vaccine no matter what I told them. It did not seem to matter that she had none of these symptoms before she received Gardasil. It did not seem to matter that Gardasil had been the only new thing in her life when this nightmare began.

We started to see the new doctor and of course he ordered all the same tests which had already been done, office and in-home EEG’s, EKG’s, blood work, urine tests etc. He got the same results – everything was negative.

Breanna started to suffer in school due to the memory loss with the seizures, cramping tremors, extreme headaches etc. to the extent that it was causing her grades to go down. She couldn’t remember her school assignments. She had to quit all sports because she was just too weak to do any of that anymore.

Not understanding what was going on with her, most of her friends started to abandon her and not have anything to do with her any more. This caused her to go into a deep depressive state where she wouldn’t leave the house for months. She was too embarrassed about what people would say and worried that she was getting made fun of. That was very hard for her to deal with.

She has continued to miss school and not be able to complete a lot of her work due to her seizures and memory problems. We are now in the process of trying to get her in an online school so she can work at her own pace when she feels well enough to be able to do it. This way she can work at any time of the day so hopefully she will be able to graduate on time. One thing we are thankful for is that we have a good school. They have been very supportive of what is going on with her because they realize it is a medical issue. But when she has any kind of episodes at school I have to go and pick her up right away because of the potential liability for the school if she were to get injured at school.

The doctors have recently taken her off seizure meds but that simply made her seizures worse.

I lost my job of over 7 years because I have to be available to get her from school at a moment’s notice, be here to care for her and watch over her 24 hours a day. Right now, she has seizures 4 or more times a week, sometimes having more than one a day. She isn’t allowed to take a shower or bath without someone there with her. As a 16 year old teenager that is particularly difficult because she can’t have her privacy. As a mother I need and want to be there especially when she has a seizure and is in a state of confusion, when she has them so bad that she loses her ability to remember anyone or anything. We never know when the seizures will come or how long her memory loss will last so I have to be here at all times. Until this nightmare is over, it is impossible for me to hold down a job.

We continue to struggle with her every day to deal with whatever her issues may be that particular day. Breanna has accepted the fact that this is something she has to learn to cope with until we find someone who can help her. We struggle to help her make it through every single day. It is not easy, but we get through it as a family.

It breaks my heart to know my daughter had none of these medical issues until after she received those two shots of Gardasil. As a mother, I struggle daily with regret. I allowed my daughter to get this vaccine thinking I was doing the right thing. As it turned out, nothing was further from the truth.

Seeing your child suffer on a daily basis without the ability to do anything to help them is something no parent should ever have to deal with after a routine vaccine. I only wish I could turn back time so she could have the life she had before being injected with Gardasil.

Now that I have been able to share Breanna’s story I have discovered she isn’t the only young lady, or young boy, that has suffered with issues from this vaccine. It just breaks my heart to know there are so many girls who have very similar or even worse symptoms than those Breanna struggles with.

I am just thankful I did some research before I took her to get the last shot of Gardasil.

Thank you SaneVax for letting me share Breanna’s story. It has been a long road and will continue to be until she gets proper care and this poison out of her body.

Since first coming out with Breanna’s story I have been in contact with many other families who are going through the same kinds of issues or worse. It’s overwhelming, but comforting at the same time. We know we are not alone. Getting to speak with other moms who have been where we are is nice.

There are people that just don’t understand what Breanna’s issues are. I just pray for those people and hope that they never have to deal with what we deal with every day of our lives. I pray parents research all aspects of HPV vaccines before exercising their right to informed consent.

I pray no other parent makes the same mistake I did – allowing my daughter get the HPV vaccine before doing MY homework!

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  1. You are not alone. My daughter suffered the same, still suffers years later and even has suffered strokes and reproductive issues because of it. She was 15 when she received it. 22 now and she was also super active, good grades, all-american girl with her entire life before her. She lost it all. At times she even loses her eyesight. But they keep pushing this crap on kids. I pray all parents get educated on this vaccine and we can get enough uproar they remove it completely! We do regular vaccines but neither of my boys will get this one! Ever! I don’t care how they may change it or whatever, because it will never be injected into anyone in our family again! Ever! We’re lucky it didn’t kill her.

