Gardasil and Bartonella: A Dirty Little Secret?

By Lloyd Phillips

Bartonella Risk?

Bartonella Risk?

The Gardasil HPV vaccine may produce life-threatening reactions in any person who has ever been close to a cat, or potentially any animal infected with fleas or ticks.  New data reveals that a high percentage of these animals are infected with Bartonella, Babesia, or Lyme Disease (Borreliosis), especially pet cats.  If there is a family history of Mononucleosis, or active EBV, a cytokine storm (Interleukin-13) may typically result, and mucus may be overexpressed in the lungs and airways.  Under these conditions, it is not uncommon for a Pulse-Ox monitor to measure 85% saturation after mild exertion.  Many humans who carry these “bugs” appear healthy, and show no symptoms, until they receive the HPV vaccine.

Our study revealed that virtually all girls were unaware of their exposure to Bartonella, and were asymptomatic, prior to their vaccination.  After receiving Gardasil, Bartonella was commonly activated, and was confirmed by lab tests.  Bartonella is a fairly common dormant pathogen in a significant number of people. Bartonella (and many enteroviruses and Vector-Borne Pathogens) may be reactivated, and may become virulent when inflammation is present for an extended period.

The Gardasil vaccine contains aluminum adjuvant nano-particle substrates, bound to HPV16-L1 protein fragments, that appear to have mutated at their binding sites, and this mutation may result in excessive inflammation by allowing this mutation to stay in the body for months or possibly years.  The mutation attaches itself to the endothelial lining of blood vessels and other organs, including the brain, if the host lacks sufficient active glutathione, or similar complimentary attractant, or does not readily clear toxins.  Inflammatory HPV16-L1 DNA protein particles were found in autopsy tissue samples from two different teenage girls, six months after receiving her last vaccination, in the case of one deceased girl.

Our findings indicate that if the blood brain barrier is open, commonly due to allergies or the common cold, these man-made inflammatory vaccine nano-particles may enter the brain, and cause additional damage, and possible demyelination.

Professor of Zoonoses, Bruno B Chomel, presented the most recent information on Bartonella in a lecture entitled, Bartonella Infections in Humans and Animals: An UpdateThe statistics listed on p.25 of this presentation indicate that about 50% of the DOMESTIC (pet) cats in the United States are infected with ‘Bartonella henselae,’ meaning a girl who has a cat, or visits a friend who has a cat, or is scratched by a cat, or gets bitten by a FLEA from a cat, IS AT EXTREME RISK OF CATCHING BARTONELLA. This risk may also come from rodents, birds, kangaroos, dogs, cattle, etc., which may also carry Bartonella or other Vector-Borne Disease(s).

You can contract Bartonella and have no symptoms, but it will still remain dormant within you !!!

Several moms have described the “bumps” seen on pg. 10, and the swelling of the optic nerve seen on p.13 & p.14. On page 23 of this pdf, you will find that more than 42% of stray/shelter cats, and 41% of pet cats in the U.K. are POSITIVE for Bartonella, and a scratch from an infected cat, or possibly a flea bite, will give a person Bartonella henselae. p.26 shows the growth of Bartonella h. in fleas, suggesting that scratching a bite from an infected flea could cause you to scrape the infected “flea poop” under your skin !!!

This presentation proves that Bartonella is NOT rare.  The hierarchy of the U.S. medical community appears to be treating Bartonella the same way they treated H-Pylori (causes stomach ulcers) over a decade ago, by attempting to suppress information to keep vaccination rates high and avoid a decline in vaccine  sales.  The fact that the HPV16-L1 MY-09 and MY-11 Consensus Primers of the HPV16-L1 protein fragment are missing, and a mutation has appeared in the Gardasil HPV vaccine, is also being hidden by the FDA and CDC,  and known only to a very few insiders.

There are huge profits in treating each Bartonella symptom separately, and because Bartonella and similar vector-borne pathogens are relatively new and not well known or understood, victims may never be properly diagnosed, and spend years going to different medical specialists, and receive separate prescriptions for fatigue, pain, memory loss, cysts, Inflammatory Breast Cancer (Bartonella is angiogenic, and loves making new blood vessels and connections), and much more.  Bartonella is difficult to diagnose, and is typically not the only pathogen involved.

