Post-HPV Vaccination Tests

Should you experience an abnormal Pap smear after HPV vaccination, it is important to know what genotype of HPV is present in the abnormal cells. Should the HPV be a vaccine-relevant genotype, the vaccine that was administered to you did not clear the HPV already in your body. You may need closer Pap test screening.

Should the HPV strain be non-vaccine relevant, the manufacturers of the vaccine you took may have targeted the wrong genotypes of HPV for your geographical location. If this is the case, the vaccine will not work for others in your area either.

The current HPV tests being offered to the general public are not capable of detecting and identifying all high-risk HPV genotypes that exist or, all vaccine-relevant HPV genotypes.

Since it is crucial for you to know what specific type of HPV is present in your abnormal cells, SaneVax has made arrangements with a licensed medical laboratory to provide an HPV PCR DNA sequencing test that will detect and identify any and all anogenital HPV genotypes.

Getting an accurate HPV test is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Download and print this requisition form.

2. Download and print this letter to your physician, in case they question why you want this specific test done after HPV

3. Call your physician to see if he/she wants to test for gonorrhea and/or chlamydia at the same time.

4. HPV:






5. Submit a $50.00 payment to SaneVax to cover the cost of each test ordered:


6. Email SaneVax at to obtain a requisition number.

7. Take the requisition form to your doctor and inform them that you want this test to determine what type of HPV is present in any abnormal cells.

8. Ask your physician to fill out the requisition form, with your SaneVax number, and obtain a specimen as outlined at the bottom of the requisition form.

9. Either you, or your physician, will then package and mail the sample (as directed) to Milford Medical Laboratory.

10. Milford Medical Laboratory will send the test results directly to your physician.

11. You may wish to submit a claim to your health insurance company for reimbursement.