HPV vaccine documentary from Japan

The Japanese TV Company TBS wrote:

This issue is about the cervical cancer preventive vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix.
NEWS23 has been reporting on the various side effects girls have reported.
The vaccine is used by the health authorities in more than 50 countries in the world.
It has been understood that: “complaints of side effects have only been seen in Japan”.
What is happening abroad? This is a film on the situation in Denmark in Europe. Please watch.

Video has English subtitles kindly provided by Japanese, British and Danish Friends.

Source: HPV-Vaccine-Impact.org


  1. I’m not going to hold my breath.
    This Dr. Kusuki Nishioka is a doctor at a clinic in Tokyo which has been selling medicines for alzheimer to an HPVV victim and that is not covered by Japanese Medicare system therefore she has to pay the entire cost, when her problem is not alzheimer but symptoms made by HPVV poisoning. Not sure where his real intention is, in other words.

    I cannot emphasise enough to say that DETOX is the only way for the cure.
    If you go to conventional modern medicine’s doctors and buy their toxic tests, treatments or medicines, you’d either get worse or get another problem And that how this “vaccine to modern medicine” FRAUD works.

    Everybody should check about “Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection”, as well as get yourself informed about “heavy metal toxins”, the real reason why they GOVisCO
    traitors keep promoting this business – like Tony Abbott the Rhodes Scholar’s recent achievement which Kevin Rudd failed some years ago.

  2. Bad news:

    2015年4月22日 3:00 PM
    = HPV Vaccines are effective for men too, prevents oropharynx cancer
    Oropharynx cancer will be more of a concern than cervical cancer in/by 2020

    Original (in English)

    HPV vaccination of adolescent boys may be cost-effective for …
    13 Apr 2015 … … MD, FRCPC, of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, … “It is projected that by 2020, HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer will … Policy makers in many countries such as the United States, Canada, …

    Vaccinating Boys Against HPV Could Prevent OPC – Medscape
    13 Apr 2015 … … oropharyngeal squamous cell cancer, according to Canadian researchers. In their study, published online on April 13 in Cancer, the team used a … led by Lillian L. Siu, MD, from the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto. … vaccination for the prevention of HPV-related …

    Oh so they’d rather sell those POISONS to BOYS more…though they’re already doing it in the US and Australia.
    UK, too? Where else?
    This article(the first in JP) is obviously to push the toxic jab to boys in Japan.

    ALL LIES, people.
    Please spread the word.
    HPV is not a cause of any cancer.
    Immune deficiency due to stress, smoking, drinking, and so forth IS.
    Please tell others!

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