New Zealand Gardasil survivor and another heartbroken mom


Gardasil in New Zealand

Gardasil in New Zealand

[Note from SaneVax: The April 2105 edition of Woman’s Day Magazine in New Zealand published the story of yet another survivor of ’mysterious’ new medical conditions experienced after the administration of Gardasil. Read excerpts from Mum’s heartbreak: What’s happened to my girl, by Kristina Rapley below. The story is all too familiar for thousands of families around the world.

One has to wonder how many more families must join this not so exclusive ’survivors’ club’ before serious medical and scientific investigations are undertaken to determine cause and design successful treatment protocols.

No drug is safe for everyone – vaccines are no exception. Those who experience new medical conditions after vaccines must be assessed and treated properly. Ignoring them will not make them go away.]

Mum’s heartbreak: What’s happened to my girl?

After two months in hospital and weeks of ongoing treatment, trials and tests. Deb had a sudden realization – seven months earlier, her daughter had been given her first round of the HPV vaccine at school.

The vaccine, also known as Gardasil, is offerred free under the public health system and is used to protect against the human papillomavirus, a major cause of cervical cancer. There are three injections spaced out over six or seven months.

I’ve always been firmly in the pro-vaccination camp and didn’t think twice about signing Kate’s permission slip. I’ve battled cervical cancer myself, so it was a no-brainer.

Deb explained.

Then Kate, who had previously been a healthy teen and never spent any time in hospital, suddenly became very ill.

She was hospitalized within three weeks after each round of the vaccination. The first time, she got a virus and had paralysis in her arms and legs. The second time, she developed pneumonia, and the third time was when her brain started swelling, causing the psychosis.

Read the entire article kindly provided by Deb Robson here.

Read this article in French here.


  1. Glenda Smith says:

    Wow Deb!! What an amazing story! My heart goes out to Kate for all she has/is suffering, and for the pain of drs not knowing what on earth was going on! We know all too well what that is like as our daughter fell very ill after her 3rd vaccine at 13 1/2. Once a very active girl, now 4 yrs later only a small bit of the life she once had! But she is strong, and we are determined like yourself and Kate to find a way through all of this! You sound like you are really on the right track with Kate! Amen to that!! Thank-you to both of you for being so brave to share your story through a great avenue to help others investigate before they inoculate! Bless you and prayers to you both for continued improvement, health, and strength! Many ((hugs)) from Ontario, Canada! This is truly a world-wide problem!

    • Hi Deb, did any medical professional test for the Interleukins blood test, specifically, the pro inflammatory Cytokines and Chemokines blood panel or discuss Aluminium and the blood brain barrier?I am so sorry to hear about Kate. I recently became aware of the inclusion of Gardasil, as one of the Standards for NCEA, in Biology, Year 12 at High Schools. It was Kaikora High School, but apparently is used generally in other High Schools around the country. When I read the Resource material, that the students appear to only be allowed to use, (presumably no other independent resources are allowed,) it has a heavy bias and is full of misinformation, regarding Gardasil. Also included, are articles by websites that question the efficacy and safety of Gardasil. It is quite apparent, that the guidelines for students, are deliberately encouraging the students to write in favour of the use of Gardasil and is very disparaging regarding the information offered by any source, who has questioned evidence, that states otherwise, in referring to outcomes. This is wrong on so many levels and is tantamount to indoctrination. I don’t know if the Government offers schools financial incentives, to include this in the Biology curriculum and in this way, or whether Merck pays the Government? I am at a loss regarding this revelation that a drug , which has no long term safety or efficacy studies and reveals a number of problems and many unanswered questions, provides little or no redress for children, if they suffer an adverse event due to the indemnity Merck has, is part of the NZ education system. I would like to approach my daughter’s school, but feel uneasy, as I do not wish to alienate her in any way, but wonder how she would manage this, if she decided to take Biology in year 12, as she and I have discussed the Gardasil vaccine and agree that she would never contemplate its use, based on numerous hours of reading and listening to testimony form around the World and reading Dr Diane Harper’s misgivings as well. I would appreciate any feedback you may be willing to offer me, or email me I wish you and Kate all the very best. KInd Regards, Fiona

  2. sarah cox says:

    hi i have a teen boy who had men c in 2011 and regressed into a mess, wheelchair, crps, pots, cfs etc….i mingle in the world with vaccine adverse events, we have also had great success at recovering him. I know hilary butler and alot of gardasil injured, i would love to join so i can share our aluminium and mercury story and recovery from uncoverable. thanks sarah

  3. Have you seen the article this blog refers to, published in the UK’s Independent Newspaper:

  4. It is unbelievable that they would make Kate endure Chemotherapy rather than consider a common vaccine adverse response as encephalitis.
    The physicians are brainwashed by their education and the authorities that manage them. Kate is not psychotic, they are! Bless you in your earthly journey to endure such abuse and to be a spokespersron for awareness of the issue.

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