    • yes and my daughter also loses her eyesight as well, like i said in her story there were so many more problems she has from this there was no way to name them all. She struggles daily. She has gotten better at not letting it get her down as much, sometimes she even has to lift me up and say positive things to me to get me out of a slump. This has changes our lives forever and especially hers.

  2. My daughter got the vacines at the age of 13-14. It wasn’t until she was 17 she started having problems. She was diagnosed with an incurable disease that she has to take meds for the rest of her life. I didn’t put it together for a while but a nurse asked me right off if she had had the Gardasil vaccine. So, I started researching and sure enough on VAERS there were over 10,000 cases similiar to hers. She has since been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome as well. I can only imagine what other problems she may suffer long term.

  3. gina roberts says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! I have twin daughters that are 16 and the doctors have been pushing this vaccine on us for 7 years. It breaks my heart to hear your stories, but I appreciate you letting all of us know the dangers. I refused the vaccine again today for my daughters and was yelled at and called a “tiger mom.” Absolutely horrific.

    • White Eagle says:

      Grrrrr. I would yell back and call them Ignorant Quacks at that point.

      • White Eagle says:

        Oh, and I belive India has filed suit against Bill Gates and other companies over this and similar vaccines, that seemed to be aimed at converting a third of the vaccinated population into sterility.

  4. It was the same for me. Doctors treated me horribly. I was completely traumatized by the medical system and complete denial that it was the vaccie that harmed me. I also believed them at the time. The vaccine I got was twinrix. hep a/b. my heart goes out to your daughter. xo

    • Kristina Karlsen says:

      Hi, my daughter has been sick for 3,5 years since Twinrix. Can you tell me more about your problems? Thank you and hope you get help 🙂
      My email is if you wish to be private.
      Love from Kristina

  5. Medicinal marijuana may help with these symptoms.
    My daughter is 18 also gardinasil VACCINE INJURED,
    At 11
    IBS. psoriasis of the liver, arthritic joint pain, and much more.
    Bless her and all other vaccine injured children.

  6. So horrible! It’s disgusting what these pharma/vac companies get away with. Take her to a homeopathic doctor to fix this. It can be fixed. Look up NAET (allergy elimination technique). Ugh poor girl I’m so sorry.

  7. maria rivera says:

    Hello I admire the strength that you have to put your case knowledge. I am also a victim as your daughter just that I’m grown I would love would contact me and somehow that we can help through my experience. A hug mary Colombia

  8. Sheila Job says:

    What a tragedy! However, there is hope for all who have become victims of this murderous vaccine. Find a homoeopath! Homoeopathy can really help with vaccine damage.. You’ll need to consult a properly qualified homoeopath because the damage is so deep and you’ll need the correct expertise. I believe that it’s the only treatment that will make any difference. It’s completely safe and free from all side effects. The sooner you receive treatment, the better. You can search the internet for a homoeopath near you. If not, contact Dana Ullman in the USA – he’ll help.

    • spead the word Sheila Job. As a Chiropractor I have had more than just a few occasions to treat vaccine injured children. I can help them with the adjustment and your recommendation is right on the money. Homeopathy can and has helped many. Get that junk out of their system as best as you can, rebuild the gut, brain connection and use plenty of remedies that help. Now do your homework even before you engage in any remedies but as my experience has taught me… these wonderful practitioners can make a marvelous difference. Remember, once disorder has occurred (and right quickly mind you) order take time to get back into place. Try blowing up your house and putting it back together stick by stick and stone by stone… you can do it.. but it’s going to take lots of patience, know how and never EVER quit.

  9. Sandy Schuler says:

    Hello I am breanna dejaynes grandma and I just wanted to say im so sorry for all who has gone through this. I sincerely hope this will be taken off the market children don’t need this shot. I will put this on fb so all my friends will see it because some of my friends have children and I don’t want them to have the shots after all I have read and seen with my granddaughter breanna.My prayers are with each and everyone of you who has gone through this it breaks my heart. and for you other women thanks for being there for my daughter Shanna Dejaynes and my granddaughter Breanna Dejaynes. and thanks for ur prayers. and I will keep all of you in mine. just wanted to say my piece. I love you Shanna and Breanna and Alyssa. PLEASE DON’T LET YOU’RE CHILDREN GET THIS SHOT.

