Natalie from the UK

Natalie - United Kingdom

Natalie Morton Died 28 September 2009, Following Vaccination with Cervarix

Natalie Morton collapsed within 30 minutes of being vaccinated. It is known that Natalie was undergoing medical testing for an unknown health problem. A post-mortem was carried out, and it was discovered that Natalie had a tumour at her lungs and close to her heart.

What is incomprehensible, is that this young girl left the house in the morning to go to school, but never returned. To have been suffering from such a severe condition and apparently not showing serious symptoms is very difficult to comprehend. If she had been showing signs of severe ill health, then vaccination should never have taken place.

The authorities have stated that her death is due to her underlying illness and that Cervarix played no part in her death.

They cannot say that Cervarix did not bring on the death of this young girl. Her system had to be weakened by such a serious condition, just as we cannot prove that Cervarix caused the death of Natalie.

What we can stat with 200% certainty, is that Natalie, while undergoing medical testing, should never have been vaccinated in the first place.

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