HPV Vaccine News from Scotland

HPV Vaccines: Simply seeking answers

HPV Vaccines: Simply seeking answers

[SaneVax: Scottish parents who disagree with their national health authorities’ opinion that HPV vaccines are safe and effective have embarked on their own fact-finding mission.  They began to actively solicit data only after submitting their concerns to the appropriate national health authorities and political representatives without being able to obtain scientifically documented answers to the questions they posed. Why has it been left to parents to bring these concerns out in the open? Why have those charged with protecting the health and welfare of their constituents not taken up the quest for answers?

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Mother’s concern over anti-cancer jab for girls

By Tom Ramage

PARENTS in Badenock and Strathspey are being advised to request patient information leaflets on an anti-cancer vaccination before signing their children up to it.

The advice has come from health campaigners who have visited towns and villages throughout the strath in recent weeks including Kingussie, Grantown and Nethy Bridge to highlight their experiences with Cervarix.

It has been widely administered to 12 and 13-year-old girls as part of a UK immunisation programme. Their concerns for the treatment remains for the vaccine which recently superceded it, Gardasil.

The companies behind both insist their vaccines offer protection from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the most common cause of cervical cancer, and the UK and Scottish governments as well as health chiefs have maintained they are perfectly safe.

However, Sherrell Halliday said that thousands of recipients reported a wide range of adverse reactions to Cervarix including her daughter, Deborah, and she had serious concerns over the possibility of side-effects of the new drug.

When the family’s poster-packed campaign vehicle spread its message in Kingussie’s High Street, Mrs Halliday’s 16-year-old daughter Deborah told the “Strathy”:

My life was turned upside down after I took the first two jags of the three-jag course. There were so many problems and I was in such pain that I really thought I would end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

Share your HPV vaccine experience with us.

Share your HPV vaccine experience with us.

I just don’t want any other girls to go through what I did. We need to help them help themselves.

I was in terrible pain and I still suffer, although I’m more stable now that doctors finally began to listen to me. But since I’ve been through hell I’m desperate to stop others going through it.

I had no choice – we simply didn’t know any better and there was no one to warn us – but now we do know more and we simply have to offer other girls the choice.

They must decide for themselves whether they want to take this drug or not.

Mrs Halliday said:

We want to know if anyone in the strath has encountered similar problems. We would like them to contact us.

Anyone wanting to share any experiences with the Hallidays can contact the campaign at  fredajean@btopenworld.com.

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  1. Roxie Fiste says:

    I applaud these women and their daughters for standing for what is right – the face of SILENCE on the part of large phamaceutical companies about tracking, researching, testing their own vaccines by outside sources with nothing to gain but the truth, has left so many unanswered questions! Keep asking, pushing for more accurate, info outside these companies! They pad or lie about their numbers, pay off authorities to accept these lies, with no regard to the human being being harmed by these genetically engineered vaccines. Lets stand together, across the world to make them all accountable!

  2. Seonaid says:

    I’m so sorry to hear what has happened to Deborah, but well done Sherrill! This is fab how you are helping to raise awareness. So many young girls are being damaged by the HPV vaccine, and do not realise what is happening. Victims may not associate new-onset conditions / symptoms with the vaccine, so they should always be on the alert for adverse events.

  3. These parents can find all they want to know here:

  4. somitcw says:

    The issue in the article is:
    “Why has it been left to parents to bring these concerns out in the open?
    Why have those charged with protecting the health and welfare of their constituents not taken up the quest for answers?”.
    Something is wrong in our society when a few parents don’t understand that they are the ones that are responsibility for their children’s health, not not some government and medical sales-droids, also known as allopathic doctors.
    If a parent allows one of their children to be infected with any non-therapeutic vaccine, then the parent has done the child wrong.
    The state failed too but the state protecting the children from allopathic “medicine” is only secondary to parents responsibility.
    Allopathic “medicine” only goal is and should be to make money. The worse health that allopathic “medicine” can cause, the more money it makes. Short term, sell non-theropuetic vaccines and procedures. Long term, sell dope for years to compensate for the damage done.

  5. Is it right that it is down to the daughter to make the final decision whether or not to have the ‘vaccination’, can this be overruled?

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