    • Jess Oliver says:

      Please start a detox regimine with Breanna. She needs to have these toxic poisons removed from her body!!
      Calcium bentonite clay baths and drinks (1tsp in 10oz of water every two days).
      Epsom salt baths every three days – 2 cups to a full bath.
      pH 10 water all day everyday with 1/4 tsp of Himalayan sea salt added to 8oz of water.
      Norwegian Fish oil – 2 pills everyday along with the max dosage of Chlorella and Spiriluna at the SAME time. Ensure all supplements are ORGANIC.
      Glutathione supplements (prescribed for patients who have undergone severe trauma such as chemo etc)
      Activated Charcoal – 1 day per week
      Vitamin C – 100% 2x per day, 5000IU of Vitamin D, Zinc supplementation
      Fresh coconut water – preferably pink in color as this is a sign of extra antioxidants (Get this at Sprouts!)
      A good probiotic – You can get them in gummy form, liquid or pill.. Make sure it is refrigerated as these are the top of the line – Get them at a health food store.
      If she can handle it – Infared Sauna, Salt therapy treatments, Sodium bentonite clay soaks (found usually at spas, but you can buy on Amazon as well. Do not ingest the sodium bentonite clay.
      Liquid Iron supplements
      Cictus Incanus tea (highest in antioxidants and trace minerals.. you can buy on
      Braggs apple cider vinegar drinks (At Sprouts) 1x per day
      Please contact a naturopathic doctor!! My aunt is a naturopathic doctor, which is how I have learned about these treatments.. and please introduce each treatment slowly so you can see how she will react. Let her rest as well. Avoid parabens, and unnecessary chemicals including laundry soap.. Her immune system cannot fight off these chemicals and the chemicals ravaging her body at the same time. Also a Himalayan Sea Salt lamp in her room beside her bed will be very beneficial as well.
      If you have any questions please contact me at
      I wish you well!!!

    • I have 3 daughters. 11. 13. 15. I have been going back and forth on this vaccine. I am already a mom that has vaccinated my kids w the 1983 shot schedule. 50% less than what they push today. I have read so many stories and I thank all of you for sharing you story. I am so sorry thevsuffering you have all endured. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Mary Pulles Cavanaugh says:

    The lies you were told by these “Doctors” are stunning and beyond belief. I am an autism Mom, C0-Author, Researcher, and Healer. Thank you for speaking out. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Hang on to those words. Find a Dr/Healer like Dr. Jerry Tennant. Read his book “Healing is Voltage” I have learned in my work that seizures is inflammation and dehydration. It is not about how much water you drink it is about how much water is getting into your cells. Read the book “The Water Secret” Please encourage EVERYONE you meet that knows someone with a vaccine injury and or neurodegenerative disease to speak up and for the love of God NO MORE VACCINES. Think how much money they have made off your daughter with their lies and deceit. These Doctors need to be called out!!! Please go on twitter and tell your story. We need your voice!!! I feel so sick reading this and very angry. I am grateful and blessed that I know so many Dr/Healers. I will try to friend you. I am so sorry………

  11. Lisa Lasker says:

    My daughter has also suffered since 2007. The symptoms are the same as above. My daughter is now 21 and I am pleased to report that the infertility aim of the injections did not work. I now have a lovely immunization free granddaughter who will be two in February. She is the healthiest person I know. She does not suffer repercussions from injections. Injections contain aluminum which is detrimental to our nervous systems. I have researched this topic for the last seven years. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and am currently working on an MPA. I fell very strongly about stopping the damages immunizations are doing to our children and grandchildren. I will likely conduct my own research study and would love to have all the Gardasil Girls participate.

  12. So sorry for these families… A lot of these symptoms are the same I have been dealing with as an adult from ES…i have focused on my Adrenals these little glands are responsible to get us back right… I suggest two book to read “Backyard Secret Exposed” (help with making their room and house safer) and “Adrenal Reaet Diet” by Dr. Allan Christiansen is changing many life’s around the globe. Please email me and let me know your positive results. I am not a doctor but a survivor!!!! May God give you strength to read and follow these great books!!!