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  1. Jacqui Butterworth says:

    Dear Lloyd
    I was diagnosed as having ME/CFS/all in the mind illness 25yrs ago and cannot believe the farce that followed in trying to get correct diagnosis/treatment Eventually I had tests done for Lyme disease in US and Germany that were positive but IDS in UK will not accept the results. What saddens me the most is to read of young children having it and told they have school phobia -they are just imagining the pain and fatigue-

    This illness I believe is man made like AIDS was,

    Regards, Jacqui

    • Lloyd Phillips says:

      Hi Jacqui,
      Bartonella is an infection, but not man-made. Most doctors have never been trained to recognize it. A pediatric cardiologist I spoke with never heard of Babesia, which can contribute to Mitral Valve Prolapse. Complicating matters even more, since these Bunyaviruses are becoming quite common, if you receive a blood transfusion from a person infected with Lyme or its co-infections, you run the risk of contracting multiple life-threatening disorders, or even death. Checking for these pathogens would increase the expense to hospitals, because the general public would demand that blood be tested before being infused into them, to prevent the risk of contracting Endocarditis, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Wasting Disorders, and much more, so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist, so hospitals and doctors won’t be sued.

      • Lloyd whilst I am suffering Novartis drugs Aliskirin & Valsartan – the pattern is the same with regard to the coverup, denial, and patient suffering with every doctor in denial even with the evidence before them – I feel so sorry for the girls and their parents – are their health forced down to be used in further trials of NoConsent – for instance in my case the drug Aliskiren causes many diseases which Novartis doctors have violated my body without consent, stolen glands etc., under a minor operation – I see the pattern there in Gardasil. Indeed it has gone to criminal lengths in that State use gardai to torture, ridicule and stalk “the patient”. Back to Gardasil – I have noted it is now banned in India, Italy, France and Spain with lawsuits pending..Thank you for supporting these young women/girls…check out


        • Please note: Gardasil is not currently banned in any country. Japan has rescinded the government recommendation for HPV vaccines, but those who wish to use HPV vaccines can obtain them, providing the person administering them informs the potential recipient that the government no longer recommends them. There ARE lawsuits pending in the countries you mentioned.

      • Janem1276 says:

        Bartonella and Lyme are NOT bunyaviruses.

  2. This is very interesting. In August 2010, my daughter, then 11 years old, received the Gardasil HPV vaccine. Within days, she developed headache/migraines, shin/ear pain, nausea and abdominal pain. Her overall health began a steady decline. We took her to the pediatrician too many times to count, visits to the ER and multiple specialtist (Neurologist, ENT’s, GI). All the while, I kept asking if it could be Lyme Disease (at the time I never heard of Bartonella) and also asked about side effects to the Gardasil HPV vaccine since it so closely coincided to the beginning of her health decline. All the doctors adamantly opposed Lyme Disease and also disputed that it could be a side effect from the vaccine. She suddently developed a Bartonella rash (looks like multiple purple/red stretch marks) on her breasts and thighs. Again, doctors knew nothing about Bartonella rashes and assured us it was only stretch marks. That was hard to accept. Our daughter was healthy, perfect weight and build for her age and very active – taking 4 hours of dance classes a week and involved with competition cheerleading adding several more hours of strenuous activity to her weekly schedule. From September 2010 through February 2011, her symptoms and the intestity gradually increased. By March 2011, she was too sick to attend school or do any activity – she was bedridden and totally disabled. In June 2011, after doing many hours of my own research, I pursued tick-borne disease testing at our own expense (our insurance company would not cover testing performed by specialty tick-borne disease labs). The Baronella test was sky-high positive as was Mycoplasma. Despite the positive test in hand and a very clear Bartonella rash covering a large part of her body indicating an active infection, CHOP Diagnostic Center in Philly insisted that she did not have Bartonella (only past exposure) and instead misdiagnosed her with something else. She was finally diagnosed by a LLMD with these two diseases along with a clinical diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Although she had made improvements, she remains chronically ill to this day (November 2013) despite active treatment by a highly regarded and skilled LLMD. Its a long road to recover your health once you become chronically ill from tick-borne dieases. I’ve always thought the Gardasil HPV vaccine had something to do with the onset of her illness! Now I know. Beware parents of blindly vaccinating your children — do your own research before signing onto a doctor’s vaccine schedule.

    • 2dogs1cat says:

      Kim R.
      A similar thing happened with my son at CHOP in Philadelphia around 2010/11. I had recently been diagnosed and treated for Lyme (had a bullseye rash and we live in a heavily infested tick area where we were constantly getting ticks on us and our pets). Around the same time my son suddenly got these red stretch marks on the back of his knees so I took him to CHOP and asked him to be tested for Lyme, etc. They did the same thing to us: adamantly opposed that it could possibly be Lyme related, insisted it was not Bartonella rash but stretch marks and refused to test him for Lyme. He still has the bright red stretch marks only now they are even more pronounced and are all over his body; they never went away or faded. I’m searching for a LLMD in the Philadelphia area (the only one I know of has a one year wait list) because I’m convinced he has Bartonella. He has so many of the symptoms.

