17 Years of Litigation Yields 3 Million Euros for Vaccine Injury Victim

[SaneVax: Imagine your five month child becoming 95% disabled after the administration of a ‘routine’ vaccine. Ten years later that same vaccine is withdrawn from the market. Still you must wait an additional seven years while ‘deliberations’ continue. Finally, your country’s government is ordered to pay compensation. What this really means is the burden falls on the heads of tax paying citizens. Why are the manufacturers not forced to stand behind their products? Why are taxpayers liable for damages?]

French Government Sentenced to Pay 3 Million Euros In Benefits For Vaccine Damage

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Vaccine Injuries are Real

It took 17 years, but the French state council has acknowledged that 95% disability in 5-month-old baby was caused by a vaccine, sentencing the government to pay over 3 million Euros in benefits.

The Pentacoq vaccine, withdrawn from the market on 22nd December 2005 and replaced by another, was used for five infectious diseases: whooping cough, haemophilus influenza type b (aka Hib), diphtheria, tetanus and polio.

In 1995, 5-month-old baby Ines was prescribed and given this vaccine in compliance with the legally-required vaccination schedule in an attempt to prevent whooping cough, one of the diseases covered by the five-part Pentacoq vaccine. Two other components of the vaccine are also legally required. One week later, Ines was rushed to hospital for serious neurological complications which were not fatal but left her 95% disabled due to acute rhombomyelitis, “attributable to administration of the Pentacoq vaccine,” the State Council finally proclaimed after 17 years of deliberation.

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