  13. Wendy Stout-Tester says:

    I’m 24 now been dealing with it for 7 years now. Just found out about the Gardasil side effects back in August. Been looking for answers and running test. I never even associated my high school depression with my other side effects until reading about the shot. I was amazed. I remember I was so smart and I was on the path to do great things I was involved in church, e/c activities, always on the go to friends house historical places (I grew up in Charleston S.C.) worked part time job. Then all of the sudden I was just tired and depressed didn’t care and I didn’t know how to explain it but I just remember saying and feeling like I CANT DO THIS. I cut off all my friends went into hiding and made work my life, food had always been my passion, so I became very serious about my job in the culinary industry. It was a fast pace job that was very demanding. I worked through the pain the dizziness and even through one heart attack but I was too scared what they would say or do to me. I couldn’t lose my job it was my everything as the years went on I moved back down positions to things that were easier for me to handle. I wasn’t as quick anymore bending and lifting we’re struggles. Putting the food trucks away on Saturdays was dreadful but I loved what I did and I was taught to be a hard worker and earn what you need. It got to the point though that I eventually had to quit there was some personal drama at work at the time that made it easier. Well my own personal drama with myself more then anything. I was angry with myself I was 22 and instead of being able to stay up all night and go to work the next day I was sleeping all day struggling to stand and walk at work and falling asleep on my way home. I thought it wasn’t fair what did I do wrong. Since then I had a few get me by jobs but I haven’t been able to hold anything down. I’ve lost two management opportunities due to this sickness. I’m now doing natural therapy treatment but I’m 4 months pregnant so my options are more limited now then ever. I wish I would have found out a few months or years before, but I’m glad I have some kind of answers now. My list of symptoms two pages long so I won’t share them all my problems are mostly abdominal issues, fatigue, dizziness, numbness, and stabbing sensations. I pray for every family out there effected by this and its my family’s mission now to raise awareness and spread the truth.

  14. Debra Prisk says:

    Can I suggest a book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, she was able to reverse Autism in her child. She has videos on
    Her research is pretty interesting on reversing vaccination and other bad reactions.
    Couldn’t hurt to read or watch her videos.
    Good luck…

  15. I second the recommendation to look into Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s healing protocols. It is called Gut and Psychology Syndrome and she has trained and certified hundreds of healthcare professionals. You can find one by Googling “find a certified GAPS practitioner”
    This is a dietary protocol designed to heal neurological issues. Another suggestion is a ketogenic diet similar to one designed by Dr Mary Newport for and Dr David Perlmutter for Alzheimer’s patients and that is used by epilepsy sufferers when medication isn’t enough.
    Thank you for sharing your stories in order to save other families!

  16. a d btw it doesn’t even protect our children against the virus because my daughter got it anyway.

  17. Tess van Dijk says:

    Our story is so similar. My daughter had a small reaction to the first shot. We thought she was having growing pains. A week after her second shot she started to loose her vision to her side of her left eye. She had aches and pains that radiated from one location to another. She would need an ankle brace and then her thigh would hurt on the other leg within the same day. Her wrist would give her intense pain and the next moment her foot would give out with cramps. She would have a typical head aches where her body would shake. She developed a hand tremor that moved up to include her face.. She would be walking and her legs would give out and she would pass out. She got to the point where she would feel the passing out coming on and would slide down a wall. She was a beautiful ballet dancer for years before and she lost her ability to continue due to the sea suers and pain. We took her to 11 neuro doctors but no one could help us. She had several diagnosis, MS fibromyalgia, dystonia and stress. After 10K we left the Mayo with more questions than answers. She lost her 11th grade year due to all the doctor visits. By the middle of the year she was in a wheel chair. The school insisted because of all her fainting issues. She had a GPA of 3.28 and she dropped out of school, it was just too much for her. After a year of physical therapy and lots of diet changes she finally started to improve. She went back to school college and continued to work hard to improve her health. During all this another thing happened, her periods changed. She now has one that lasts 21 days each month. We have had her checked and have tried every birth control method to try and control them. No luck. She is now 22 and still has her hand tremor, the bleeding issues and pain that radiates but not as bad as the past years. She knows this is her way of life and she is working hard to find some relief. Some days are better than others. I feel so guilty that I took her for these shots even though she only had two of them. The way it’s going I will not have any grand children thanks to Gardasil. I wonder if that was what they were after in the first place. Anyway, so sorry we are in the same boat, but hopefully your daughter will get better as time goes on, mine did. Best of luck.