    • I stumbled over something relevant in a reference book:
      ‘The essential guide to prescription drugs- everything you need to know for safe drug use’
      By james rybacki and James long md

      Cervical cancerand Lyme disease vaccine
      Research into Lyme disease has been conducted using a protein
      Called OSP-A. Recently a protein called decorin has been identified, and re-
      Search is now underway toward development of a vaccine using this protein
      Since a virus known as HPV is now known to cause cervical cancer., MedImmune
      Is working to develop a vaccine to protect against HPV types 18 and 16. Once again, it is always
      Better to prevent a disease or condition than to have to treat it.

  3. I think my bartonella was activated after getting orthodontic braces as an adult. My stories are similar to these but it was immediately after getting braces that my health went downhill. (I have also discovered that I have one of the MTHFR methylation mutations, so only have about 60% glutathione levels.) I put up with a lot of pain and physical and psych issues, then finally had them removed after 9 months when I started feeling like I was literally going insane. Lloyd, do you know if the aluminum or other metals in stainless steel or ceramic (had some of both) braces can cause a similar effect????? THANKS!

  4. My daughter is vaccine injured from the HPV Gardasil vaccine. She received it 2011, all three shots. Experienced severe stomach pain, nausea and bloating from the very beginning. We just got results back from a biomedical doctor and she had Lyme. Along with other viruses that are active in her, including
    Bartonella, babesia, coxsackle B, HHV 6,
    What is happening is unethical and NEEDS to be stopped! The TRUtH will come out!!!!
    Bless you Lloyd for all the hard research you do!!!!

  5. I found out about all the negative effects of this vaccine and did not give it to my daughter. My 17 year old son had an annual physical recently, I was not able to schedule the appointment with his doctor when I was off from work so my husband took him. I didn’t realize or forgot they were giving Gardasil to boys. I thought he was only due for another meningitis before college. Unfortunately they gave him the one shot of Gardasil, I was so angry and frantic. I bought Volvic water for him to remove aluminum because it has silica. Next time I’ll buy the Fiji water. He doesn’t have any symptoms, he had some stomach issues but that’s been resolved, and didn’t seem unusual. Is there anything else I should do? Of course I’ve cancelled the 2nd appt. If he’s ok now, he had the shot about 3 weeks ago, do you think something might happen in the future and is the water enough to prevent it? Do people recover from Bartonella?

  6. I’m using homeopathic drops “Banderol” for Bart. Not sure it’s doing anything yet. Best bet is to contact Dr. James Schaller. He is a researcher…MD and more. He researches tick, flea, and other bug bit diseases. He’s written books about Bartonella, Babesia and more. Check him out! Give’s free short consultation, but does not request your business. You want him, you have to make that real appointment. He’s expensive, but in the long run has already saved us money. I would have been doing harmful ABX if it were not for his consult, advice and my flying out to his office so he could become MY primary lead doctor. Still have long way to go. Feel better than I have in years, but know I have to go slow!! Grace

  7. My daughter became very ill about one year after receiving the Gardasil vaccination. She got a virus, was treated with antibiotics twice in close succession and never really recovered. The first worrying sign was tremendous pain in her legs that made it difficult to walk. Extreme tiredness, weakness, an ‘ill’ feeling, inability to concentrate, headaches followed. It has been a very difficult three years, with moments of improvement but difficulty in keeping up with any kind of routine. School in particular has been an enormous challenge. When has finally been diagnosed with Lyme’s and bartonella. We have had cats all her life. Is there a link with the Gardsil vaccination? I think probably so.

  8. Heidi Maloney says:

    My daughter got this vaccine 5 days ago and since then, developed a bull’s eye rash under her right breast. I called doctor and he sent her for Lyme test this morning and she is on an antibiotic now. I am SO concerned about this correlation. Is there a treatment for Bartonella? Will Bartonella show up in a Lyme test?

  9. Hey from DK

    How do u treat these people with Bartonella bacteria?

    • mark brown says:

      the typical treatment is an extended course of one or more antibiotics. searching in the internet will find what you are looking for

  10. I had a young counseling client who had a severe and life threatening reaction to the vaccine while still on the exam table. After visiting with her and her mother, seeing her fragile physical and emotional state, I would never want any young girl to risk this particular vaccine. It is just not worth the risk.

  11. The bio photon light emitter will rid you of all bartonella symptoms as well as any Lyme bacteria.


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