  18. I’m sorry to hear about your de. I didn’t have the Vacine that all of you had. I got the tetanus and rabies vacine and haven’t been the same since. Seems like I’m getting worse as time goes on. And I’m fighting with doctors because they believe it has nothing to do with it. I do believe it does
    As I had no health issues before this.

    I’ll pray for ur daughter 🙂

  19. i didn’t experience anything like this but IT DOSENT EVEN WORK, I got the 3 shots at age 12 and still ended up with HPV.

  20. I would get in touch with a qualified homeopath for a counter treatment, ie they can help her detox fro the vaccines.
    You also need to research the ketogenic diet) to counter act these seizures, there a movie with Meryl Streep called “Do No Harm”
    ( about a TRUE story of a family who went through this kind of nightmare years ago. Terrible – good luck x

  21. you need to find alternative docs who can help her detox from it and rebuild..??

  22. Like Dr. Fitzgerald, I too am a chiropractor who sees this way too often in my practice. I have been practicing NAET and NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) for 20 years. There is hope for vaccine injured children and young adults. I have seen it in my office. I am in Pennsylvania and have people come from all over the US for care. If you cannot make it to me, I can help you find a practitioner near you. Please visit and These are NOT my websites, but great resources for finding help. I also agree that homeopathy can be a game changer as well. Blessings on you all, and NEVER lose hope. God bless.

  23. After my dd had a bad reaction to a “routine” vaccine I went researching. I stopped all vaccines after that. Second child received NONE. Reason I post this is to tell you there is HOPE. Start giving your daughter HIGH DOSES of cod liver oil. Put her on a high GOOD fat diet. Go to http://www.healingnaturallybybee,com. You can help your daughter with diet. God bless your family.

  24. Here’s our story from Jan 5 2011, posted on
    My Daughter will be 13 in one month and received her 2nd shot of gardisil two days ago. Within 3 hrs of receiving the shot, she was curled up on the couch with extreme pain in her legs, dizziness, nausia, and a splitting headache. The pain progressed to her arms by yesterday afternoon, along with the other symptoms, leading her doctor to suspect Guillain-Barré syndrome. Childrens Hospital ruled out GBS and stated my daughter was part of the 1% of the population experiencing side effects and that the pains would pass.
    Today my wife is taking our daughter back to the doctors because she is now getting stabbing pains in her chest and was vomitting last night. Let it be known that our daughter is very healthy, no illness, nothing, but that within 3hrs of this shot all these things started happening.
    When my wife first told me she was going to get our daughters immunized because of the cancer history in her family and explained that our doctors had stated it was a very safe immunization, I trusted them.
    Since last night I have been mortified by the number of vaers reported incidents of side effects (22,000), and the number of news stories and postings from people and parents whose daughters are suffering similiar side effects. I cannot emphathize more with each of you who are in this situation, trusting our medical experts, suffering or watching your child suffer, and questioning how anyone can say that 1% (22,000 young women since 2006) is acceptable to inflict a lifetime of pain and agony upon. While Cancer is a horrendous disease, any immunization that has the potential to devastate hundreds of thousands of people over time is nothing less than a form of geonocide. I implore you, if you have yet to receive an immunization, or are a parent researching potential side effects – DO NOT expose your child to this risk! It has been 2 days since my daughters shot, and my wife and I are ridden with guilt over not knowing all the facts before we gave this immunization to our daughter. I personally am scared to death after reading and finding the facts and stories I’ve seen, and where the road may lead now for my daughter. I’ve always considered myself and family to be ” an average family” nothing out of the ordinary happens to us….because of our trusting nature I fear that our lives have just changed forever. I honestly appreciate the time you have taken to read this, and hope from a parents perspective you understand, that the risk of the side effects is not worth the benefit of the immunization
    Here is our follow-up from April 14, 2014:
    As a follow-up to this, my daughter’s gardasil injury took about 9months for her to overcome. Immediately proceeding my post above we started looking at alternative medicine, as our normal doctors and doctors at the hospital literally offered no help and actually stated that her reaction wasnt normal and didnt makes sense. What I found to be the key to her recovery was a combination of treatments:
    1- total organic diet to lesson the burden on her system of processing a lot of artificial and chemical ladden foods.
    2- vitamin and supplement regimine to help support her immune system.
    3- homeopathic drainage treatment to help her body process and pass the vaccine and adjuvants introduced by the shot.
    4- an actual gardasil homeopathic remedy after her body was strong enough
    5- an intensive exercise regimine to retrain her nervous system (research amplified pain syndrome, Dr David Sherry)
    6- time.
    I dont think that any one thing was a cure, and dont feel there is an actual cure when you consider what our children have suffered was an “injury” as opposed to an illness or allergic reaction. No different than a car accident, with varying degree’s of injury, my honest opinion is that my daughter was “injured” and we took steps to rehabilitate her through the varying treatments noted. I’ve been away from the gardasil community for a while now, but reading these posts brings back tears of memories and empathy for everyone going through what my daughter and family went through.
    To those who were injured the most and have been suffering for years, my heart goes out to you.
    To those who have been moderately injured, like my daughter, I wish you well on your daughters journey to recovery.
    There is hope and it will get better. 1-5mo were the worst 5-7 the most progress and recovery occured 7-9 sporadic issues, but more good days than bad 9-12 infrequent but lingering 1yr – 2yr handful of unexplained bouts of nausea and vomiting. since then my daughter seems like herself, but I will forever wonder what could possibly happen next.

  25. We are having great success with frankincense oil if you need info email

  26. dan steinberg says:

    Two supplements proven helpful for aluminum toxicity are TAURINE and SILICA. Both help the body get rid of aluminum. And it is the aluminum that is likely responsible for toxicity of many vaccines, including gardasil. Taurine also is proven to reduce neurotoxic effects of aluminum.

    Email me for scientific references.

  27. Jutta Klitsie says:

    Lieve mama, wat eeen verhaal!
    Wij zijn hier in nederland de vaccinatie aan het ontstoren bij Helen Pleiter in Franeker. Zij is een klassieke Homeopathische en doet Cease Therapie. Kijk een op FB onder vaccinatie vrij. arts. Wie weet kan zij een collega van haar aanraken bij jou in de buurt.
    Met het ontstoren kan het heel goed mogelijk zijn om de bijwerkingen van Gardisal uit het lichaam te verwijderen. Mijn hart gaat naar je uit als moeder naar moeder en je dochter.
    love you.
    wij zijn er ook mee bezig en het gaat steeds beter

  28. Valerie Chancellor says:

    This is like reading my daughter’s story. Some of the details are different, but the similarities are frightening! May God bless each of these children! Our daughter has been sick for just over six years. She received the first shot when she was thirteen. She is nineteen now. Her strength amazes me. She works and attends college classes. Well, she enroll sand passes. Attendance is fair. Thankfully, she has had some incredible instructors so far. Her diagnoses include fibromyalgia, migrain and gastroparesis. She has suffered seizure-like activity, had her legs go numb which caused her to collapse, ovarian cysts, incredible weight gain, depression and anxiety. We had to stop placing blame. Me blaming myself for trusting a doctor. Our family blaming Merck for creating such a horrendous immunization/poison. All of the blame was eating us alive. Now, we focus on what we can control. We have an incredible physical therapist who specializes in myofacial release to help manage pain. She has started using a supplement program to help with weight loss and overall health. We no longer count on doctors. She takes medicine for migraine and depression. Nothing else. I wish all of the other families luck and love. You are not alone!! Kep knocking on doors and turning over rocks. The answers are there. Doctors are incapable of looking for them. It has to be us. Moms. Dads. Children.

  29. Hello! You don’t know me, but I live in Kansas City Missouri, and I was just talking to my doctor a few days ago about vaccines, and he was talking about how this particular one is dangerous. He has dealt with patients that were vaccine damaged with good results. The one he told me about was a young boy who had contracted autism after a round of vaccines. I know it’s not the same thing as your daughter, but he helped this little boy overcome autism completely. If you would be interested in seeing him, you can email me at and I can give you more info.

  30. Thank god I refused the vaccine for both my teenage girls!

  31. My daughter had a physical just this afternoon and the dr recommended the vaccine. She assured me it was absolutely safe and very much advised….now here I am reading about these horrible reactions! I feel so incredibly stupid for allowing her to get it without reseaching it first! I can only pray that she doesn’t have a reaction to it. She is a gymnast and just got home from practice. She is complaining of a headache. ..of course I can only wonder if it is a reaction to the vaccine!? Does anyone know if there are any consequences of getting the first shot only? I can only imagine what this dr will say when I cancel her second appt. She also recommended putting her on birth control to regulate and ease her period…she is 14. That was one thing I did not allow to happen, tho she told me to think about it and let her know at her next appt.

  32. Chiquita says:

    May God bless you, you family and everyone else going through this nightmare. I was desperate to get my first daughter vaccinated when she was born…but for some reason, I woke up one morning and found myself at my pc doing some research on them…I thank no one, but God for opening my eyes to this horrible reality. Today (by God’s grace) she is growing beautifully and never getting sick, besides a couple fevers here and there (which are normal). Please keep strong and God willing your issues will become better with time. God bless you.

  33. Robin Reese says:

    I am also the mother of a gardasil injured daughter. the only problem is, no one will believe me. when she started getting sick, the doc insisted she was faking. we finally left and found a new doc. then she got so bad, she couldn’t make it to school anymore. so that doc gave her a med excuse, and somehow she got thru the 2nd semester of her freshman year all by herself, alone at home. when it was time for sophomore year to start, she tried but after about a week, we knew she couldn’t do it. a new doctor since the last one dropped us due to our insurance – state medicaid. i went back to work against doctors orders and worked 40+ hours per week, leaving her home alone for the first time. just so i could get private insurance. the bosses would never let me off work to take her, and she saw a doc only once. but the nurse had seen her and signed her off for medical, so we thought maybe we’d get help with her schooling. not. school threatened to call social services on us. so i had to pull her out of school. i tried to come up with the money to online school her, but couldn’t. i finally lost my job in may, 2016 — she had her shots in 2011. while on facebook for the first time after being fired, i saw an article stating side effects/symptoms of this vax injury. it was exactly what was going on with my girl!! finally, an answer! but the doc who saw her once said after about 5 minutes of research in between her patients, that no, she didn’t think so. well i know so. this injury explains EVERYTHING. after pulling her med records, i see that the doc gave her a hpv vax with the meningencoccal shot — although there was a warning 4 years prior not to do it. the risk of autoimmune disease or guillian barre syndrome inscreases. so seeing that along with her symptoms verifies to me that she has been vax injured. but no one can be held accountable. my girl had an extremely high i.q. but now she can’t even recall that i just told her i love her. she is depressed as she sees her classmates excelling, going on in their education, even taking college courses this summer. what does she have to look forward to? nothing. I’m trying to do a fragile x medical application to get her online schooling. we’re trying to get her registered at a new public school as we moved in a desperate attempt to find out what was wrong with her — i thought maybe there was mold in our apartment. but then i saw the article. about all the other young people out there being destroyed. and now the commercials are back on. they tell parents they must do this to protect their kids. well, that’s why i did it. to protect my girl. but instead, i destroyed her life. because of me not doing my homework, all those years of doing all i could to give my girl the world, it was all taken away in a moment of trust in our medical system. don’t trust them. they r not looking out for us. only their bank accounts. i don’t know if my girl will ever recover. the thought that i let them inject animal dna into my baby disgusts me. how did i not know that? no wonder our world looks like a society of animals. there was proof in the 60’s that animal dna DOES ALTER human dna. ill never forgive myself. i pray my daughter will forgive me. i was the one who was supposed to protect her. but i didn’t. so tell everyone. tell everyone.

  34. It never ever dawned on me that a vaccine that my daughter got almost 3 years ago is now the cause of her seizures. Every side affect that your Breanna is experiencing, my Brianna is also. This is crazy. What can be done is the question?

  35. My daughter was injured, we noticed after two injections at age 16, she is now 21. Thankfully she only has mild symptoms remaining. The worst of it (monoclinic jerking) lasted 2 weeks where she would fall down and appear to seize but be wide awake and verbal at the time. First dr (ER) thought she was making it up, thankfully family dr and nuerologist believed it to be gardacil. She was told to never have any injections of any kind again in her life because they did not know what In the gardacil had caused the symptoms. What I wonder is….. What might this all encompass? What might harm her in the future? Epidural during a delivery? Cosmetic fillers or Botox when she’s older? Local freezing at the dentist or if she needed stitches? Contrast either injected or swallowed for a CT? The list goes on and on of possible offenders during a lifetime. Does anyone have any idea what in the gardacil causes symptoms?


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